Grumpy Cat a Little Golden Book: A Children’s Book Read Aloud by Reading Children’s Books

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welcome back to reading children’s looks
with kids book club and publishing our children’s stories today I’m going to
read a little golden book that I picked up at our local Scholastic Book Fair
now Scholastic you can earn points or your school can earn points by books
that you purchase through them so I’m always going to promote scholastic
because of that but I didn’t know that you could buy little golden books
through them and this one I found on there and there’s over 200 little golden
books out there some of the more familiar ones are the pokey little puppy
or the tawny scrawny lion that’s one of my favorites the Tonys running light
today we’re going to read grumpy cat the little grumpy cat that wouldn’t once
there was a little cat she was cute she was furry and she was grumpy grumpy cat
didn’t like anything grumpy cat went outside she wanted to be alone but soon
a happy butterfly started talking to her grumpy cat didn’t know the butterfly’s
name she didn’t care hiya grumpy cat the butterfly said you
know what’s great about outdoors nothing grumpy cat wanted to have me butterfly
to go away mm-hmm but it didn’t instead and cheerful ladybug join them
good morning zombie cat there’s no such thing grumpy cat
would you like to play the butterfly out come on he’ll be fun the ladybug said
I had fun one grumpy cat said it was awful a joyful bird joined in grumpy cat
was surrounded by happy animals grumpy cat there must be something fun you’d
like to do the bird said I know would you like to race would grumpy cat
ready set no grumpy cat wouldn’t the happy animals
all raced away grumpy cat was alone good well if you
enjoyed the book then give it a great big thumbs up and of course share it
with you do you ever feel like grumpy cat yourself what makes you grumpy why
don’t you leave that in the comment section below tell me what makes you
grumpy let’s see what makes me grumpy a dirty house does a dirty bedroom make
you grumpy thanks for joining us here on the kids book club reading children’s
book publishing our children’s stories

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