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Yo yo yo, what’s good? this week we fiendin for meaning with Grendel by John Gardner. It’s been nearly 12 years since a
nappy-lookin beast named Grendel first started beefin with King Hrothgar and his peeps. After
wreckin their meadhall like he always do- he starts thinkin back bout when he was a
lil’ rug-rat. Tired of hearing his mama say “dool-
dool” all the time, this lonely-ass thug decide to see what’s good in the upperworld.
After gettin stuck in a tree, Grendel try to conversate with some humans rollin by,
but they don’t understand a damn word he say. So Grendel’s mama gotta step up, get
CRUNK on dem humans, and save his ass. Later, G-diddy watch some blind
fool called “The Shaper” lay down some next level rhymes talkin up the Danes of old
like they all righteous. Even though he know The Shaper spittin lies, he wanna believe
it’s the truth. Grendel runs up on dat meadhall
beggin for peace and hugz. But all them Danes see is a big fugly monster screamin nonsense,
so they whip out their chrome and chase him away. One day, Grendel finds himself
chillin with a dragon sittin on a PHAT stack o’ bling. The dragon say the world’s a
meaningless, mechanical void, and human beings- specially The Shaper- just tryin to fill dat
void with pretty bullsh**. Since we all gonna die, the only thing worth doin is stackin
change like old folks, and plantin our fat asses on it. Later 14 Geats led by Beowulf drop
in on the land of the Danes. When Grendel peeps game Wulfy, it seems like his words
don’t fit his mouth. Dafuq?? There’s somethin shady bout this thug. That night, Grendel decide: it’s
time to wreck shop. So he busts in to dat meadhall and starts bangin with Beowulf. Wulfy smacks his up, throw him dome
against the wall and say:” You my bitch now. Sing walls sucka!” Then straight RIPS
his arm off. Grendel stumbles outside and right
before he dies, he say “Poor Grendel had an accident… so may you all.” Now if you ain’t already in the
know, Grendel the same gnarly beastie from the epic poem Beowulf. Cept in Gardner’s
work, we hearin the story from Grendel’s perspective. And he one wicked smart G. Gren-deezy so slick that none of the animals
in his hood can keep up. Even his own mama don’ understand
him. And since them punk-ass humans ain’t nothin but a bunch of violent haters, Grendel
feel like he all alone. Matter of fact, when Grendel gets
stuck in that tree, he decide there ain’t nothin
in this world cept him. As lil’ Grendel gets older, he
meets some G-ed up hustlas who make him marinate on all kinds of philosphies. The shaper always bustin sick flows
bout Danish myths that give them dopey-ass Danes a sense of meaning to their lives. He
gives em hope by telling them that life is straight up righteous. Whereas dat hood-rich dragon don’t
play dat game. He say all those values ain’t nothin but lies told to keep stupid fools
happy. How’s a brotha gonna argue with a
dragon? After talkin wit dat scaley scrub, Grendel takes a big ol hit o dat nihilistic
blunt and finally has a mission in life- if he can’t be accepted as man’s homie, then
might as well be the mindless thug they see him as. Not only did Grendel’s mind get
fu**ed by a literal dragon, but a symbolic one too. When Grendel first peeps game at
Beowulf, he knows SOMETHING’S UP. Later, he thinks he sees fire in his eyes and wings
poppin out of his shoulders. And like any good dragon, Beowulf don’t just wreck Grendel’s
arm, he also wrecks
his philosophy. Beowulf basically sayin: “Look,
son. Whether you sneer at life like dat dragon or try to dream up a better world and hustle
to make it a reality all Shaper-style, it don’t mean a damn thing. There’s a hell
of a lot more going on here than just you. So spit whatever verses you want. Life goes
on playboy. And nothing goes on as fine as Thug
Notes gear. Sing Swag, B! See you next week.

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