Gifts for Grads: $599+ MacBook Air special

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Hey David, it’s graduation season. What do you have for folks going off to college? That’s a great question. We’ve got a lot of great items for people graduating high school and going into college, or even graduating college and going into the business world We’ve got some great MacBook Airs. This is the quintessential educational computer It’s very lightweight and it has very long battery life. These are great for kids on campus. They put it in their backpack. It doesn’t weigh their back down It’s got a lot of power. It runs all the apps they’re going to need for college and all of the Netflix and entertainment apps they’re going to use in their dorms or in their apartments It’s a great computer at a great price. We have them starting at $599 right now for your grads That’s a great computer at a great price. Come and see us at Experimac

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