Getting a Library eBook for your Kindle Fire

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Getting a library the book on your
Kindle Fire. To complete this you will need your
Kindle Fire, your library card, the OverDrive Media
Console app installed and registered and a
wireless connection to the Internet. Slide your finger across the screen to
wake up your Kindle Fire. First let’s make sure we’re connected to
the wireless. Touch the wireless symbol in the upper
right hand corner. Now touch “Wireless” or “wifi”. Make sure wireless networking or
wireless is set to “On”. If you are not connected, touch the wireless network you would
like to join. Enter the password if needed and touch “Connect”. You are now connected to the Internet. Touch the house or home button to go back to the homepage. Let’s get an ebook from the library!
First find OverDrive Media Console from your
carousel of items and touch it to open it. Okay now let’s get a book. If you have the
older model Kindle Fire touch the menu button that looks like
this in the lower middle part of the screen
and then touch “Get Books”. If you have the newer model
Kindle Fire touch the Get books icon in the upper
portion of the screen. Now let’s add your library. On the older
model Kindle Fire the “Add a Library” button is at the bottom, like this. On the newer Kindle Fire the “Add a library button” is at the top.
Touch on the “Add a library” button. You can
search for your library by its name the name of your community or by zip
code and touching “Search.” You can also browse for your library by
touching “Browse for libraries”. Find your library on the list and touch its name. You will now see the Ohio digital
library listed. Touch “The Ohio Digital Library” to
continue You can either search for a book by
touching the magnifying glass icon to search by name or by touching the menu and selecting a
category. Today let’s touch ebook non-fiction and then we’ll search for art. To find something available today let’s
touch “Available Now”. You can tell an item is available if the
icon in the upper right hand corner is dark. For
example The book of Shrigley is available.
Touching on the cover of a book tells us more about it. On a Kindle Fire dragging your finger up and down the page will move the page
up and down. Scroll down to check out this item. Touch “Borrow” to borrow the item. On a Kindle Fire touching a text entry
box will bring up a keyboard. You will now be prompted now to
select your library. Touch the text box to bring up the
keyboard and type the name of your library. Or touch “Click here for a complete list
of libraries” to see a full list of libraries. Now enter your library card number and
in some cases your pin number and touch “Sign in”. Here you will be prompted for the
browser to remember your password. If you share your device with another
person you may not wish the browser to remember your password. Now click on the upside down triangle so
that we can select the formatted to download. Now click on “EPUB ebook”. Now let’s select “Confirm and download”. Your ebook will now download. Now it’s
time to go back to our bookshelf. If you have the older model Kindle Fire, touch the menu button in the bottom that
looks like this and then touch “Bookshelf”. If you have to
newer model Kindle Fire touch the three dots in the upper right
hand corner. This will bring up a menu. From there touch “Bookshelf”. You should now see your
titled listed. Touch the cover to open it. You will now see a message like this one
on how to navigate the ebook. Touch “Close” to continue. Here’s your ebook. You can turn the
pages by swiping your finger from the outside right margin inward. That’s all! Happy reading!

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