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What’s up everyone? My name is John, and this is the Wrestling
Report. First up, we have an update on Goldberg. When it was announced that Goldberg would
be returning to WWE to compete, many people claimed he would be taking part in three matches. Well, the number has just gone up, as he is
now booked to compete at the Fastlane pay per view. It is also being reported that Goldberg will
be making quite a few television appearances to help promote those pay per views as well. Next up, we have some news about Ring of Honor
wrestlers signing with WWE. Former Ring of Honor World champion Kyle O’Reilly
refused to sign a new contract and is expected to jump ship. It is being rumored that this is the reason
that he lost the ROH World title to Adam Cole at New Japan’s WrestleKingdom 11. While other top ROH stars such as Jay Lethal
and the Young Bucks have signed onto new deals with the company; it is also expected that
new ROH World champion Adam Cole will leave the company in May, which is when he can renegotiate
his contract. Finally, it appears as though Seth Rollins
might be getting a new theme for his entrance. The band that looks to be working on the new
theme released yet another preview of the song. This is a great way to add to the buildup
for Seth Rollins going into Wrestlemania against Triple H. With so many people coming up with
ways for WWE to make 2017 the year of the architect, this new theme song could just
be where it all starts. And this has been the Wrestling Report. I hope you’re all having an amazing day;
thank you so much for watching Wrestling Hub, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more wrestling

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29 thoughts on “Goldberg Booked for More PPVs, Seth Rollins Getting New Entrance | Wrestling Report”

  1. Angelo Arriaga says:

    Ayyy lmao

  2. RelatedPrune says:

    spell Goldberg without getting interrupted

  3. Scolad Don Don says:


  4. Betsy Narvaez says:

    2nd one

  5. HBAL BOYS says:

    hi I'm about to start my wrestling YouTube channel ineed some advice plz ???!!!!!!

  6. William Brown says:

    i like Seth's theme now i don't want it to change

  7. Mr. Open Minded says:

    G O L D B E R G

  8. Kasngi i says:

    G O L D B E R G

  9. SpinoDino says:

    I really like Seth's theme but a new song would be great.

  10. Chasity Richardson says:

    downstait is making seth rollins entrance theme? hell yeah!!!

  11. Luca Dynamo says:

    I have an idea that has no chance of happening, but would be a lot more interesting if it did happen- in the Universal Title match, Reigns gets DQ'd (not a heel turn, unfortunately), and he breaks the controls to the mechanism holding the shark cage in the air. Jericho is stuck up there for the majority of the rumble, which allows WWE to give his spot to whoever goes on to win it, who would be on the Raw brand. Jericho challenges for the title shot at Wrestlemania at Fastlane and Jericho loses.

    Oh well, wishful thinking.

  12. Yusuf Mahmood says:

    If goldberg lose to roman reigns we riot

  13. followfornothing says:

    So did Downstait finally add lyrics to their version of "Second Coming?" It is a better version of his theme song than the CF0$ ever did and Downstait's version sounds more like a Face theme than his old one.

  14. Miguel Gamez says:

    y would Seth change his entrance music

  15. Zack Dupra says:

    ya Seth has been working on his new song for a couple months now:) been excited

  16. RemyLeBeau says:

    All the Shield members need to change their music and get some lyrics not saying all wrestling music needs lyrics just most the best ones have lyrics there are a few gems without lyrics hoping to hear what this sounds like

  17. Smarks ruined wrestling says:

    2017 year of the architect? he already had his moment in the spotlight in 2015 and it flopped it's time for someone new

  18. zCesaro says:

    the new song is awful nothing can beat the second coming

  19. Steven Cisneros says:

    I love it when Goldberg is competing for more PPVs….and that means we are gonna have some dream matches with GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!

  20. Scarlett Is a goner says:

    Seth has to spaz out to the ring like he used to in FCW

  21. Aeromixx_ says:

    His new theme song is trash. I want him to stick with his current one.

  22. kenji harima says:

    Goldberg needs to put on a show spear a lot of WWE wrestlers who are jobbers and midcard so he can maintain his image at least.

  23. R1SE says:

    Wrestling Hub is amazing we are the best #MakeCMPunk WWEChampAgain

  24. Poket Monster says:

    seths entrance is good theme change is more needed by ronan reigns

  25. Poket Monster says:

    agree or not

  26. ouji subete o says:

    Seth needs a new finisher, his pedigree is lame and too fake.

  27. Big Fudge says:

    has anyone got a link to that new Seth Rollins theme?

  28. Crazy goat says:

    Love your vids

  29. Willow says:

    I love your channel, imo the best wrestling news/info/updates/reviews. Quality videos, excellent commentary. Great editing.

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