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”You’re a wizard, Harry.” ”I’m a what?” “A wizard!” It’s no secret that JK Rowling’s mega hit ‘Harry Potter’ series is adored by millions around the world, myself included, but not everyone is a fan of the boy wizard. A Nashville school has now banned all 7 of the ‘Potter’ books from its library claiming it “risk conjuring evil spirits.” Yes, that is a direct quote. So according to reports from the ‘Tennessean’ Rowling’s immensely popular series about a young wizard and his adventures with his friends as they grow up was removed from the Roman Catholic Parish school due to its inappropriate content. The school’s pastor explained, To be fair, Voldemort is really scary, you guys. “Avada Kedavra!” The school official told the newspaper that he had contacted several exorcists in the U.S. and even abroad and they were the ones who reportedly recommended removing the books. Well, clearly he didn’t try Expecto Patronum, works every time! “Expecto Patronum!” The superintendent of the Catholic Diocese of Nashville also says she’s aware of the pastor’s decision saying each pastor is well within his rights to make decisions for his parish. No word yet on how the school plans to stop all the other ‘Harry Potter’ movies, plays, video games, theme parks, and 59 other spinoffs, but until they figure that out… for more on this story head to and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.

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9 thoughts on “Harry Potter Books Removed From Nashville School Due to “Curses and Spells” | THR News”

  1. Monette Asturias says:

    That's just insane.

  2. Monette Asturias says:

    R u fucking kidding me?

  3. BLH BSIT says:

    Well, some people are so stupid they can't separate fact from fiction. Real from imaginary. Those who banned the books are incredibly ignorant and resorting back to dark ages religion that was so destructive, hateful, prejudice, and controlling.
    Idiots, and that is being nice.

  4. Monette Asturias says:

    U dont need evil spirit, u just have to look at humanity.

  5. bossboi josh says:

    It's a Catholic school why is everyone so mad

  6. Abinadab Orozco says:

    America need Jesus

  7. Cyrus Hansen says:

    Your a atheist Harry

  8. mr head says:

    I have no words for the stupidity in America I am ashamed and I'm an idiot

  9. Cindy S says:

    Why now? These books are how old?

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