Gulshan-e-Waqfe Nau Khuddam – 23rd February 2020


Hafiz Mohsin, recitation of the Holy Qur’an.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
I seek refuge in Allah, from Satan the accursed.In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
(Arabic – Holy Qur’an, 3:103-105)Translation, Jazib Cheema.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
“O ye who believe! fear Allah
as He should be feared;
“and let not death overtake you except
when you are in a state of submission.
“And hold fast, all together, by the
rope of Allah and be not divided;
“and remember the favour of Allah which He
bestowed upon you when you were enemies
“and He united your hearts in love, so that
by His grace you became as brothers;
“and you were on the brink of a pit
of fire and He saved you from it.
“Thus does Allah explain to you His
commandments that you may be guided.
“And let there be among you a body
of men who should invite to goodness,
“and enjoin equity and forbid evil.“And it is they who shall prosper.”Surah Aal-e-Imran, verses 103-105.Fateen Ahmad Yasir, Hadith.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
Bless, O Allah, Muhammad
and the people of Muhammad,
as Thou didst bless Abraham
and the people of Abraham.
Thou art indeed the
Praiseworthy, the Glorious.
O Allah, prosper Muhammad
and the people of Muhammad,
as Thou didst prosper Abraham
and the people of Abraham.
Thou art indeed the
Praiseworthy, the Glorious.
(Arabic)JazakAllah.Talmeez Ahmad, translation.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Translation of the Hadith
of the Holy Prophet (saw).
Hazrat Abu Hurairah (ra) narrates that
the Messenger of Allah (saw) said,
“He who calls another to the right path, his
reward will be equivalent to those who follow it,
“without their reward being
diminished in any respect.
“Likewise, if anyone
invites others to evil,
“the sin, will be equivalent to that of
the people who committed the evil,
“without their sins being
diminished in any respect”.
JazakAllah.Minhaas Yonus, extract of
the Promised Messiah (as).
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
I shall now present some advice
that the Promised Messiah (as)
has given to the Jama’at with
regards to serving our faith.
Prayer and service to the faith:The Promised Messiah (as) said: “The
sort of person who attracts my attention,
“and for whom I feel an inclination
to pray is only of one sort.
“When I come to know that a certain
person is engaged in serving the Faith,
“and their person is beneficial to God,
the Messenger of God, the Book of God
“and the servants of God, the pain and anguish
that such a person feels is actually my own.”
The Promised Messiah (as) said:“Our friends ought to make a firm resolve in
their hearts that they will serve the faith.
“A person ought to serve in whichever
manner or way that is possible for them.”
The personal experience of the
Promised Messiah (as) and his advice:
“I am myself experienced in this way“and have felt this pleasure and delight merely
by the grace and bounty of Allah Almighty.
“My desire is such that if the
price of dedicating my life
“for the sake of Allah the Exalted be
that I die, and then come back to life,
“only to die once more and
come back to life again,
“each time my passion would
only increase with pleasure.
“All of you who hold a relationship with
me see for yourselves that I consider
“the dedication of my life for the sake of Allah
to be the fundamental purpose of my existence.
“Now all of you ought to
delve into yourselves
“and see how many of you prefer
this action of mine for yourselves
“and hold dear the dedication
of their lives in the way of God.”
JazakAllah.Rana Abdul, Nazm.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Sayings of Hazrat Musleh Maud (ra).O young men of the Jama’at,
I have something to tell you,
but the condition is that my
message should not go in vein.
When we pass away, the entire
burden will be on your shoulders,
so avoid laziness and do not
always long for comfort.
Service to the religion itself is a Grace of
Allah; never ask for any reward in exchange.
If you have a passion within your heart,
then tears would naturally flow from your eyes.
You should instil the very essence of Islam within
you and not only superficially follow Islam.
Recognise the fact that your era is a great
blessing so that you do not regret it later.
Whether you are schemer,
general or a scholar,
we will not be happy with you if there
is not an iota of Islam within you.
Dear ones! My prayer for you is thatDear ones! My prayer for you is thatmay the protection of Allah always be upon you
and may you never be unsuccessful.
Waleed Ahmad Islam, English translation.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Ameen. JazakAllah.JazakAllah. Abdul Nasir Inaam, topic.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
Guidelines of Hazrat
Amirul Momineen (aba)
with regards to Waqf-e-Nau boys
and girls pursuing any work or jobs:
One question that was raised in a
Waqf-e-Nau class in Australia was that
when Waqf-e-Nau children grow older,
can they get a job wherever they like?
Upon this Huzoor said:“One may pursue a desirable job if the Jama’at
permits him/her to do so, otherwise he/she cannot.
“You should serve the Jama’at.“Girls should also seek guidance
from the Jama’at in this regard.
“If the Jama’at says that your service
is not required straight away
“then they will surely permit you to
pursue a job elsewhere for some time.
“However, it is necessary to ask
and seek permission for this.”
Huzoor-e-Anwar further said:“I have instructed many times before
that when you turn 15 years of age,
“you should fill out the Waqf form
and present yourself for this cause.
“Then when your studies are complete,“you should again present yourself
for this cause and notify us that,
‘I have now completed my
studies, this is what I have studied
‘and this is the degree that I have attained,
please guide me as to what I should do next.’
“Then the Jama’at will either
tell you to continue your work
“and serve the Jama’at alongside your work“or to fully dedicate yourself
to the service of the Jama’at.
“Then the Jama’at will appoint
you wherever service is required.”
Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) stated in a
Waqf-e-Nau class in Germany:
“You are not only to draw
their attention towards this,
“rather, you should inform them that if they have
not sought permission for the work they are doing,
“then their name will be taken out
of the scheme of Waqf-e-Nau.
“If there is a Waqf-e-Nau child who is
working without approval for that work,
“then give them a notice
that if they do not obtain
“an approval letter for the work they
are doing within a month’s time,
“then their name will be taken out of the list of
Waqf-e-Nau children and they will be sent back.”
Upon this, the secretary of the
Waqf-e-Nau department mentioned that,
“When we ask those Waqfeen-e-Nau
who are working about their approval,
“many of them say to us that we
sought permission for our work
“during a meeting with
Upon this, Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba)
stated that,
“This does not mean that a proper written
record should note be complete in the office.
“In any case, your record
should remain up-to-date
“and you should have a
written approval for everyone.
“This letter of approval should also
be sent to the Markaz (centre).”
One question that was asked was
that when we complete our studies,
can we work as a civil servant despite the
fact that we have filled out our Waqf form?
Upon this Huzoor-e-Anwar said:“You are not permitted to work as a
civil servant without permission.
“It is necessary to seek permission from the
Khalifa of the time before pursuing any work.
“One is only permitted to work elsewhere
with the permission of the Khaifa of the time.”
Huzoor-e-Anwar further said that,“Waqfeen-e-Nau may also work in public services
after having obtained an approval to do so.”
Mohammed Adeel.Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
I seek refuge with Allah
from Satan, the accursed.
In the name of Allah,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
The guidelines provided by
Hazrat Ameer-ul Momineen
for those Waaqfeen-e-nau who attain
the permission to find employment.
Huzoor-e-Anwar states:“I have stated before as well
that if you should inform us
“if you wish to study in
universities and seek permission.
“It is necessary for those
Waaqfeen who have graduated
“to maintain a consistent
relationship with the Jama’at
“and inform us that they are
currently under employment
“and they have been for
working for x amount of time.
“For the time being, the
vast majority are permitted
“to continue with their
current employment
“and the Jama’at informs them that
they will contact them when required.
“However, it is up to the
Waqfeen to consistently
“remain in contact with the
Jama’at on a yearly basis.
“Similarly, those people
who may not have gone on
“to attain a higher level of education but go
on to pursue a training in particular life skills
“should also bear in mind to
remain in contact with the Jama’at
“after completing their diplomas and
certificates for their professions.”
Huzoor’s statement in relation
to seeking admission to Jamia:
“Religious knowledge is a necessity for the
sake of spreading faith across the world,
“and such knowledge can only
be attained at an institution
“which has the sole purpose of
providing religious knowledge.
“This institution is known as
Jamia Ahmadiyya in the Jama’at.
“Therefore, large numbers of
Waqfeen-e-nau should apply for Jamia.”
Huzoor provided instructions for the Wakeel-e-Aala
Tehrike Jadid Rabwah on the 2nd of September 2009:
“Such Waqfeen should be identified
from amongst the European countries
“and America/Canada who are inclined
towards the profession of teaching.
“Also, those who have had
experience in translations
“and have the ability to learn languages.“They can also be provided the opportunity
to be placed on Arabic learning program.
“They can be sent to seek an education in
Egypt, where the Arabic is of a high quality.
“They can also be asked to go to Syria,
to go there and seek a higher education
“leading towards graduation whilst attaining a
high quality of language proficiency in Arabic.
“Similarly, such Waqfeen from
those European countries
“should be trained to seek an education in
English, French, German and Spanish languages.
“We should prepare some for the
sake of teaching these languages
“and others for Translation purposes.”The Guideline provided by Huzoor (aba)
to the secretary Waqf-e-Nau secretary
during his 2005 visit to Canada in relation
to the importance of learning Urdu.
“Organize classes to teach the
Urdu language on a regular basis.
“They should all learn the Urdu language“so that they are able to read the
books of the Promised Messiah (as),
“and so that they can translate them
into another language from Urdu.
“This is a requirement of the Jama’at.”Hence, recently Huzoor has
mentioned in regards to this:
“Such Waqfeen-e-nau who are currently
studying, running their own business
“or are under employment elsewhere whilst not
offering any voluntary services to the Jama’at
“will be expelled from
their title of Waqf.
“There is no need for them to hold the title of
Waqf-e-Nau if they are no use to the Jama’at.”
May Allah the Almighty enable us to dedicate
our lives for the sake of serving our faith
in accordance to these
guidelines of Huzoor.
Ameen.Has the ‘Wafa ki Dastaan’ poem’s
recitation ended? It was yet to start. What would you like to ask? Yes, Kashif?Peace be upon you.
Do you play basketball? Yes, Huzoor.
Do you play basketball?
Are you any decent at it (playing basketball)?I guess I am OK.
Okay, I see.
Huzoor, my first question is,
how is your health now?
It is fine at times and I do
become unwell at other times. At the moment I am feeling well.Can you please share some
incidents (of your life)
in regards to how you would
prepare for your examinations?
Preparations for exams?Yes, for example how do we
prepare for our upcoming GCSEs?
I wasn’t such a great student in the
sense that I would prepare as such. However, on the occasion of having to deal
with my secondary school examination, I came to a realization that I
was totally unprepared for it, and I started to worry that
I could end up failing it. This is when I completely shut myself off from the
world and would study from morning to evening. I would only excuse myself from
this isolation for Namaz and to eat. Hence, it was merely a blessing of
Allah that I ended up passing my exam. But I want you people
to attain high marks. So I am thankful that I
passed my examinations but in this day and age, you people will not be
able to survive without attaining good grades. What would you like to become?I would like to become
a missionary, Huzoor.
OK, but still, do you have an interest
in subjects such as history?I beg your pardon Huzoor?Are you more interested
in science subjects?No, not really.
That’s fine, okay. JazakAllah.
Yes you, the one in the red hat.Peace be upon you, Beloved Huzoor.My question is, that is it true
that Waqf-e-Nau boys and girls
cannot marry outside of the ‘Tehrik’
(organization of Waqf-e-Nau)?
They can marry outside of
the scheme of Waqf-e-Nau. It is incorrect to say
that they cannot. The girl or boy should be an Ahmadi. She should be righteous, and the girl should know full well
that if she is a Waqf-e-Nau girl, then her husband should also be one who is
virtuous and have a desire to serve his faith. He shouldn’t be one to stop his
wife from serving the Jama’at. Also, boys should marry women who
have a passion to serve their faith, and can also stand alongside
him in this service towards faith, and later be able to raise the
children according to this way of life. Otherwise, it isn’t necessary for one who is in
Waqf-e-Nau to marry a spouse who is Waqf-e-Nau. The main thing is that the spouse should
be an Ahmadi, and a righteous person. The Holy Prophet (saw) stated
a guideline for all Muslims. He states that people tend
to choose their life partners by assessing the wealth of a potential suitor,
or the beauty of a lady, or by the stature of her family. However, a true believer
should select his spouse in accordance to the sincerity
the lady has towards her faith. Only a man who is
sincere to his own faith would be able to see the sincerity a
potential spouse has towards her faith. This is the reason why
faith is the most important. One should possess complete
knowledge of the teachings of Islam. It is important to pray five times a day in
accordance to the instruction of Allah, and to recite the Holy Qur’an of Allah, and to also understand
its meaning so that Islam and faith will forever remain firmly
established in the future generations. The belief in Allah’s existence
should remain forever established and there should be those who
are able to spread the name and the religion of
Allah throughout the world. So, this is the teaching provided
to us by the Holy Prophet (saw) and we should try our best to
adhere to it.JazakAllah Huzoor.What would you like to ask Kamran?Peace be upon you, Beloved Huzoor.My question is, that is it
correct to say Jummah Mubarik?
Jummah Mubarik?Yes.Jummah is indeed ‘blessed’. You can
say it, what is the issue in doing so?I read somewhere, at the moment
I cannot remember the source.
Are you asking in the sense that is it ok
to use it as a means of congratulating? For instance when we
say Eid Mubarik?Yes.On the occasion of when Hazrat Umar (ra)
responded to a Jew by saying that Jummah is a blessed day for us, it is like the day of Eid celebration,
and we spend it in a jovial mood. It means that, indeed,
it was a blessed day. So Hazrat Umar (ra) told the Jew
that this is a blessed day for us, hence there is no issues with
calling it Mubarak.JazakAllah.What would you like to ask Jazib Sahib?
Peace be upon you, beloved Huzoor.
My question is, ‘Tasbeeh’ (Praising Allah’s
majesty) is an important part of Salat.
However, why do we only do Tasbeeh
once during those prayers
when two Salat timings are
combined into one offering?
Which Tasbeeh are you talking about?
The one that happens after Salat.
It isn’t an important aspect of Salat. The most important
aspect is the Salat itself. There was a time when the financially weak
Muslims approached the Holy Prophet (saw) and mentioned to him that
the financially well off people are at the forefront in spending in the way
of Allah and offering financial sacrifices. They also participate in Jihad. They
offer their salat and worship Allah. They make the lawful
contributions towards Zakaat, and offer their services for Islam in may
other ways as they have the means to do so. Whereas we who are financially week
do not have the means as such, we do not have the money to make the required
financial sacrifices, hence what are we to do? How can we also accumulate blessings
of Allah at the same level of those who are financially capable? It was due to this that the
Holy Prophet (saw) said to them that, “I will teach you a way suitable to you, “that you should recite ‘Holy
is Allah’ 33 times after Salat, “‘All praise belong to Allah’ 33 times
and 34 times ‘Allah is the Greatest’. “This is the ‘Tasbeeh’ that would compensate
you for not being able to gain the blessings “that you could not receive due to
not being able to sacrifice financially “or being unable to participate
in other spiritual activities.” When the other wealthy companions observed,
they were all eager to progress in faith, when they saw that these people remain
seated and perform Tasbeeh with their fingers, they inquired and found out that
the Holy Prophet (saw) told them that they can compensate
their shortcomings in sacrifices through performing
Tasbeeh, after prayer. So the wealthy companions also started
doing this as they did not wish to fall behind. They had immense desire to progress
in faith, attain God Almighty’s love and obey the instructions
of the Holy Prophet (saw) that they also started
performing Tasbeeh. The poorer companions again
came to the Holy Prophet (saw) and said that, “Huzoor the wealthy
have also started performing Tasbeeh “and thus excelled further.” The Holy Prophet (saw) said that, “How can I
hinder the one whom God wishes to excel?” So this is how performing Tasbeeh started. So it is not an essential part of
prayer but one should if one can. We find narrations that they
would perform it ten times and also in other narrations we find
that they would recite it 33 times then 33 times and then 34 times. So there are various ways. There is no sin if you don’t perform it that is why we cannot say that
it is an essential part of prayer. Right? Sit down.JazakAllah.You don’t even wear glasses and
you stood up. Yes you, Adeel. Is your name Adeel? What’s your name?Raweel.Yes, RaweelHuzoor, my question is that
do you ever get nervous?
People get nervous due
to some circumstances, for instance I would get
nervous in front of the Khulafa, or sometimes when one becomes
overexcited he gets nervous thinking how he will do something quickly in an emergency
like we had to do during the troubles of 1974. I used to deliver messages in excitement and
sometimes would utter the wrong words. Excitement is not like nervousness but
otherwise if someone becomes nervous in day to day activities then
he cannot get anything done. One should try to compose oneself first then start working so that due to nervousness
he doesn’t make any sort of mistake. Right? In routine works. What did you mean by nervous,
explain your question?Like during exams, it happens sometimes.If one isn’t prepared why
would he get nervous, if one isn’t prepared for exams
he wouldn’t get nervous, rather he would want to cry,
then supplicate to God. I remember when I was young, in class 1 or 2,
I would not be prepared for the annual exams, I would wake up and supplicate that I need
to give an exam and I am unprepared. Nevertheless, I would pass
through God’s Grace. So the fact of the matter
is that if one gets nervous he cannot perform his
duties appropriately. If one is under prepared for an exam,
then surely he would get nervous. That is why you should prepare
well and then pray to God Almighty. Right?JazakAllah, Huzoor.Stand up, at the back, are you a Murabbi? No?
Are you the brother of a Murabbi? Okay stand up.Peace be upon you, Beloved Huzoor.Huzoor, may I ask my question in English? Yes, you may, but I will answer in
Urdu so that you may learn Urdu.Okay, Huzoor my question
is that in today’s media,
journalists are more likely to present
negative news than positive news,
so how do we fight that?We are doing good works as Ahmadis, so how do we
present good news for it to make the front page?
Have you listened to my media interviews?I have Huzoor.I inform them don’t I? We
have to tell them the true teachings of Islam.
We also have to portray the true
teachings of Islam through our actions. If you yourself are improper, how
will you inform others about Islam. The media does give negative views but also gives positive views
about the Ahmadiyya Community. It does doesn’t it? The Waqare Amal you perform on new year’s
day receives great projection in the media. Apart from this we hold
Peace Conferences, charity events which receive much
projection and other humanitarian works. So inform the media that this
is true Islam and its teachings. Secondly, read the Qur’an, one should
know the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. You cannot inform them properly if you
just recite it and don’t understand it. Tell them that there are this
many verses in the Holy Qur’an which instruct us to perform
humanitarian works. God Almighty has also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an
that if you pray but also usurp people’s rights, don’t perform humanitarian services,
don’t take care of the orphans, don’t help the poor, your
prayers will not be accepted. To worship means to pray and also fulfil the
rights of the people, this is true worship. If both are combined, God Almighty
will consider it as worship. We attain these things from the
teachings of the Holy Qur’an. So we should inform others of it. We have now started
this in various places, through the Review of Religions
or Press & Media [department], there is even one of them sitting here,
or [through] MTA or MTA Social Media, they go on the streets and
get the views of the public. USA started this campaign first ,“I
AM A Muslim, Ask Me Anything?” or there was a question similar to this. Through this the public learnt our views. Similarly, when we understand
the concerns of the people or what are the concerns of the Media
are, we can then address them. That is why I say to the
Waqf-e-Nau [department] that they ought to follow what
the Media is saying about Islam and where they present
Islam in a negative light, we have to present the positive aspects
and the actual teachings of Islam, it is not only positive aspects,
rather it is the true picture of Islam. In order to explain to them you ought
to write articles in newspapers, many of you are studying universities,
some are studying Journalism, some are studying Law or other subjects, they ought to write articles
and send them to newspapers, or they ought to write their replies
and post them on social media. Wherever negative views of
Islam are being presented they ought to reply to them and
explain the true teachings of Islam. Through this people will
become more aware. These days, few people read print media
and instead use electronic media more, through social media or
computer or the internet. Therefore, you ought to write articles
[on these platforms], or write letters so that the people become familiar with
the true teachings of Islam, alright?JazakAllah.Please stand up. Okay, you can stand up.Beloved Huzoor, my question is
that in Universities and colleges,
smoking or the use of
other drugs is prevalent.
What was the question?Huzoor my question is that in
universities and colleges these days,
there is an increasing
tendency of substance abuse.
What is happening?Students
who become addicted.
What does Huzoor advise in
order to stay away from that
and how can we safeguard ourselves?The fact of the matter is that
undoubtedly there is a growing trend, but upon seeing this growing
trend, do we also follow them? Do not make friends who
are immersed wrong habits. If you know one of your friends
is doing something wrong – in the time of the Promised Messiah (as)
a Sikh once came to see him and said that he had a growing
inclination towards atheism – i.e. atheistic thoughts are developing
within him – what should he do? The Promised Messiah (as) said: “It seems that you are being influenced by
the person who sits next to you in the class. “Therefore, you ought
to change your seat.” After six months he came to
see the Promised Messiah (as) and said that since I have changed my seat,
those thoughts are now rectified. The fact is that sometimes a person is not even
aware that he is being influenced by others. That is why the Holy Prophet (saw) has said that
one should choose wisely who to take as friends, nor should one sit in immoral gatherings and
that if one is listening to vulgar discussions, they ought to leave from there, or if they see any indecent acts [being
carried out], they ought to leave from there. If you sit amongst addicts or those who drink
alcohol and these people are your friends, then you will be influenced by them. Therefore, in order to safeguard yourself you
should not make friends with such people. But if there is a childhood friend of
yours who is involved in these things, and wants to maintain your friendship, then you may stay as friends but you have
to explain to him that his actions are wrong. You should stay friends with him to the extent
of guiding him and should not be the case that by spending time with him you
become engrossed in those [evil] habits. Likewise there are many other ills which one
develops owing to the environment around them. Okay? So if there are people with addictions in
universities, you ought to avoid such people. In fact, where the Holy Qur’an
instructs women to observe the veil, it is commanded to such an extent that women must observe the veil from other
women who are involved in immoral acts. The reason for this is so that
one is not influenced by them. Therefore we must protect ourselves. Secondly, you should pray
to God Almighty for help, observe the five daily prayers and
supplicate [the prayer of Sura al-Fatihah] “Guide us on the right path” repeatedly, subsequently God Almighty will accept
your prayers and will protect you. Making an effort and prayers are two
important aspects in this environment. This is for every Ahmadi, but those
that have devoted their lives, it is our claim that we
will reform the world, how will this reformation take place? If we become influenced by them,
then we will become one of them. This reformation can only take place if establish
and strengthen our bond with God Almighty and also increase our
religious knowledge, also we should try to explain to these people,
but for those who have exceeded all bounds, we ought to stay away from them. Okay? Ask one more question, as
it is almost time for prayer and I also have to go for an
inauguration of a mosque. Yes, anyone at far end should stand
up, you are not at the far end, last [one]Peace be upon you, beloved Huzoor.
Peace be upon you, too.
May my wife, children and
I be sacrificed for you. You have a wife and children?Yes.Mashallah, how many children do you have?
I have two daughters and a wife.
Alright, Mashallah, you have one wife?
Huzoor, if you permit me to marry again.
There is no need to seek my permission. You won’t be able to handle it and so
therefore, keep one wife.JazakAllah Huzoor.Are you Waqf-e-Nau
from the very beginning; were you born as a Waqf-e-Nau
or did you join Waqf-e-Nau after?Yes, I was accepted in
Waqf-e-Nau before my birth.
Alright, it looks like you’re from the first
few batches of Waqf-e-Nau then.Yes.Were in the first or second batch of
Waqf-e-Nau?I was in the first batch.Alright, Mashallah, yes,
what would you like to ask?Huzoor, when parents
dedicate their children;
the very scheme of Waqf-e-Nau stems from
the Quranic verse, (Arabic – Holy Qur’an 3:36).
So, when children grow older,why is it asked of them whether they
would like to continue their Waqf or not
when it was the parents who have taken
this responsibility upon themselves
and have dedicated them?Indeed, parents did take this
responsibility upon themselves and dedicated their
children for this scheme. This was a desire of the parents
which they have expressed and said that we present
our children for this cause. Then, the Jama’at says that alright, you have
presented your children for this cause, we accept the dedication of your child, now you should educate
this child in such a manner that it becomes firm and clear in
his/her mind that I am a Waqf-e-Nau and I will sacrifice my life for
the sake of my faith, alright? This is the meaning of
Muharraran and Taqabbal Minni. You should read the commentary of
the words mentioned in this verse. When Hazrat Khalifatul Masih
Rabi’ initiated this scheme, he explained all of these
words one by one. So, you should understand that. When parents will educate
their children in this way, then children will be capable
of dedicating themselves. And another reason that
children are asked about this is so that it becomes clear whether the parents have even educated their
children in this way or not; have they inculcated this within the minds
of their children that you are Waqf-e-Nau and that you are to dedicate
your life and serve the Jama’at. Then, sometimes it so happens that;
there are many children who write; there are some who hide this and make no contact and then there
are some who are honest and write and say that we don’t
want to dedicate our lives. They can only inform us of whether they wish to
continue their Waqf if they are asked about it. So, this is why this is asked of them; so that those people who have become
materialistic whilst living in this world; the mindset of man continue
to change, correct? Parents have fulfilled their part, now
the child is free (to do what he wants), he has reached a mature age; a 15-year-old child reaches an age
where he is sensible and is conscious. So, that is why it is necessary to ask them
that look, you parents made a sacrifice, are you willing to continue
this sacrifice or not? God Almighty told Hazrat Ibrahim (as) to sacrifice
Hazrat Ismail (as) by slitting his neck, right? Did he slit his neck straight away? He asked Hazrat Ismail that I
had a dream, should I fulfil it? Hazrat Ismail responded and said that yes, you
should fulfil the dream that you have seen. So, he asked him, he did not say that Allah
has instructed me to do this and then do it. He asked him, and he responded and
said that do as Allah has instructed. So, when both the father and the
son had mutually consented, this was their sacrifice
which was accepted. This sacrifice of Hazrat Ismail and Hazrat
Ibrahim was the one that was accepted, alright? Then Allah said, I have seen the
passion of sacrifice within you, you do not need to slit his throat, now I will take the necessary sacrifices
that will be required of Ismail (as) later. There is lengthy history about
this of how Hazrat Ismail (as), Hazrat Hajra and their
family offered sacrifices. Then the Holy Prophet (saw)
was born from their progeny. So, this is why it necessary
to ask so that later, a child may not say that
my parents dedicated me, I didn’t choose this, why do you
compel me? There is no compulsion. Everyone is sensible
and so it is up to them. If Allah the Almighty willed, He
could have made everyone virtuous. He could have said that you have to
accept every prophet that is sent, alright? And He would have said that
you all have to worship me. But when Satan said that
I will misguide everyone, Allah the Almighty did not say
that you can’t misguide them. He said, aright, I will punish those
people who will follow you, alright? Because I have given freedom
to mankind and have told them that this is good and this is bad, you
may follow this path or that path. So, Allah the Almighty has given mankind two
options and so these options will always remain. We have to live according to the psychology of
mankind, we cannot impose anything upon anyone. How can we tell a mature man that we
impose the service of your faith upon you or that you have to go to Jamia? Now provide many options here as well. We are in need of missionaries but we do
not say that everyone should go to Jamia. It’s alright, you may
present your options. There are many people who ask me as to what
they should study and I mention 2 or 3 subjects that they can study and aside from that, if you have any other interests,
you may study that too. However, always remember one
thing that as a Waqf-e-Nau child, you are to serve your faith and so you
should try to mould yourself accordingly. You should offer the five daily prayers, you
should be one who recites the Holy Qur’an, you should know the
translation of the Holy Qur’an, you should read the books of
the Promised Messiah (as), you should read the Ahadith
of the Holy Prophet (saw); the Promised Messiah (as) has expounded
upon those Ahadith and upon the Holy Qur’an and he has also written a commentary on
the Holy Qur’an, you should read that too. You should listen to what the Khulafa say so
that you may increase in religious knowledge. And whatever work you may be
doing anywhere in the world, your first priority should
always be religion and you should be one who spends
his time for the sake of his faith. You should earn a livelihood as well; the companions also earned their own
livelihood where they had their own businesses; some had businesses worth
millions or even billions. However, they would
always be ready for Jihad. So, this is the true purpose; children are given
an option so that they tell us (what they want), they should happily dedicate themselves. They should not have to say that our parents
dedicated our lives, why are compelled? Some people raise this question that when we
did not come into this world on our own free will; Allah the Almighty created us
and we came into existence; so why does Allah tell
us to do such and such? We did not tell Allah to
send us into the world. There are people who
raise such questions. So, can’t Waqf-e-Nau children
raise the same question? That our parents dedicated our lives,
how is this our fault, alright?Yes.Have you understood this?Yes.Alright then,
I am thankful that you have understood this.
Peace be upon you all.

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