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Hello, today iam going to tell u about grounding in reiki Grounding is very simple but effective technique by using grounding any healer can enhance his positive energy Grounding we use in other healing modlities also so first of all i tell u What is Grounding Grounding is a technique in which healer makes a relation with earth in this technique ,healer joins connection by his root chakra to earths centre there are so many methods of grounding which i will tell u but first i will tell u will u if the healer is not grounded then what happens if u r not grounded u will feel lazy, wont be feel energetic will always feel like sleepy will feel pain and diseases in body if u r feeling any of the symptoms means grounding is required i will tell you the grounding meditation in last grounding is beneficial for reiki healers because in this healer gives negative energy to earth and receives positive energy from mother earth it is two way method you giving your negativity to earth and receiving positivity from earth now iam telling u benefits of grounding stress, anxiety will reduce if u practice it daily or weekly you will feel light and happy whenever u feel laziness u must do grounding to feel energetic when u r giving healing to your clients that time you must be grounded bse if u received any negative energy by clients, grounding will give it to the earth so whenever u do healing to clients, do grounding also in headache, pain u will get relief from grounding whenever u feel negativity , just do grounding everytime u will recieve earths positive energy fear can be remove by grounding blood circulation will be good so these are the benefits of grounding there are so many methods of grounding other than meditation like walk on bare grass in morning it will activate your foot chakra bse u r in connection with earth 2. Do Tree meditation 3. Spare time in garden with plants and trees Do plantation any where so many methods to make connection with earth sow seeds in earth sleep on earth it is also method of grounding by touching earth also u are making relation with earth , this all is grounding u can heal foot chakra by RAMA REIKI symbol to feel grounded more foot chakra is very imp chakra but we always forget to heal but in grounding foot chakra plays very imp role so heal it with Rama chakra apart this so many crystals helps in grounding 1. SMOKEY QUARTZ SMOKEY QUARTZ is crystal related with root chakra hold this crystal for few minutes by this u will receive earth energy 2. BLACK TOURMALINE I already told u so many uses of black tourmaline but this is good for grounding also hold it in hand like this 3. BLACK OBSIDIAN SO these are 3 crystals we use in grounding so i told u so many benefits and methods of grounding now i tell u how to do grounding meditation by this mediation u will make strong connection with earth 1. Sit in peaceful place u can do in garden also 2.take few deep breaths u feel like roots are coming out from ur root chakra and going towards mother earth deep into the centre of earth 4. as u feel u r into connection with earth receive positive energy from earth 5. feel like u r receiving positive energy by these rooots 6. From root to crown chakra this energy is going 6. feel this positive energy groing from root to crown and again crown to root chakra in this process u have to feel ur alll chakra are balanced and energetic u have to feel this energy in every chakra if u feel like u can place this energy on heart chakra means by earths positive energy u r refreshed and placed it in heart to feel good so this is the method of grounding meditation in short grounding is giving negative energy to earth and receiving positive energy from earth so friends today i teach u grounding grounding meditation is very useful for health Thank you

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