Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking | Official Trailer | MasterClass


Beautiful. So beautiful. It’s easy to cook on TV. There’s talented producers,
there’s editors, and there’s all sorts of
things that make you look good. You know, before any TV came
anywhere near my career, I’d mastered my craft. You’ll see a side to
me across this class that I don’t think has
ever been shown before. [MUSIC PLAYING] Knife skills. The basics are so important. Three fingers down, and
this beautiful knuckle is the guiding light
across that knife. Cooking salmon. So the secret is
to score the skin. That stops the fish
from buckling up. You can’t pick up the
“World’s Best Cookbook” and understand it,
you need to do it. Mm. Delicious. Everything that I’ve learned,
understood, stolen, perfected, is laid bare across this MasterClass,
for the first time ever. And you would learn how to cook
those ingredients from start to finish. I’ve just spent
the last 30 years busting my ass off to
get on the plate what I’m about to show you. And watch, but watch
carefully. I’m Gordon Ramsay and
this is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking | Official Trailer | MasterClass”

  1. MrCerealSpoon says:

    $90 is an incredible steal for these masterclasses. It's amazing that you guys have been able to bring on such high-caliber professionals. Keep up the good work, I'm definitely asking for one of these for Christmas!!! 😀

  2. 1312 manson says:

    i dont even wanna skip this commercial

  3. Smotherd666 says:

    i legit came here for the song and i found it; Song is Daydreams (Instrumental) by Keen Collective

  4. Stopmotion Gaming says:

    Who the fuck dislikes this

  5. naughts'an Kcrosses says:

    No one does Mr Potato Head like Gordon Rimsay,,,,,,,,,hahahhaha,,,,,,

  6. FFuzzyandfurryF says:

    LOL im watching Ramsay top 5 shutdowns and this ad comes on haha

  7. Mrs Dinkleberry says:

    0:21 why is that episode not in master class? I looked everywhere if it is can anyone tell me which episode?

  8. MC says:

    MasterClass should be a show.

  9. Paras says:

    this is not gordon ramsay i remember so polite my gosh he is breakin my heart .

  10. s destroyer says:

    OH MA GAD, so this what food porn looks like

  11. Benendes C says:

    so over dramatised though

  12. ULTRA MUS1C says:

    I Love This Commecial <3

  13. dsprz says:


  14. nandan chebbi says:

    Can we download this??

  15. Exstasy_Co says:

    the only ads I won't skip

  16. Shunaar the sergal says:


  17. nandan chebbi says:

    What music is that??

  18. Petter Balfour says:

    dear all beloved ppl. don't waste your time fooling around w foolery. marco pierre white makes ALL of them look like…. i don't have words. ALL these guys come from marco. in other words, marco is their daddy and they are the failure rebelious children who failed marvelously. aka what is known as on the internet as: these ppl are epic fails.

  19. May J San says:

    This is the F*****G class. LMAO

  20. Jennie f says:


  21. Jennie f says:


  22. Itssdraxxyyy says:

    This video is so well done. Just a real beautiful video. This actually makes me want to try it out!!!

  23. Errorist says:

    The only ad i opened in a new tab to give it a like!

  24. Just CoKo says:


  25. ashuu ashu says:

    he taught me how to make broccoli cream on youtube. forever grateful and I can't wait for this!

  26. Tung Ming says:


  27. Eldritch_Potato says:

    I looked at some of the other Master Class and felt they were lacking but this Master Class is the only one I am very interested in. I might get this for the holidays 🙂

  28. Taj Holmes says:

    Song name?

  29. Helen Cole says:

    Make your cooking easier with our fun and innovative kitchenware >>>

  30. ROARraps says:

    I used to have an eating disorder. I know I'm thin, I don't have that kinda' issue. I just didn't like to eat. Nothing. I just didn't want to. Then during work I listened to Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen episodes to keep my mind off things, and I got interested in cooking cause all the recipes sounded good! Thank you Gordon. Now I'm eating more and gaining some needed weight. I hope to meet you someday!

  31. Panda Gal says:

    0:03 RIP camera

  32. Hussain says:

    Pure Porn

  33. John Smith says:

    If this was a bit cheaper id buy it in a heartbeat. Cant really justify £85 though as thats 2 weeks food shopping. Id know how to cook but would have no ingredients

  34. Kratos Gamerization says:

    getting taught by Gordon Ramsay without being yelled at? what madness is this

  35. Mahdi R says:

    I love these masterclass ads

  36. Basic Bunnie says:

    Why are the lessons different in this preview than on the website? The presentation and taste and texture lessons sound more helpful than the ones that show recipes on the masterclass website. Did they change or am I missing something?

  37. Fauzia Yusuf says:

    i love him
    there you go confessed guilty as charged

  38. Anthony Yong says:

    its nice and he gives an impression that he is kind but the song gives a sad impression likes hes gonna pass away and he wants to pass his knowledge on to others

  39. Grinchy Gamer says:

    Your from cbbc

  40. German Rojas says:

    I know you for your cooking ,, when I be cooking my shitty quality haha not pro but not dumb to cook okay food little brother calls cheff german haha it reminds him of you aswell for your profession, 😀

  41. Heritage NOT Hate says:

    Better than him screaming in people's faces.

  42. Christian Hess says:

    This trailer is so well made that I get goosebumps everytime I see it

  43. Altogether Together says:

    Jusssst a touch of olive oil.

  44. John Wick says:

    How can I get this video

  45. Jon Evangelista says:

    what song is this

  46. chemicalsam says:

    Everything he just made looks disgusting

  47. Gucci Flops says:

    Nino masterclass when?

  48. Maximus Fantabulous says:

    0:10 good ol' gordon

  49. Lulu Anais says:

    why did i get chills? He sounded so sincere, it made me emotional

  50. Grace Molenaar says:

    It’s master class not masturbate.

  51. Vel Vimaleswaran says:

    I like how he still cuses even tho its a professional class

  52. Ali Aljoubory says:

    This ad is beautifully done. And the respect I have for this man…. damn.

  53. DuckyB says:

    This is just bloody brilliant so beautiful and moving, Well done to Gordon Ramsay and Masterclass for this great work of art.

  54. DuckyB says:

    also would someone be able to tell me what music was used in this

  55. 12-Mojo says:

    I’ll only accept this class if nino was in the background sharing his mastery in cleaning…

  56. IIlIIIllI lIIlIlIlI says:

    I love you, Ramsay!!

  57. M. S says:

    I have downloaded the whole masterclass series but didn't have to pay A "Shiitake Mushroom" for that.

  58. Rivet Gardener says:

    Thank you, Chef.

  59. Sayeed 254 says:

    am glad ramsey that now i will be able to acquire new receipts from you. keep up the good work

  60. Adel Note says:

    I hate his arrogance

  61. Dirk Reijmerink says:

    I am going to culinary school this september And my dream is to to be a great chef And i am ready to give it everything iT takes to climp that culinary ladder

  62. Malen O'Donaghue says:

    Remy from Ratatouille teaches cooking

  63. Mandy Reynolds says:

    chills! I'm so ready! lol

  64. Saltiest Duck says:

    Did they flambe the camera at the beginning?

  65. Kevin XCV says:

    What an amazing guy. My girlfriend bought me his masterclass. Can't wait to start it together with her. Love you Jenny, love you Gordon.

  66. Dio Brando says:

    this guy looks very peaceful in the kitchen

  67. Henry Hung says:

    Gordon: Editors make me look good, but this class will show you something special
    Masterclass: let’s constantly edit the trailer very ironically

  68. Ketan Kunkalikar says:

    We need a calligraphy class

  69. Tian Wang says:

    Wait, wait, what stolen

  70. Apple Cake Fan Adventures says:

    Thanks now I can show it to my parents so that they would learn to make a best dinner like it

  71. Sven says:

    If he doesn’t say “you fucking donut” after every step then I’m not going to learn how to cook

  72. The Emerald Empire says:

    I love you chef Ramsay because you are such a talented leader, thank you and your master class, greetings from Egypt

  73. Ben Flanagan says:

    He sound so emotional

  74. swave158 says:

    The one thing do have to say that he is a very good teacher, that really surprised me.

  75. crystal medrano says:

    It’s crazy that he brings this kinda art to the table if my wife can cook like this I wouldn’t mind staying home but she doesn’t even know how to make a sandwich 😭

  76. Moriel Messina says:

    he is so fucking arrogant

  77. ChudLife says:

    I thought he was gonna say, "I'm Gordon Ramsy and this is my fucking MasterClass."

  78. Irfan Adib says:

    Let the knife do the work.

  79. Z3R0O s says:

    The music is sexy 🔥

  80. Galeno - Health Science Prevention says:


  81. Bawse Slayer says:

    Why is the music so serious. He isn't retiring. Lol. But the music is good.

  82. Ego Banal says:

    Me: I'm a simple man, i see sir. Gordon Ramsay i click on the video

  83. O.J hakim says:

    I love how he's an angry cursing machine on tv with intense music but in this he's more calm and there's calm music behind it

  84. Sneaky Minaj says:

    Holy fuck.. I'm buying that right now…

  85. Elijah Carter says:

    One of the most beautiful and sincere ads I've ever seen. Well f*cking done

  86. Dio BOT™ says:

    When the ad so good you search for it just to watch again.

  87. callum brechin says:

    name of background song?

  88. SaleenE34 says:

    If you asked this dude what his biggest nightmare would be… it would be losing his hands.. what a talent

  89. Ed Work says:

    can I know what is the song using in this trailer? thank you

  90. 祖宗 says:

    he just insulted the editors that mad him look good

  91. Ananth Raman says:

    what a trailer. good job guys

  92. Samuel Squires says:

    If he doesn't ask for the lamb sauce in this masterclass, this whole thing will be a waste of time

  93. invidinvasion says:

    This guy is so full of himself. If any man can be called "a cunt", it would be Gordon Ramsay. I hope he is sterile.

  94. daki sunshine says:

    Name of song please?

  95. Yanté Yonay says:

    I still not able to skip a masterclass add because of Gordon

  96. Juston Terry says:

    Hello..chef Gordon Ramsay. Can you please help me. to improve my cooking skills and learn more.. when i started to cook i've been watching all your tv series like kitchen hell masterchef and your YouTube channel. To learn more. But for me is not enough. Chef. Oh by the way i'm a filipino cook.
    Chef gordon ramsay can you please help me and learn more about cooking improve myself specially i need to earn money to my two daughter i'm 38 years old until now i'm a regular cook please accept me one of your kitchen team. I'm a fast learner chef. That's all chef. I hope you read this comment chef merry Christmas in a hppy new year from philippines Ler abesmo☺😁

  97. Bearded Mythos says:

    Just the way he says, "I've mastered my craft." You can feel the passion he has for cooking in that one line.

  98. farefouse olly says:

    Has anybody done the course? I want to learn to curse people out and make them feel terrible about their efforts, does he teach this skill in the masterclass?

  99. Cookiemonsta says:


  100. Izuku Midoriya says:

    Gordon needs to stop being so nice, I want to give him a hug

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