‘Grave Offense’: Obama Lawyer On Trump’s ‘Ultimate Impeachable Act’ | MSNBC


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100 thoughts on “‘Grave Offense’: Obama Lawyer On Trump’s ‘Ultimate Impeachable Act’ | MSNBC”

  1. Kathleen Hope Romance and Erotica Audio Books says:

    Impeach this clown!

  2. Sylvia Haik says:

    I wish Nancy Pelosi would say why she is reluctant to impeach President Trump. I think it's because she is unlikely to win in the Senate and even in the rare event she convinces the Senators and impeaches Trump, Pence would be launched and he would immediately pardon Trump of all the charges and Trump goes Scot Free. Because of double-jeopardy we cannot later charge him for obstruction of justice and other crimes and send him to jail that he deserves. This must be what Nancy Pelosi fears. I also believe that the risk is worth it because it is the only opening we have to tell the public of Trump's crimes. Who knows, just like against Nixon, the Senate might adhere to justice and at least Trump might not be re-elected.

  3. Patricia Roberts says:

    Trump is a Russian asset. Manafort was too. Hired by Putin to have a Russian elected in Ukraine. Now a Russian oligarch who was denied a visa due to his ties to Putin and the Russian mafia (the same) is building a plant in KY. thanks to Moscow Mitch getting sanctions lifted against Derapaska.

  4. Robert Mailloux says:

    The script will be falsified when they get it.

  5. David Downey says:

    America owes Nixon an apology

  6. Justin Trowbridge says:

    Obamas lawyer is as open a target as mlk at the loraine motel so is obama and his security is so lax itd belike shooting crows on a fence…

  7. Willie Peiwei says:

    can't wait to find the truth of those previous traitors and let the whole world know that the karma is real.

  8. Fred M says:

    Imagin 4 More Years of this reality show! Earth could never recover.
    "It's not Trump. A country that elects a Trump is already in serious trouble." E. Warren

  9. Conscientious Thinker says:

    Absolutely, agree with statements, Trump needs to be impeached, he has destroyed the respect for the country for his selfish needs.

  10. Daniel Schaeffer says:

    Trump is using Ukraine as a pawn in a sick game of his own. He is a clear and present danger to the security of the West. End him. Now.

  11. Everblue Freediving says:

    Trump, Giuliani, Barr, the GOP, and Trump's worshippers are traitors

  12. tina Haynes says:

    His own guy played the Trump card.

  13. tina Haynes says:

    Ruddy Has gone out of his mind

  14. Walter Daems says:

    The real scandal here is the amount of crime&crazy needed to start the impeachment procedure

  15. * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S* says:

    Treason,corruption, Treason,corruption !!! Impeach already

  16. jannmutube says:

    — > Actually, although it wasn't connected to the Watergate break-in, Nixon did outsource part of his re-election to a foreign government official. Nixon used Anna Chennault to lobby Liu Diem, South Vietnam's man in D.C. , to contact his superiors in Saigon and reject President Johnson's plan of peace with a promise of a better offer in order to win the presidency…but, Nixon didn't make good on it and the war continued.

    — > Nixon's notes show he asked Haldeman to :keep Anna Chennault on the job". Diem wrote, "many Republican friends have contacted me and encouraged us to stand firm." (not take the peace deal).

    U.S. Intelligence intercepted that cable. President Johnson got wind of the interference and ordered the FBI to wiretap the Vietnamese embassy. but Johnson couldn't act on it because there was no surveillance statute like now..

  17. josef raphael says:

    Good point about the Ukrainians being able to black mail trump…they wont of course because Ukrainians are good people…

  18. Rudy Kalkbasepijpje says:

    "You will hear from my personal attorney. " LMAO

    So it's more like the United States of Trump town? 🀣🀣

  19. Vicky Jameus says:

    For all the pain and lies Trump spread about American people ,because of his power
    Trump should be taken away in hand cuffs and his administration 😳 who stood beside him should be sued and jailed also
    for not protecting country and people

  20. MickRick E says:

    Is it time yet for Trump to pardon himself….???
    Like a true criminal would.

  21. Jesse Livermore says:

    i am not a crook!

  22. David berman says:

    And the fake news is working overtime!!!!! The American people are not stupid! This ridiculous impeachment proceedings will guarantee Trump a win in 2020! So thank u to all you liberal idiots pushing impeachment! Do you really think a Republican Congress will pass this? Are you idiots really that stupidπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Peggy Trawick says:

    Ukraine is not attached to Russia

  24. Sandra Gruhle says:

    Are we sure he didn’t pocket some of this money? Or use it for his cursed wall? Perhaps he sent it to Mexico so they would pay for the wall.

  25. CellGames2006 says:

    3:00 "This is Trump's own inspector general who had to find that this was urgent and under the law that there is, quote, substantial and specific danger, to the public safety…"

    lol, that's nothing news. Trump IS a substantial and specific danger to the public safety… what part of "I could shoot a person in the middle of New York and not get arrested" did people miss?

  26. ToddtheExploder says:

    Bravo, New York Times! Bravo!

  27. Sandra Gruhle says:

    Impeachment is now in motion. A trial for treason, while warranted, is not realistic at this time. He could be indicted, but the process would have to go through Bill Barr, and he is dumpy’s stooge. This would be a farce if it were funny. Rather, it is a tragedy in motion.

  28. ToddtheExploder says:

    4:50 or so: not β€œ until every stone is unturned.” That is the exact thing to which we’ve become accustomed. We want it to read, β€œuntil no stone is left unturned.” Just hurry, for God’s sake. Do not allow this to drag out.

  29. fourmileroad1 says:

    The Ukraine has seen a lot of recent government corruption. It is prudent of the President to make sure any aid we send is not misused by the corrupt, in the Ukraine. Joe Biden on the other hand is dirty, and has abused to office of the Vice President to extort preferential treatment for his son's business dealings in Ukraine, and in China as well.

  30. RenFam818 says:

    There is no doubt that Trump will be impeached. But how is anyone going to get 20 Republicans to convict Trump?? This is why Trump does whatever he wants whenever he wants. Republicans are so unified under the almighty dollar

  31. robert pineau says:

    obama is a Creep.

  32. Soni Manderson says:

    Trump Trump Trump you put your foot in your mouth Out loud this time..Mr Trump every thing we do have consequences Good or bad

  33. Rahul The cabana boy says:

    You fascists are rooting for the failure oe AMERICA! Take down clause of consitution is demanded by the
    Constitution of the pres TO ASK QUESTIONS! demoncrats just KILLED themselfs. LOOK THIS UP YOURSELF

  34. Maria Tarin says:

    There goes democrats giving away money at least he was trying to france and Germany pay there share what about out own people.

  35. Maria Tarin says:

    Rather help russia then ukraine there racist

  36. Anwar Crutchfield says:

    This is a serious as it gets you f***** lemmings.

  37. Leo says:

    The impeachment will never actually happen ( the GOP Senate, supreme Court , FBI etc… Will never go along ) but the Democratic Congress is trying to show the people that the law does matter. Will they actually get it ? & Vote ??

  38. Katie Metcalfe says:

    Trump is running the country the same way he ran his businesses..he's sees no difference.

  39. Thomas Tamir says:

    If Obama bin Laden has his people in it, it is a conspiracy. ISIS and MS-13 were a threat to the public and Obama bin Laden protected them. The only thing Obama's pet Neal is doing is putting words in peoples mouths. The ultimate impeachable act was letting Clinton sell uranium to the Russians. Another ultimate impeachable act was giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Namely fireing American generals so he could protect ISIS.

  40. Kenneth Cossette says:

    Fake news fredo

  41. Pamela Mitchell says:

    We must get trump out now! This is no joke. Trump is a disgrace. Wtf are you waiting for? Trump is fn up America.

  42. cat nabbes says:

    Fake British News Fake British comments

  43. Joe Lev says:

    Msnbc I pity the fools who watch you

  44. Welco says:

    Cant wait to see Trump and family deported. Baron should be kept in a border camp, and people can add tokens to see a Mexican kick his nuts

  45. Martha Mendoza says:

    TRUMP YOUR FIRED!!!πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

  46. Toma Harley says:

    Orange is the new orange…#TRE45ON

  47. Mojave Red says:

    What next? Are they going to ask him for his birth certificate? Geezus!

  48. Nikki Travis says:

    "Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock His Entire Administration Up! They are all dirty.

    Biden is dirty as well. His son did not garner his cushy job through intellect and business savy. Biden and Sanders are part of the old guard. We need new blood in the offices from the Senate, the House and the Oval.

  49. D He says:

    they will not arrest him he will get away remember money talks.

  50. Just Me says:

    Do I see a pattern of promises here? Buckle up Donnie it's going to get ruff

  51. chip block says:

    What has happened to Kellanne Conway. She hasn't been out spinning Trump's words lately. Maybe she has finally given up!

  52. Paul Osterberg says:

    The clean up after this storm may just cost more than we think!
    Holding hands and singing Kumbaya might not cut it this time.
    We need peace in our own country.
    Don't let the Russians win, by dividing us all apart.
    Hey, maybe we will stop slaughtering each other long enough
    to see that we don't want that kind of world for ourselves anymore.
    Rainy Day , Dream Away Jimi

  53. jim Moore says:

    Donald Trump is proof that people with mental retardation can be president

  54. Rameka Peita says:

    It still has to go through the Senate before anything will happen & that's run by Franklin & his mindless, spineless Repuppetcans

  55. Bucky Pinata says:

    Just trying to deflect from Biden blackmailing the Ukraine while his son was working for a corrupt energy company that was under investigation…..

  56. Tolba Szy says:

    Moscow Mitch is feeling the heat, too! Trotsky Trumpsky is exposed! Orange is the New Treason!

  57. Diane laughalot says:

    It don't get more criminal then this with the exception of tRuMp 😲

  58. timstar says:

    They haven’t even heard the call or transcript and implementing a impeachment fake news

  59. Peter Schotanus says:

    The jar returns to the water till it brakes. This is a tough jar but it will brake.
    There's never a 'good' moment to open an impeachment inquiry. But there IS a right moment. Now!

  60. TRUTH SEEKER says:

    It was Mr. Snowden in a Ukraine mansion, in the library, with the dagger and rope.

  61. MIchael Rigby says:

    Trump will ride this out until his loss in 2020…in the end Justice will be another illusion to a weary citizenry.
    The dems will likely get the Whitehouse,the Senate will remain in GOP control, and any chance we had to save our children's earthly home will run away like a rich guy's load running down the cheek of an Epstein victim.

  62. MIchael Rigby says:

    Nothing will come of this…too many people at the top have too many secrets. This only gets worse for the average American…it's our destiny.

  63. Crazy Horse says:

    Obama lawyer? πŸ˜‚

  64. webhead2777 says:

    Why was it OK when Obama did it to Trump?

  65. J W says:

    So if they do a whole investigation into this and Biden and the Obama administration gets dragged into it for instructing the original case can we get rid of both trump and obama?

  66. Maritime Travel says:

    More criminal was Obmas health care that killed me and the self employed . My rates went from 450 for family/month to 1,500/month my deductible went from 2500 to 10000. He killed the middle class πŸ™

  67. Ein Gwi says:

    Of course he would say that because he client and biden are involved in this Ukraine things . This is a pathetic sad show

  68. AZigler says:


  69. robj says:

    This doesn't ring true. Trump is wary of phone calls and would normally say very little only yes and no like with Cohen. Negotiations would be done through a third party (not Guliani). Trump would make a very obtuse comment about Biden's son. He would not give a direct order to anybody to get dirt on Biden's son. There must be a lot more to this ?

  70. david zero says:

    Offense? More like treason or high crime or…..trumpism!

  71. Raymond F says:

    Once more trump would like to be a dictator and the republican party are just looking the others way whan it come to trump .. just to stay in power .. the republicans keep saying they believe in the constitution and the law … but the republicans are the bracking the law and not following the constitution…

  72. Martin Larrivee says:

    The guy is just doing crimes all day and trying to cover his tracks, a few phones calls to pressure people, lies to the cameras and then watch tv. I doubt any kind of Presidency work is getting done.

  73. Kim Dawtrey says:

    Why would a sitting President need a personal lawyer to deal with foreign governments?? Unless its personal! πŸ˜‚

  74. Arthur Cupitt says:

    Lock the trumps up before it's to late

  75. Frank Gary says:

    Hopefully the Republicans vote by the evidence and truth, and not blinded loyalty to Trump.
    Both parties should put American people first & not one person, who they fear

  76. jose cotto says:

    you go thru the trouble of having a guest, let him talk. You were disrespectful. Calm down.

  77. Devenald Sharma says:

    Best way get the trolls to shut up, is write 'Hi, Putin'!

  78. Devenald Sharma says:

    It's mind-numbing how stupid Trump supporters are! WOW!!!

  79. YouTube User says:

    If the President was a minority or a non affluent white male, there would be no discussion on how to proceed.

  80. Dave Salimeno says:

    Witch hunt part 2, can't wait to see what you come up with for part 3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  81. johnny stone says:

    How hasn't this crook been done before now wiping his butt on the constitution because his conflicts of interest take precedent over his obligation to rule in the interest of the American people lock him and his crime family up.

  82. don't matter says:

    Blah blah blah, chances are it'll come out as fake news like everything from msnbc.
    At a certain point trump should be able to sue for defamation or slander or something, this is ridiculous. Imagine if the American people did this for bush or obama. Pathetic leftists

  83. Corn Pop says:


  84. Matthew Ortiz says:

    I LOVE THAT..!!!!!!!!

  85. R Marty says:

    Imagine that Obama had talked to Ukraine to get dirt on McCain in 2012, would we really even be having the conversation. Republicans are corrupt and traitorous.

  86. Uniqueness Entertainment says:

    The longer they allow this to keep going on. The quicker for Trump the spaz out and do something hideous that the country won't be able to come back from. Although I still believe at the end of his term in office he will bankrupt United States completely. And then at that point he will show his taxes making him seem like he's actually Super Rich when he really wasn't.

  87. liz Swedlund says:

    I thoroughly enjoy watching you progressive nuts fall apart at the seems. You fslsly accuse trump of doing exactly what biden admitted to doing. Trump is undoing you evil agenda and there's nothing you can do about it but throw stuff on the wall to see if it sticks.

  88. Peter Wiggett says:

    Its pretty much treason to the country to discuss an internal affairs investigation with a foreign nation like Ukraine

  89. Karen Walkeden says:

    Orange man badπŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  90. Robert Fraser says:

    Poor Donnie. I just realized he doesn't know what collusion actually is.

  91. Jermarcus White says:

    TRUMP 2020

  92. Jermarcus White says:

    Trump asking any foreignn leader too look into corruption of any kind is absolutaly with in his bounds he has the executive branch on his side this is a big sharade as usual by the Dems why don't all of you crooked politicians get too work and get things done for our country instead of crien about 2016!!! GO TRUMP or CRY

  93. snowflake melter says:


  94. snowflake melter says:


  95. Pierre Bonnard says:

    For sure, Trump and Giuliana developed the plan to extort the Ukraine. Was Barr part of the conversation too? Pompeo? Pence? I remember the Nixon years and how it all came apart over time. They all threw each other under the bus before it was done. It was heartbreaking and disgusting. This is worse but the only way to heal is get it out in the open and make sure it doesn't happen again.

  96. E Randco says:

    Well where do you go when Congress is so corrupt they clear the Vice President of crimes he not only committed but bragged on video he committed. Our corrupt government was never going to expose the truth or prosecute and convict. The checks and balances our form of government was supposed to have don’t work. I’m wondering if they ever did.

  97. Douglas Robinson says:

    News flash I'm taking a proper dump…..enjoy

  98. America Lost says:

    05:00… Trump didn't send the Justice Department because they wouldn't go. It had already been investigated — and found not to be true.

  99. Joe Blow says:

    Donald J Trump will serve 2 terms as president of the United States.
    After the Russian collusion hoax then the obstruction hoax then Stormy Daniels you guys are still hoping???
    This is the weakest attempt yet.
    Trump 2020 build the wall while your silly Democrats get paid $187,000 a year.Dear God you people are SUCKERS and that's what I dig the most about you!!!
    YES WE CAN!!!
    can what??
    I'm embarrassed for you-
    Very embarrassed πŸ˜ƒ

  100. Mike Catranace says:

    I wanna see Trump birth certificate and

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