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all right I’m gonna start now. Except now I’m gonna laugh… Well hello! Welcome back to my channel–
Jashana here to talk about some friggin books. I’m doing a tag that
nobody tagged me in, as per usual. I saw Nicole do this tag, I will have her video
linked below the originator was now I forget… Words and Wildflowers I believe
is the channel name. I will have that linked down below as well. This is the
Happy List Book Tag, so it’s a bunch of happy stuff I’m filming a couple other
videos today one of which is gonna be a negative one–books that I do not–
books that like still make me mad and then a happy one of like books that
still make me jazzed. So we’re gonna go for more positivity today. I think this
tag has been around for a hot minute I might tag some people at the end we’ll
see how I feel. Number one is a book that you can always go back to to make you
feel happy. For this I’m going to go with two series, one of which being A Series
of Unfortunate Events I don’t know if you can actually see it but it’s up
there and then the other one being the Sookie Stackhouse series which is over
here somewhere I don’t feel like getting them right now but those always just,
they’re like happy times. Especially A Series of Unfortunate Events. I mean it’s
like not happy times they’re going through a lot of–uh, “series of unfortunate
events obviously”… [boyfriend laughing in background saying it’s funny] It’s funny like I’m funny or you’re laughing at me? [he says *I’m* funny]
Okay good answer. But yeah I just it’s always a heartwarming time to read that
series and then the Sookie Stackhouse series I just love Sookie… I love her so
much and it’s just so much fun it’s nonsensical and it’s just an
entertaining time. Number two is your standoms, your number one joy-filled
fandom or fandoms. I would have to go with Game of Thrones and I’m saying Game
of Thrones not a Song of Ice and Fire because I haven’t actually fully read
the book series just yet. The-the core series. I have read Fire and Blood and
the World of Ice and Fire which is weird that I’ve read those and
not the actual novels because these are like factual, they read like history
textbooks, but they were super fun for me to read. But yeah just the Game of
Thrones world in general I feel like that’s probably my number one fandom
that I feel like I am a part of and the the number one world that I know the
most about as far as the lore and the characters and all of that stuff. Number
three: type of book cover you will always pick up in a store. For me this is gonna
have to be colorful, definitely fantasy because I’m usually in the fantasy
section looking for books, but anything that’s like just really bold and
colorful is going to draw my eye for sure. Which is kind of funny because
fantasy covers often aren’t all that colorful but I like it if there–I don’t
know just something distinct about it like the Legends of the First Empire… Age
of Legend the most recent one… like this green is just beautiful and obviously
the the artwork is beautiful as well but yeah it’s just it’s very striking to me.
Number four: a book trope that you love. I am forever a sucker for the chosen one
trope I don’t care I know a lot of people think it’s played out and it’s
too basic or boring or whatever but I just think it’s fun it’s it’s escapism
at its finest, to me. Like this one person that for whatever reason like they’re
the one that’s gonna save everybody I don’t know it’s just fun times. Also soul
mates whether it’s romantic or like best
friend soulmates… I’m also a huge sucker for that
and then same with romantic though also like the fate/soulmate that’s the type
of romance that I really can get behind. Enemies two lovers can be fun but that
doesn’t like do it for me necessarily… friends to lovers can be also a good
time and cute and romantic and everything but for some reason when it’s
this like, okay, I think because again escapism. It’s not real I don’t
necessarily believe that that’s a real thing in real life like, there’s the one
person that you’re just destined to be with. I don’t think that’s a thing but I
like reading about it in books it’s fun! Number five: an anticipated release that
makes you happy when you think about it. There’s quite a few… there are some
though that when I think about them I’m happy but also apprehensive like
Crescent City by Sarah J Maas, her first foray into fully like adult writing… and
I’m a little nervous but we’ll see. But one that makes me happy is the final
books in the Legends of the First Empire series, the Michael J Sullivan that one I
don’t know I can’t remember the names of the last two books but I’m very excited
for that and yeah I don’t know the series, that as a whole, just makes me
happy, because I just really really love it.
Number six is an author whose full canon of books you love. Now there isn’t really
one that I fully love every single book as far as ones that I’ve read there
might be some out there that I just haven’t read all of their books yet and
I might love all of their books… Michael J Sullivan is on this list as I assume
I’m gonna love all of his books but I don’t know because I’ve only read the
Legends of the First Empire series and then we have Kiersten White and Sarah J
Mass who both do have like a little caveat because I didn’t love Tower of
Dawn, I’m not even gonna read A Court of Frost & Starlight and then with Kiersten
White I didn’t love Slayer so there’s that, but I have loved all of her other
books. Jandy Nelson, actually now that I think about it, she only has the two
books out to my knowledge–I’ve looked many times– and I fully love both of them. I’ll Give You the Sun is one of my favorite books
of all time and then The Sky is Everywhere, I also really really love
that book. Number seven is your coziest go to
reading snack or drink… and I don’t have one. I’m saying this is non applicable
because I don’t really read or s–I don’t really drink or snack on things
exclusively for like, reading time. Like I don’t even really think I snack while
I’m reading ever. I might drink some of my water out of my water bottle, but like,
that’s it. Number eight is a book that you have shared with family and friends.
Now I don’t have a lot of books that I do this with because a lot of people in
my life–hence having a booktube channel and that’s why I started it–a lot of
people in my life don’t really love reading all that much so I’m not gonna
try to be like “read this read this” cuz they’re gonna be like “no, I’m not gonna
read it”… but my two best friends I basically shoved–well The Hunger Games I
shoved down everyone’s throat back in like 2010, yeah 2010 when I
read that for the first time… everyone I worked with–I was a manager at Hollister
so like all of the associates that I knew that at all liked reading I was
like “read this read this read this oh my god” and all my friends… so that one I
definitely did. And then with my two best friends… Throne of Glass and The Wrath
and The Dawn… I shoved those books right down their throats and a book that I
bring up a lot to people is The New Jim Crow
but it’s nonfiction and like I said a lot of people in my life don’t really
like to read all that much so I know they’re not gonna read it but if anyone
is talking about you know nonfiction type books then I’ll say “hey you should
check this one out.” Number 9: a fellow booktuber or blogger
whose content brings you joy. I mean there’s tons but a couple that come to
mind are Ola Quinn, of course, Eliot Brooks… No Degree in Reading… Left
On Read and then Basic Book Babe but she just changed her channel name I think to
her name…. Donna. Those are the ones that come to mind where like
as soon as I see their video I’m like I’m watching and they just like make me
happy while I’m watching. There’s lots of other ones though those are just the
first ones that came to mind. And the final question or prompt is to name
something that you love about the content that you create… and I guess I
would say for me I love that I make the content that I want and I hope that that
shows and that I feel comfortable in front of the camera and I’m able, I guess,
to be very comfortable… and that this is all just a fun time for me the whole
experience is-is a fun time for me. Being on booktube–I love it! There we go, that
is all I’m not going to tag–well I’ll tag the people I mentioned. There we go–
you guys are all tagged, I’ll tell you on Twitter and stuff. As always thank
you so much for your time hope you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to
you later! Bye bye

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4 thoughts on “Happy List Book Tag || where my love for a certain series is clear [CC]”

  1. Oana-Maria Uliu says:

    May I tag myself? LOL

    1. Volumes 1-3 of Twilight were like comfort food for me, they made me feel better during some particularly hard times in my life.
    2. I used to be a HP fan, but these days I'm into ASoIaF.
    3. Something classy, maybe with an Art Nouveau design, leather-bound covers…
    4. I like the trope of the girl who gets married without knowing what to expect and stuff happens that she wouldn't have imagined.
    5. I'm waiting for the 3rd Kingkiller Chronicle.
    6. I love most of John Irving's novels. About 75% of them. Or 80%.
    7. Latte macchiato or some English tea (with milk) if it's cold outside. Cold Coca Cola if it's hot outside.
    8. ASoIaF, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Elantris, Under Heaven
    9. Merphy Napier, usually. And Irina Citeste, a Romanian booktuber.
    10. I'm not a booktuber, but I've been posting book-related stuff on Instagram lately and I'm glad that my students seem to appreciate it and have become interested in books, so they are asking a lot of questions about books, sharing impressions and posting book-related content themselves these days.

  2. Kier The Scrivener says:

    Ohh happiness!! 😀😀

  3. rebel carol says:

    I’ve never heard of that tag but it’s honestly good to know that there is one that focus on the positive side of things 😂😂😂

  4. Lincoln Springer says:

    The Chosen One tropes are great because we can experience saving the day along with the main character.

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