Girls in Bali || Only 1300 per day Hotel Review || Meeting Minotauro Nogueira

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Hey, Good Morning!! and welcome back to the channel guys.. How are you guys doing today?? Today I am my hotel room and getting ready This is my hotel room as you can see.. I thought i will give you a tour of my room how? this is where i am speaking. let me show you where i am staying this is a hotel where i am staying …in Kuta in Bali.. i have booked this hotel room for 3 days… the rest of the days i have been staying in hostels but I thought i should have my own space thats the reason.. just look at my hair..!! the sea water adversely affects hair and it is difficult to style the hair.. so coming back to the topic, i was saying that i wanted my own space so we can have our own fun that’s the reason i booked this hotel. feels nice to have a private space. its doesn’t always feel right to live in a shared space. also hotels are pretty damn cheap in Bali.. thats the reason i booked this hotel, which i got for Rs. 1300/ 19 USD/ 17 Euro per night this is a deluxe bedroom.. this street is equally busy in Day and Night. just that it get a little glamorous in the night there are lights and loud music. you will find clubs here shopping marts are also closeby. so you can buy alcohol at the mart and have it outside. the cheapest beet is small Bintang costing IDR 23,000/ INR 130/ 1.7 USD/ 1.5 EURO. very cheap indeed!! there is a never ending line up clubs on this street. this is Paddys Pub and another one is Bounty Discotheque where i usually visit. there are other options as well.. lets go back to the hotel i think theres a marathon today coz i saw a bunch of people running.. this is the hotel’s restaurant…. the hotel is further inside… the entrance is from here its actually a Hotel cum Spa.. infact it’s a resort. so this is the grand entrance very beautiful entrance looks very beautiful gives the look and feel of a SPA this is the lobby this is an exquisite pool i spend 30-60 mins in the pool everyday. feels very relaxing the setting is quite unique.. plants and trees, feels like middle of a jungle that’s my room.. let me show you the room in 2 mins you can see the bed, the wardrobe, the bed is kingsize and very comfortable and you get a TV, you can work on the desk. also a small refrigerator, a standard accessory in the room i havent stocked it as yet one issue is that there are no power points/ outlets. so i disconnected the lamp and used my universal power connector i carry this power strip wherever i travel. as i have a lot of camera gear, gimbal, etc. so if you have multiple devices to charge, this power strip is what i carry and use this is my bathroom and this is me in the mirror well equipped and very large indeed. half the size of my room. best part is it has a tub. very nicely equipped and good design you also have a window. so that you can see the person who is taking a shower. the large kingsize bed again.. very comfortable.. i sleep on this side and the girl sleeps on the other side.. and you can watch someone take a shower while sleeping on the bed.. this is the view if i felt anything special in this Hotel, it is the bath tub and the excellent swimming pool. the bathtub is amazing. if you come back after a long day of travel, you can relax in the bath tub or if you wat to relax in the bathtub early in the morning, turn on the hot water and just sit and relax in it for hours… hey babe… hello…. ??? babe.. can you take my video please, i need to record this one.. hello…!!! helloooooo one reason you should avoid girls. unnecessary trouble.. now lets check out the balcony just check out the size. has 2 chairs as well.. such a beautiful pool.. total fun.. easily spend 30-60 mins everyday.. loved the pool, its a perfect spa resort. so this was my room and hotel tour, hope you liked where i was staying.. so you can book hotel like this in Bali at a reasonable price/ rate if you book in advance.. and what else.. i wont feel nice leaving this hotel coz it was very comfortable i have really enjoyed being here i was here for 3 days along with my female friend. we had a lot of “fun” together.. and now i an headed to the famous Uluwatu temple Uluwatu temple, as you must know, is an absolute scenic beauty. Gojek (bike taxi booking) right? Unmesh? yes that’s me.. and this is the ridge walk of the Uluwatu temple just check out this view.. just WOW!! as far as the eyes can see, i cannot see any islands.. its a vast ocean.. i have just checked the direction and exactly straight ahead in this direction is Australia. Also city of Perth in the very same direction. and this is the famous Uluwatu temple.. How are you. I am good, Hi from India.. Nice view, nice view.. yeah ? oh yeah.. Bali is beautiful.. do you like it here?

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