Half Price Book Store Sourcing Trip – Starbucks Mugs = $$$$$ – RETAIL ARBITRAGE


(Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. Good sh… Rezzy Resells. You see that?
That’s hustle. (music) (singing) doo-doo-doo-doo
stock flat coffee. (music) This is how a barista recycles. Bet you didn’t know my cups
clean themselves did you? (music) Going to San Francisco today. Got
the main camera, my phone camera, my 5s camera, extra battery and GoPro. Scanner is charged, got backup
batteries, we’re ready to go. Time for some morning reading, if you
guys don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, you played yourself. Find out who
Gary V is, it will benefit you. On the road, getting some work
done that’s how we do it. Audi talk, my sunshade
came off the track. Got to take it to the mechanic,
about to cost a rack ($1,000). [Luna] …marshmallows in your mouth.
[Reezy] I don’t know. What do you think? [Luna] I like the video about that… [Reezy] Audi talk, let’s get the
Audi gloves on. Flux capacitor. (music) This is Rosa’s favourite jam. Luxury car alert. I did not realise I could switch
heel that high like minus the steez, look at that. I could
go over something. Rosa doesn’t know coffee math. They don’t want us to eat so I’m going
to eat all these huevos rancheros. You just keep putting more
sugar till it’s good babe. [Rosa] (laughing) Nah it aint happening.
[Luna] Mummy, put the huevos on that. [Rosa] Put the blueberries in my coffee.
[Luna] No thanks. [Reezy] What’s going on
in your oatmeal, Luna? [Luna] Peanut butter. Peanut butter.
Peanut butter. Peanut butter. Luxury talk, with my man Zuhair. Z cars.
[Zuhair] Look at that baby. [Reezy] Luxury talk guys, booom.
[Zuhair] …everything you can think of. [Reezy] Woooh.
(Zuhair talking about the wheels) [Reezy] Love coming here. It’s hard to let your baby go. We have officially been downgraded.
We are lacking the luxury right now. What’s your deal Messiah, hit me?
[Messiah] What we’re doing is this fundraising to keep teenagers off the
streets from doing gangs and drugs and violence and crime. [Reezy] Nice.
[Messiah] Yeah. [Reezy] It’s for your school?
[Messiah] Around… we’re with the group but everyone else is everywhere. [Reezy] Oh so you just
spread out and meet back in like 20 minutes or whatever? [Messiah] Yeah.
[Reezy] And this… [Messiah] I have the … cookies.
[Reezy] Let me see, let me see. [Messiah] Peanut butter.
[Reezy] Secure your bag alert. [Messiah] And then we have… [Reezy] Here man, I
respect your hustle man. You can just have that
I don’t need anything. [Messiah] Alright, I mean
do you want something? [Reezy] Nah, they do but
we don’t need them. You keep that for someone else man. [Messiah] I mean yeah… [Reezy] Shoutout to Messiah,
out here getting it. 12 years old doing good
after-school programs, raising money for a good cause. Bridge talk, I think this is
the San Mateo Bridge. (laughs) I don’t even know what bridge it is. Okay I’m back, checked google
it’s the Oakland Bay Bridge. This is the Bay Bridge.
I don’t get out much. [Rosa] Tunnel!
[Reezy] Tunnel talk. Bridge talk. Engineering is amazing. Could you imagine drawing this bridge on
paper and then seeing it in real life? (music in the car) Here we go. Downtown Berkeley. So you guys
wanted to get a little experience, this is Berkeley right now. And here’s my target. I got to go to the restroom guys and
I don’t know why I was surprised that there’s no restrooms
for me to use anywhere. I’m obviously not from a big city. So I’m off to go to McDonald’s
for the first time in 10 years to see if I can take a piss and they’re probably going to make
me buy some nuggets or something. Not only without a complete success
with a very clean restroom. I just found a Goodwill
thrift shop right there. I just stumbled on this comic shop guys and let me just say the
selection is fantastic. If you guys haven’t read this book, I
highly recommend it very inspiring, motivational story of how
Zappos came to be. Hustle hard. This is the pile so far guys,
it’s way easier than I thought. Okay so that is from this.
That’s it onto the next shelf. No I don’t work here, just get to
use a cart to take my purchase. I’m sure you guys all know who
Neil deGrasse Tyson is, physicist, but do you know who Michio Kaku is?
He’s the real G, look up Michio Kaku. The man has been writing and
writing and writing and writing. I’ve read all of these. (music) Car is loaded, time to head back.
Starting to rain. I got my work done just in time. Jealousy alert. Real quick guys, if you don’t know about
Starbucks mugs being collectible. They’re highly collectible, these are
$11 and they go for $26 on Amazon. The rank on these cups is always
really good it’s like 11,000. This is $7 profit, you could
probably sell 30 of these a day and they have one for every city. A lot of the Starbucks items
are actually collectible and are good for selling
even the coffee itself. Check it out, scan some
stuff when you’re there. If you guys never smelled the aroma of the Berkeley parking garage
stair set, you’re lucky. This store is amazing, you guys are
about to see something crazy stuff in here. I have never been to this store
before but I heard it is amazing, let’s go inside and see what they got. [Rosa] She has to go pee.
[Reezy] Aaaw. [Rosa] Help me find a potty.
[Reezy] Yeah. I’m going to show you guys a
bunch of the stuff in the store. Check it out, it’s going
to be one second photos so just tap through them
if you’re not interested. (music) I’ve totally always
needed a banana chipper. So that’s where Khaled be
getting all his slippers at. I feel like I should have seen some
knockoff Dragon Ball Z toys by now. Usually that’s pretty standard, this is the only thing in
here written in English. (music) And the award for the best packaging
in the entire store goes to the Butts Stop Here Ashtray. I know I already gave out the
award for the best packaging but I’m going to have to pull
a Steve Harvey, take it back. It’s a tie for both of these products,
look at this product instant boobs. Not quite sure what that one is.
I’m not even sure what this is but it’s clearly a goose cock. What
is going on with this guy. (laughs) This is the back of the
goose cock packaging, I was unsure so I double checked
for you guys and yep goose cock. I translated that using Google Translate
and roughly it means goose cock. Probably not accurate but you
know how Google translate is. [Rosa] … $10 you got for
[Cashier] Is this it? [Rosa] Yeah. [Reezy] Somehow we spent $75 at
the Japanese dollar store. Haha! (music in the car) [Luna] Yeah! [Reezy] Little warehouse
talk, real quick. Processed books waiting to
get stickered to go out. Unprocessed stuff,
more stuff, kids sets. Here’s a major key I know a
lot of you don’t know about, yearbooks are worth money. They can
sell for $25-$100 easy on eBay. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel, add your comments down below and give
us a thumbs up if you liked the video. See you later.

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29 thoughts on “Half Price Book Store Sourcing Trip – Starbucks Mugs = $$$$$ – RETAIL ARBITRAGE”

  1. Steve Spiro says:

    Another killer video. And I can't believe I never thought of Starbucks before.. YEESH. Just spot checked some things and instant money. Thanks for the bolo, yo!

  2. CENOGRANDE says:

    Lol and then Amazon bought zappos

  3. Linda7345 says:

    that was really a great video! i gotta get out and start doing this. btw, from a grandma who knows cute kids –luna is so adorable.!

  4. Tom G says:

    Man I am learning a lot on here man. Who knew that year books would sale ? Haha

  5. Tom G says:

    I collect the Starbuck cups . I have heard they are money. The old they are the better ! 👍🏼👊🏼

  6. Chris K says:

    bought a YOu are Here starbucks mug today and listed on amazon as merchant fulfilled today. crossing my fingers it sells this month

  7. JayLayPicks says:

    True on the Starbucks mugs.

  8. W-L Z says:

    Wow! I thought my sales tax was bad. I will never complain again.

  9. veriappelsiini says:

    When you are buying stuff for sale, are you paying with credit card or with cash? Credit card is very cool in this since you pay the credit card bill right when your stuff is sold so it enables you to scale your business into infinity at least when it comes to financing it.

  10. Vicente Aguillon says:

    Whhhaaaaaattt?! YOU SKATE TOO!! Ah man that's so sick!

  11. Alan Macalma says:

    Aye your from San Jose? I seen that baseball kid in willow glen before haha

  12. jamesuniverse says:

    May I ask what categories you looked at for Half Price Books?

  13. Brandon Lee says:

    I went to half priced book for the first time today. My question is regarding sales rank. Normally with other products I was told to look for anything under 100K. With books I noticed rank was much higher. Do you recommend a sales rank range to stay within for a new seller?

  14. PointsofER says:

    Curious do you not use your seller permit at half price? I know they accept them.

  15. Mikalnasif says:

    Peace man. You always have great practical information, and seem very genuine. Keep doing what you do bro. Taught me a lot in a very short time. Thx!

  16. Johnny Yang says:

    Hi Reezy, have been ur follower for a while. Just want to ask do you get that much book every time?

  17. Miner's Treasures says:

    Ben & Jerry's Factory in Vermont is worth going to. They have flavors not available anywhere else.

  18. Zero Hedge says:

    Stopped watching @ 5:24. Why? I didn't come here to see a vid of your kid, what you had for breakfast, or you making coffee using an unstabilized camera.

  19. Seth Stevenson says:

    How do you do half priced books with the higher price per book there? Do you look for an $8 dollar book to sell for $30?

  20. Nellie Rutten says:

    This channel deserves a lot more views, finally someone openly showing how his hustle works from buying to selling.

  21. Mike Kelly says:

    I got kicked out of a used book store recently for scanning….I think it was called a "Mr. K's" which is a chain in the Carolinas. Not before finding a 1.5 mil rank book worth $800 minimum and zero fba offers.

    Now I want to keep going to these stores, but have to feel dirty as I have to be sneaky.

  22. Bryan Campbell says:

    Was there a sale going on or did you make sure each book you bought was $3? I saw some of those books tagged at $7.98.

    Just trying to figure out if Half Price Books is a good place to source. We have a few in the Midwest but it’s about a 2 hour drive for me.

  23. Bryan Campbell says:

    Never considered Starbucks items being worth anything. Your channel is one of my favorites man.

  24. Illinois Picker says:

    been selling thousands of dollars worth of SBUX mugs/tumblers on eBay for a long time. Just signed up for my Amazon Seller account and cannot wait to see them profits rollin' in….REEZY: those aren't gated initially for new sellers on AMZN are they? thanks bro – u rock.

  25. shawn gormley says:

    bought $300 in books…what was the estimated profit?

  26. Luis M says:

    Really? Yearbooks?

  27. Mike Wilson says:

    Clean the house REEEEEZY!

  28. Mike Wilson says:

    Stacks the bomb…..Walnut Cafe Santa Cruz!

  29. Mike Wilson says:

    I owned a business man and those kids are hustled! They are not treated well by their handlers!! They bus them in and demand sales!

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