Guided One Minute Meditation by Gordana Biernat


I want you to find a relaxed position.
Now, breathe in… and out… Make sure your spine is straight and your chest is open.
Now, put your hand on your heart. Feel it beat. Close your eyes and repeat:
I am the light in the darkness… I am the love in the hate…
I am the calmness in the storm… I am the courage in the fear…

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2 thoughts on “Guided One Minute Meditation by Gordana Biernat”

  1. Bijal Visawadia says:

    So glad to hear you😍 that was a quick remedy, thank you 💝✨

  2. Influence Aisan says:

    So glade to hear you on YouTube…. I like every tweet of you🤗🤗
    Turn on notification… Get superb tweet from Gordana🤗 shine on love love

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