Garyvee #2017flipchallenge Scan Books Faster – AMA with Reezy Resells – Bluetooth Barcode Scanner


What up YouTube. How’s it going?
Now you guys can actually hear me. I want to talk to you guys about
something that’s very important today, any day, every day that is Bluetooth
barcode scanners. Right here. This one right here is a
Koamtac brand, KDC 200i and I can get you guys these for $50
refurbished which is a killer deal. I used to pay $200 for these used
and I think they were even like $250 brand new for a while, but $50
refurbished is a killer deal on these. And the reason that you guys need these
is because they speed your life up. If you’re still using your
phone’s camera to scan books, I feel really bad for you
because this is going to… Actually I don’t feel bad for you, I’m
happy for you if you don’t know that this is going to take
it to the next level. I know you probably see people
scanning out and about when you’re… Let me see if I got to try and
get these video comments going. Damn, live show died out. Let me see.
I thought it was good. It doesn’t look like I
have a live stream going. Now I do have a live stream
going, that’s crazy. Anyways, back to the live stream. Let
me make sure we got the sound off. Can’t see anything? Can you guys see
anything now? What’s up Bruce Wayne. Nomadic 3527. Can you guys see stuff?
Can you see stuff? This stuff? This beautiful face right here?
We’re good? We’re all good in the
hood, knock on wood? Alright guys, tripping me out. I think
we’re lagging on comments and anyways. Yeah funny thing is we’re
broadcasting wireless on my phone using this app called Cameleon
Live so… I wish I had a mirror so I could show you my phone right now but then I had my laptop
for the comments. Anyways, but what I
want to tell you guys about is Bluetooth barcode scanners.
You’re not going to find one cheaper than this $50 refurbished deal and I
wouldn’t be trying to sell you this, if I didn’t truly believe
that you needed it. If you still have time to scan
with your camera go ahead but when you have this Bluetooth
scanner you can scan barcodes at a rate of like one a second
maybe even a half a second just… super fast and when any other
resellers try to come at you, you can just hit them in the
eye and terminate them. That’s what we call hitting
them with the Terminator. These things are back in stock and
ready to fly off the shelves, I think tomorrow. It was supposed
to be Thursday but I think the link is going to be ready a
little bit sooner than that so I’m going to make an announcement
on Instagram when they’re ready. Make sure you go to Instagram and
turn on notifications for me. That way you are able to get… so you
know when it… when the bomb drops and after that then I’ll post it to
Facebook and Instagram and whatnot but I’m going to let it sizzle
on Instagram for a while. It will be the link in my bio. I only have 300 of them guys and then
it’ll be another a couple more weeks until the next shipment comes in,
so make sure that if you want one you get your hands on one. Clear as day YouTube, what’s up guys. That’s pretty much the
gist of my message. The message is, it’s a huge tip. Look
I have two of them right now guys. You got to have a Bluetooth barcode
scanner because your time is money. You got to be able to go into these
thrift stores or these library sales or wherever you’re going and you
got to be able to scan the books really, really fast. (making beeping
sounds) Ding, oh that one was good? Let me look back at that one. Whatever your criteria are, whatever.
You got to be going fast and then you got to move
on to the next one. If you shop at library sales for
books you will not survive. You’re dead in the water without a
Bluetooth scanner and even more so. Some people have live mode
instead of database mode and they’re also dead in the water so the Bluetooth scanner
is the first major key to being able to scan fast
in general and discreetly. The second major key about being
able to scan fast is having an app on your phone that has database
mode and as far as I know, FBA Scan is the only one that
has database mode on an app. I think Neatoscan might have but
Neatoscan sucks so don’t use that, unless you live in the UK. I
think if you live in the UK, Neatoscan is what you
want to use but because FBA Scan hasn’t caught up
to that marketplace yet but if you live in America,
you want to use FBA Scan that lets you download the entire… In the database mode, it cost $30
or $40 a month, I don’t remember. We use that and the live mode
and that’s I think $40 a month. You download the entire catalogue
of Amazon to your phone so when you scan an item the
results come back to your phone in like a second or a half a second.
So instead of waiting you know 1 to 5 seconds every time you scan
something, it comes back faster than you can see the numbers
appear on your screen. You don’t even think you scanned it
and the results are already there. So that is amazing in general
but think about the one day where you’re scanning and you’re in
a concrete building or a basement and you don’t have signal, that database
mode is going to save your life. Just that one day is totally
worth it to pay that $40 a month and if you don’t believe
me just stay with live until you either see someone zipping
past you or you end up in a situation where you don’t get to make money
because you don’t have signal and relying on signal is not good. You need to be as efficient as
possible and you need to be very fast. If you source other things like mostly
shoes and clothing or whatever, the speed is not as important for you.
And especially with books and CDs and stuff like that,
a lot of it is crap. 90% of it is crap so you
got to go through it fast so you can get to the diamond because
you’re trying to make some money so you can go buy some shoes,
so you can do retail arbitrage, so you can think about
private label or wholesale. But the name of the game is speed guys. There’s no, you know, there’s no secret
sauce. It’s speed and efficiency. These Bluetooth scanners work with any
phone. They work with your computer. They basically just act like a keyboard
and you’re not going to find a deal for cheaper than $50. If you do, let me
know because I’ll buy a whole bunch. That would be a great deal. Let me go ahead and take some questions
from you guys and I wanted to go and drop the link from the broadcast
into a couple of these YouTube groups that I’m a member of, so let’s see. If you guys have any questions, please
throw them down there in the box and I will get to those
in about 5 seconds. Let’s post that up and
then post that up. Alright dropped it in my group and
also in the UK book hustlers group. So there’s a group of gentlemen
that have learned from me, Luke Pesto and John Case. These
guys are over in the UK market and they’re spearheading the game. It’s
like you went back in time in America and they’re getting pounds,
they’re getting mad pounds bruv, off of the knowledge that I’ve dropped
on them. But if you hit me up for tips, I’m just going to point you to them
because they know all the nuances. I don’t even know what the exchange
rate is guys so they know the nuances and they’ll be able to help
you out in the UK market. So this footage is backwards
or something, I don’t know. Anyways but hit up those guys,
join their Facebook group the UK book hustlers group Facebook,
whatever. Should be pretty easy to find. So for the next, 10 or 20 minutes until
I get too dehydrated, we’ll do AMA. You guys can ask me whatever you
want and I will help you guys. If you’re in the 2017 flip challenge
please put that hashtag in the comments. I like to big up anyone who’s
doing the 2017 flip challenge. Or if you came here from
Gary V, shoutout to Gary V. I wouldn’t be doing social
media if it wasn’t for him. Is there any apps that Canadians
can use for database mode? I’m not a 100% on that.
Maybe Neatoscan might work, if that doesn’t work I don’t
really have an answer for that. For clubs just sending in the
third shipment earlier today, learned it all from you. Thanks so much.
Awesome man, way to go. The scanner is not quite available.
I was told it was available but the link is not ready and
it’s too late to get a reply so look early tomorrow.
Send me a text, Ernsen and I’ll see if I can get
you a link in the morning. How do you ship on Amazon, beginner
tips? They got good rates Fred. It’s UPS or FedEx rates. It’s 20-50
cents inbound per pound rate as long as you hit 40-50 pounds
on your inbound shipments. You got to ship… build your
Amazon shipments in their platform and sending items into them. When they
sell, they ship them to your customers and you get money. Let’s see. How are you prepping
shoes that go to FBA? From Joseph. Joseph good question. We put a rubber
band around the box to keep it closed. Clear off any marking that’s on the
shoe, make sure they’re clean. Get rid of any of the price
tags and just send them off. Make sure you got the original
box that they came in. If you don’t have the original box that
they came in, you can use a brown box from Uline, a shoe box but I don’t recommend doing
that with high-end shoes. There is one exception, when they
cut the lids off of the shoe boxes, you can take a heat gun and transfer
the label off of the Nike shoe box onto the Uline brown box and it
looks really clean and nice. And I don’t want to hear anyone talking
any crap because Amazon themselves will mail you brand new
shoes in a polybag and it looks really nice in the
brown box so it’s up to you. I know some million dollar shoe sellers
are buying shoes without boxes at all, putting them in brown boxes
and getting money that way. So it’s up to you what your
tolerance for risks and returns are but that’s how we process the shoes. 2017 flip challenge. What’s up Chaisen. Andris Bedos said, I made
$309 on my first shipment. Quick question, do you only sell books,
I found prepping toys takes too long? What takes long about prepping toys?
I do not only sell books. I started selling books, highly
recommend for people to sell books but I branched out into other
categories when I had more money because some things are more available.
Shoes are pretty available. Brand new stuff is really available
and it sells in large quantity and it’s great when you can make
you know $5 or $10 on an item and there’s 30 on the shelf
or you can order 30 online. So I do online arbitrage not just
retail arbitrage and not just books, also brand new things like
toys, clothing, shoes. I have a private label product on
Amazon. It didn’t do too well. I learned some stuff. I just haven’t been paying
attention to Manny Coats enough. Got to pay attention to Manny more. Let’s see, ideas for shipping
to Amazon from Hawaii? Chaisen. Get a hold of Jason Poysen
I think is his name. His Instagram handle is
@FBAhustle or the FBA hustle. He lives in Hawaii and
he does FBA so ask him. I believe he said they pack up a
large, large box and just eat it and that box cost them like $100 to
mail to FBA but it’s like a large box. You know a box that mainlanders like
myself, typically pay you know $8 to send in or something so it’s a whole different ball
game for people in Hawaii. I imagine you probably want to
focus on smaller volume items that are going to be worth
more but there’s a… where there’s a will there’s a way or
something, ain’t that how it goes? UK group is the UK book
flipper community. Yeah shoutout to the UK
book flipper community. I’m going to come visit
you guys someday. Me and Scott were just talking
about how why do you work so hard because you want to be able to do
great things and have freedom. So in the next 12 months, we’re
going to Europe, guaranteed. I want to go to Barcelona,
got to get my skate on. I’m not getting any younger
and if I wait too long, I’ll never have that opportunity.
So Reezy Resells euro trip 2017, look out for it. Maybe we can do some kind of meetups
or something that’ll be savage. Then you guys can dose me
up with all the UK slang. I want to come back to America
sounding like I never been here. Yeah that’s why… I got to get all
my UK all my non-American followers come up in here because it’s like
breakfast for you guys right. How’s the quality by the way?
Broadcasting from my phone on an app and my brand new equipment
is not sealing the deal. Let’s see. Andris Bedos, yeah
sorry man it got past me. How many items do you
have on Amazon right now? 35,000 and change, something like that. Rick Navarone, ungated in
shoes, is there a shoe brand I should look out for to start with?
Okay Rick here’s the topic, this is a heavy topic right now.
When shoe gate happened, a lot of people got blocked
out from selling shoes. I was lucky to not get
restricted on Nikes, Adidas, all the first 10 brands of
shoes that you think of. But here’s the thing, there’s so
many different brands of shoes and a lot of them are not
restricted but everybody gives up when they realise they can’t get
Nikes and they can’t get Adidas. Yeah those are easy to sell because
marketing and branding or whatever but get creative you know. Sell those same shoes that I’m
selling on Amazon on eBay. Put the extra work in. Develop a
system so that you can take pictures efficiently and fast and
just get everything listed. It’s not Amazon, it’s eBay
but it’s still money right. It’s still profit there. It’s not the
same but you got to figure it out. You got to trailblaze. I
can’t tell you how to do it and specifically about those brands a
lot of people ask me that all the time. What brands of shoes can I sell because
I can’t sell Nike, I can’t sell Adidas, I can’t sell Skechers whatever? I don’t know. I’m restricted on
some brands but since I’m not you, I don’t know and it’s
different for everybody. But why don’t you do the reselling
community a favour and go bust your ass and make that list and then
come back and share it with me so that I can share it
with everyone else, so that everyone else will have a
little bit easier of a time getting some money and getting some shoes
because that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to help everybody out
right but trust me there’s opportunity in shoes outside of the first
10 brands that you think of that you’re restricted in. You
just have to work for it. Maybe you’re not going to find them
at Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. You’re going to have to go to regular
stores but anywhere that buys shoes, buys too many shoes all the
time and has a 50% off sale and that’s when you come in because
you smell blood in the water and you just get your money.
So don’t get discouraged, there’s opportunity but you’re
going to have to work for it. If you guys just started watching,
earlier I was talking about why you needed a Bluetooth scanner and
that the $50 refurb stock is going to be coming back into
stock maybe early tomorrow. I’ll put an announcement out on
Instagram and other than that, I was also talking about
why you need them because it’s really fast and it gives
you an advantage. It saves you time. It’s efficient and aside from that,
we’re doing questions AMA in the box and I would love to interact with you
guys but please smash the like button. I’m looking at it right now, there’s
only five thumbs up on this video and there’s 44 people watching so
we’re going to need to get that… smash the like button a few
hundred times down there, even though there’s only 44 of
you, do it a few hundred times. I don’t know how you’re going
to do it but figure it out. And let’s go back to the comments, do
you use OAXRay or anything like that? I am getting into using
tactical arbitrage, Joseph. Tactical arbitrage made by Alex Moss.
I’ve only used it once so far. I was actually looking over the shoulder
of someone else who was using it but I can tell you that it’s the truth.
Enough people that make enough money have told me tactical arbitrage
is better than OAXRay and I’ve seen tactical arbitrage
in use so I highly recommend it. I should be doing some
tutorials on that soon. I think I’m going to bring in either
Frank Toops or Jeremy Emmanuel to help me do those tutorials, basically
teach me and you at the same time. That actually will be pretty cool.
I’m looking forward to that but tactical arbitrage, grind
into that and I guarantee you’ll be making a ton of money. That’s actually a great opportunity
for people that live outside of the United States that want to
make money in the American market on the dot com because your
country doesn’t have Amazon or your market is just developing really
slowly or you’re just super savage and you want to get money and
dot com and in your country and in another country. A good way
to do that is online arbitrage, using tactical arbitrage. Buying
stuff from American websites then sending to prep facilities
like Prime Zero Prep, I think that’s like some
Sam Cohen product maybe, multi-million dollar shoe seller. But yeah, so then you order
it from American websites. You get it shipped to prep facilities
in America who then forward it to your Amazon account in
America and then somehow you get the money to your country.
I don’t know the details but that’s how it works. I don’t know the recipe, I think I
tasted cinnamon? Something like that. What’s up with using a resellers
permit to not pay taxes? You have to register with your
State Board licensing yada, yada all that stuff and then you
get a resellers permit and it’s a little different wherever you
go but they have you fill out a form. You show them your card and then you
don’t have to pay sales tax, major key. Super tough to sell shoes on Amazon,
is it worth it to eBay them? Go to eBay and search the word shoes and then press completed and sold
auctions. Sort from highest to lowest and then again from most recent. Look
at what comes up and then you tell me, if you think it’s worth
it to sell shoes. Mahalo to you as well. Let’s see, vote
for cake LEL. Thanks for the knowledge. Romuluks flying to Cali in 6 hours,
wish you were still in Disneyland. I’ll be in Santa Monica.
(sighs) Bummer. I’d love to meet up with as
many of you guys as possible, so don’t be shy if you’re
anywhere near where I’m at and you see me on Snapchat
or Instagram or whatever. Just hit me up and I would love
to go get a beer with you, have a coffee with you, go
to Disneyland whatever. I’ll drop some knowledge on
you, we’ll have a good time. Quality’s still good? We got the like
button up to 22 but please go down there and smash that thing a few
more times if you can guys. Let’s see here. Let’s see. What’s the
next comment over here. Did I mention Bluetooth scanners guys?
Major key. You’re going to need one. How do you stay updated on
sales for retailers near you? For retailers, you just
got to be in touch right. Like know your stores, know your
store managers, have good relations. Mama loves cat sent an owl emoji. It’s morning time for some
people that are watching. When should you get a seller’s ID? When
you are tired of paying sales tax. What is sleep? Hustlers don’t sleep,
exactly that’s what I’m talking about. Is there a ranking system on eBay?
No, eBay does not have sales rank. The whole shopping and selling
experience on eBay is so spread out versus how condensed and
streamlined it is on Amazon and that’s really probably why
Amazon gets all the business. Let’s see, Bitcoin what is your status?
I’m not invested in Bitcoin at all. I have in the past bought
and sold some Bitcoin. I didn’t make tremendous
amount of money. I think I made like
5% on a few Bitcoins and I think it was around
like $600 at the time. After that it dropped down
to $400 at the lowest point and my brother lost a few $100 and he
sold at the low point of like $400 and something whenever
it was that low like. Seriously at the lowest low
point like 6 months ago, that’s when my brother sold
and then now you know, if you know what it
is put it in the box, but I saw it recently it was
like at thawow (thousand). Reezy, come to source New York.
I am going to come to New York because I’m going to be on the Ask
Gary Vee show 2017 flip challenge. There’s going to be some
kind of meet up in New York I’m sure at the end of this whole thing
and I’m hoping Gary will invite me. That would be pretty awesome,
I’ll fly out on my own dime. Gary, if you’re watching, DRock
if you’re watching, I will. And I would love to take Gary out
hustling on the Dailyvee and show him how we get money with these
books in these thrift stores, at these library sales, at
these yard sales and just… I don’t know it’d just be
awesome to kick it with Gary and show him how we hustled
the books on the speed with the database and all that. I got to try that coal fired pizza
in New York. I’m coming for it. Reezy likes pizza so we could go
out and get some pizza for sho’. Come across a few subcategory
ranks on items when I look, how do I access where they
are sitting in percent wise? You need to know how many
items are in a category so that you can understand what
percentage of the total amount of items is the sales rank you’re looking
at and that is how you decide what is a good rank in each category. I’m not sure if right now it works
but you used to be able to type open bracket close bracket on Amazon
in a search field for any category. The result would be everything and it
would show you the amount of items and from that you could you know do
some simple math with the rank you have and figure out or figure out
you know times it by 0.01 to see what the top 1% rank is etc.
Thank you sixth-grade math. Yo, you can’t scan quickly with the KDC,
what’s up? You got to figure it out. You definitely can. Let’s see, what else. You
used to work in retail, sometimes take off tax via
resellers permit. Yep yeah. Upscale sales says, you
need the database. Database is a major key, major key. I remember how happy John Case
was, my boy in Manchester, when he told me that he got
database with Neatoscan because I think FBA Scan still is
not available for the UK database. But it’s a game changer guys. If you ever wondered how people
are running circles around you at book sales, it’s because they
have a Bluetooth scanner and because they’re using FBA
Scan on database mode and they’re probably using headphones
with trigger alertification. Alertification? Yeah, I
just made that word up. Alertification for like
$10 books or whatever. They have their phone on their arm,
Android mode. (making beeping sounds) Shots fired and then
you got like 10 books and they got like 10 boxes of books.
That’s how they do it. That’s the secret sauce. That’s
probably the most important thing about selling books is get a Bluetooth
scanner and use the database mode, most important thing ever. OA (online arbitrage) purchasing with
gift card is the next level move. Definitely. Got to be using the Raise
app guys to be buying gift cards. Even for your personal use but
definitely for reselling. Whenever you’re going to buy something, look on the Raise app to see if there
is a gift card that you can use to save money on top of
whatever purchase you’re doing. And if you use enough gift cards, call
CardCash and get bulk gift cards. I know some multi-million dollar
sellers that regularly buy $10,000-$20,000 of bulk gift cards
from CardCash. Get on it guys. People aren’t out here paying
fool price, don’t be a fool. Only fools pay full price. Yep UK only has Neatoscan. Upscale sales says, I’m so glad
people around here don’t scan. Well, I got bad news for you,
they’re coming, they coming. So get it while the getting’s good and
just realise that books are at least at a thrift store and stuff,
it’s a really low hanging fruit. It is a good opportunity to make
money but don’t stop there guys. Once you get that money flip it into
holiday toys, into seasonal stuff, into your private label or
shoes or clothing or whatever. Just diversify your knowledge,
learn about used clothing. Follow all kinds of sellers.
Learn about a million ways to make money on the internet. Don’t
leave yourself locked into you know books at a thrift store. Before you send your
some items into Amazon, do you check them on eBay to see if you
can make more there or time is money? Yeah we just sell on Amazon. If we can’t
sell it on Amazon, we sell it on eBay. It’s like our problem child. Your phone scans so slow, got
to step up your phone game. Like I feel like my old
phones from the future. Let’s see, what are the odds
you give away a scanner? Zero. I don’t have any scanners
to give away right now. In case you guys didn’t know, I’m
not actually selling the scanners. I am furnishing you guys with a link to
purchase the scanners from Dean Jayrow, a gentleman on Facebook. A person,
a human being that has a business where he sells these scanners.
Trustworthy, reliable source. Been supplying me and many other
sellers with scanners for a long time. He pretty much changed the game and
brought the price on these things down from a $100 to $50 and so
yeah just to clear that up. I don’t actually have any scanners
on me but I should do a giveaway, something like that. I like to do things like give
away books once in a while. I read a lot of business books and
when I source and I find them and they’re worth money or not, I
like to keep them to give to friends. And you guys are my friends so
maybe I should do a book giveaway, that’d be pretty cool. By the way, shoutout to Grant
Cardone, The 10X Rule. What you guys know about the 10X rule?
You know about it? You should know about it. Let’s see, do you use triggers
and alerts for bag sales? For bag sales, we do use
triggers but it’s super… At the bag sale, I’m just
grabbing a lot of stuff really, a lot of low rank stuff. For a
bag sale trigger would be like, anything under 100,000
rank grab it at all. And then also grab all the
manga, grab all the DVDs, grab all the CDs stuff like that. Oh Maria Revis, there’s a referral app
for Raise and then I can get monies through that or bonuses or something? That’s awesome, did not
know about that one. Learn something every day I guess. Let’s see, hopefully when you
start private labelling. Yeah don’t sleep on it guys. The
internet’s not going to sleep. The dude sitting next to you
ain’t sleeping or maybe he is but the one that you can’t see,
you don’t know what he’s doing so you got to hustle your face off, 10X
hustle. So that even when you fall, you’re still five times ahead of these
fools that are only on the 1X system. Don’t 1X your life.
Don’t do middle class. Middle class is acceptable, that’s 1X.
You got to 10X your life, don’t 1X your life. Bitcoins stabilizing at $900. Yeah
that’s some crazy ish man like. We don’t need the hotel
industry, we got Airbnb. We don’t need taxis, we got ubers.
We don’t need money, we got Bitcoin. Is that what it is?
Something like that. Give me those shades. Man, I’m not
giving you my spectacles. Come on yo. Z max is great for the money. How much do those scanners run and
how bad do they drain your battery? They got their own battery and the…
what’s it called, they don’t… I don’t think it drains your
battery a lot, very a lot. When you have the streaming, the
Bluetooth connection going… I just don’t think, it doesn’t drain
your battery very much. They cost $50. It’s refurbished with
a brand new battery. You should have two. Everybody should
have two. No joke. They’re so useful. In one day, it will pay for itself.
These are your money makers guys. Look say hello to your money maker.
This is your money maker, not my nubby fingers but this. Put
velcro on the back of your Bluetooth scanner and then put velcro on the
back of your phone or phone case so that you can do one hand scanning.
I don’t have a… that is my phone, so just pretend this 10X Grant
Cardone book is a phone and you velcro the scanner on the back
and then you’re holding it like this. (making beeping sounds)
One handed scan solution. And don’t actually get velcro because
velcro is not that futuristic. Get the 3m, hook and latch
where when you touch it, it doesn’t really stick together. You have to touch it and
then press it together. That stuff’s way stronger and
it doesn’t get dirty and stuff. It’s way better so just get that stuff. Let’s see, if you’re just joining me and
you haven’t smashed the like button yet please smash the like button
because that really helps my channel metrics out. And I’m in
here trying to help you guys out so I really appreciate it if you
guys smash that like button. Share the broadcast. Go throw the link
somewhere on Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter whatever. If I helped
you, I would appreciate it if you could help me as well. Let’s see, how much do those
scanners run? We already did that. I wish he shipped overseas. I believe
John Case, his Instagram is @theJCfiles. He’s in Manchester.
He’s also on Facebook. I believe he has some of these in the
UK with a partnership through Dean. I’m not 100 on that but reach
out to John, @theJCfiles and ask him if he has any of those.
You have to pay 200. No you don’t, no you don’t.
We’ll figure that out. Grant Cardone versus Gary V. Gary V
got me on social media so Gary V. Let’s see, who else John Case is
selling in the UK though isn’t he? He is. Thank you his Instagram, they
put it in there. We got love out here. Let’s see, I wanted to buy a new
scanner since they were sold out but Amazon had them for $200. Nah, just
wait till tomorrow or the next day. I think it’ll be tomorrow and
we’re going to have the link. I’m not going to bed Siri, chill out. Let’s see, Amazon sellers
post books for one penny and I see same book for $14 buy box.
Do you buy and post these books? Yes. What marketplace are you talking about
because I doubt it’s American market right because that hustle
is getting saturated. But you can buy books that are
fulfilled by merchant sellers and then ship them to Amazon once
that seller sends it to you. You ship it back to Amazon FBA and price
it for the FBA price which is higher and make money so that’s called
arbitrage from MF to FBA. Buying on Amazon, selling on Amazon. You can use software
like eFlip to do that. There’s actually a link in every one of
my YouTube videos to sign up for eFlip. That’s a great software that helps you
find those kinds of opportunities on Amazon. But in case you didn’t know,
when you sell FBA, you price for FBA. You don’t price against
merchant fulfilled because FBA is what people buy.
They want it in 2 days. They’re conditioned for that right
so don’t lose an opportunity to make more money because
you’re competing against someone you shouldn’t be competing against. Oh shoutout to deep
deep level for Jay-z’s. For those who can sell shoes,
you can sell these brands. Apparently, you can sell Babolat.
I don’t know how to say that. Head, Wilson and Yonex are brands you
can sell after shoe gate, major key. So check into those brands
Babolat, Head, Wilson and Yonex. Don’t quote me on that because I ain’t
said… shoes, ain’t said shoes. But this guy did so check those
out it could be a major key. 10X whatever it takes, money don’t
sleep. That’s true. Real recognise real. How important is merchant
fulfilled value? Merchant fulfilled value
is very important as an indication of actual value.
When a book has FBA value but no merchant fulfilled value that’s
a dice roll. When you make that sell, that’s like you rolled 4, 5, 6 in silo. You just won, when you
sell that book for $14. When people could buy it for
a penny but if that book has an $8 merchant fulfilled price and
you’re selling it for $14, $15, $16 you could feel a little bit more
confident about your inflated FBA price because it’s backed up by merchant
fulfilled price, if you feel me. So merchant fulfilled price is always
important because it indicates what the actual value of the item is. Because if someone’s not
willing to buy it through FBA and it doesn’t have a large demand
or whatever it is, you know, you have that merchant fulfilled
price to back it up and otherwise you know it’s not
really worth that much. Let’s see, Shopify is big 2017. I’m
going to open like 2,017 Shopify stores. Let’s see, Calvin Calvin shoutout
to Calvin Calvin and the JC files, both of those guys don’t
have YouTube channels yet but I think they both should. So it’s
crazy but you can subscribe to people who don’t even have
YouTube channels yet so go subscribe to the JC
files and Calvin Calvin. I don’t think they
have videos on YouTube but go subscribe to them anyway. It’s
just because they’re the homies. What’s up Maria. Yeah they do it
all the time, my girls rack up. You share your link the other person
saves $10 off a $10 gift card and you get $10 for every sign up.
Holy smokes Maria! Maria get a hold of me because I owe
you like a half hour consultation or something because that’s amazing.
You just helped me out a lot and I would love to help you
out any way I can so get at me and don’t let me forget about
that because I owe you a favour. I will forget though so just bug me but
I owe you a favour, everybody knows it. Raise affiliate referral
marketing major key. Tell your friends, tell your co-workers,
they don’t know about Raise. Tell them, give them your referral code.
You’re making money right there. You could use it at the
restaurant you eat at, whatever. Whether you’re hustling or not,
that’s money in your pocket. FBA Scan, we the best app, FBA Scan. Why don’t I work for their
promotion team, I don’t know. FBA Scan, we the best scanning app.
FBA Scan woow. That should be the commercial,
that’s the whole commercial. Let’s see, Shark Tank hustle.
You got to watch Shark Tank. Telling you if you don’t watch Shark
Tank, you got a watch Shark Tank. I mean actually you don’t
have to watch any TV at all. You could like stream it or download
it or whatever but Shark Tank man. We’re going to sit down and you’re
too tired to focus and do work, you might as well fall asleep to
Shark Tank. Shark Tank, major key. The crazy thing is, when the
deals go down on Shark Tank and you have enough money
or access to enough money to have made the deal yourself
that always gets me fired up. Let’s see, private label via Alibaba. Yeah definitely, that’s where I sourced
my private labels from Alibaba. Yeah high money maker. High money maker.
Bluetooth barcode scanner, major key. $50 refurbished from a link
down there in the description. You’re not going to find it cheaper.
Pays for itself. Sells itself. You need it. Definitely going to need
it and we’re only going to have 300 so I highly advise you guys to
turn on notifications on Instagram so that you can get one when they drop. Let’s see. Let’s see. Got a link for
those? No, I’m on a broadcast right now. I can’t like make links and stuff it’s
too… my ADD will get the best of me and then I’ll stop talking and
then you guys would be all bored. Toggle function is the reason I like
the KDC over others. Cool yeah. The scanner I use primarily before this that I actually like a
little bit more maybe, is the Opticon 2002 but
it’s super expensive. It had a little button that you would
press that made the keyboard toggle come up as well but you had to scan the
barcode to enable the keyboard toggle for that button, so it was
a little bit different. I do actually… I lied, I do like this
scanner better now and the reason is, even though I don’t like
the button on the scanner as much as the button on the
Opticon OPN 2002 scanner which is the same as like the 2005 or
whatever number there on is because… this scanner, it’s dead right now
but when you press the button, you can release it and the laser
stays on for a predetermined time like 3 or 5 seconds or whatever. Whereas, the Opticon, you have to
actually hold the button the whole time you want the laser to come out. And
you end up flexing your hand longer holding the button versus just
being able to just press it and then go around and get it.
Especially, when you’re doing like top shelf RA (retail
arbitrage) stuff or whatever. Major key, less stress on
your repetitive motion. You don’t want to do that. They want
you to have repetitive motion injury so we’re not going to do it. One book paid for a scanner,
that’s what Luis Alvarez says. It’s the truth, guaranteed. Do you know what episode Gary
V mentioned you on his show? Most recently on that episode
about the $20,117 challenge. The 2017 flip challenge but it has like
money on the thumbnail right here, $20,117 that video he shouted
me out a couple times. It was actually pretty cool, they
used this clip from my Snapchat where I had the Santa face on and I
was being kind of funny or whatever and then they used another clip where
I was busting a little freestyle like ‘when you drop a couple g’s, you
better get some pepperoni and cheese’. That was kind of tight that they used
that. Shoutout to whoever at Vayner or DRock’s court that used those
clips, mad love, appreciate that. And then again, he put my
Twitter handle on the screen or something there was another stuff.
And then prior to that, there was a video where it was like
2 hour Q and A book winner talk and that was the one where he was like
‘there’s this dude who’s a fan of mine and he didn’t think of my name that
time but he was talking about me. And yeah that one was pretty cool also.
He hasn’t actually shouted me out and said my name correctly yet so that’ll be a major
key when that happens. I think John Case Instagram @theJCfiles.
I think he… and if you’re in the UK, you need to follow him, major key. I think he got Gary to fix the
pronunciation of my name. I saw a screenshot of Gary saying he
understood so we’ll see how that goes. It’s easy and Reezy. Reezy rhymes with
easy so that’s how you got to do it. So yeah and then there
was a long time ago, the first video Gary shouted me out on. It was when he was doing the 24 hour
broadcast or the 8 hour broadcast or something. He was doing the book
giveaway. It was for his book, the new Ask Gary Vee book and I
got in on a periscope broadcast. While there was a lull and I was
like yo I sold $665,000 books on Amazon in 2015 which is the
truth and he was like what holy you know profanity dropped
and that’s hustle and you guys have seen
the clip since then. So that’s when it all started and I
don’t remember when that clip was but it’s pretty crazy to me anyways
that I just started social media back in February and now not that long
you know not even a year later you know, Gary V shouted me out
and saying you know, ‘don’t ask Rezzy Resells who’s crushing
it’ you know so it’s pretty crazy to me and it’s just testament that you can
do anything with this internet. You can start a YouTube channel. You
can reach out to big influencers. If you swing your bat and
you swing it hard you know people will see you
putting in that work and they’ll give you an at-bat you know.
Everybody gets a chance. It’s amazing, just, it’s
pretty unbelievable man. The scanner link will
be coming tomorrow. The scanner link is not ready yet, it’s
coming tomorrow guys so pay attention. Go to my Instagram and
turn on notifications because that’s the place that
I’m going to drop the link at. Let’s see, you have been a massive help.
Awesome. Shoutout to Reseller Mom. She might have a YouTube
channel, go check her out. Let’s see, (burps) excuse me. Sorry guys. I totally just burped on
live YouTube really loud. Yeah alertifications, can we put
that into urban dictionary? Can we get alertification on there?
Because right it’s 2017. I feel like in 2017, we’re
going to put a bunch of stupid words in the dictionary. Let’s
start it off with alertifications. #alertifications. I want to
check that hashtag tomorrow and see that someone
put a #alertification. Let’s see, big perm says, FBA Scan
drains your phone battery pretty fast. A way around that is to dim your
phone brightness all the way down and your phone will go all day. Yeah definitely, major key is
dim your phone brightness. If you need to preserve your battery, also turn off your
Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi. Everybody should know that by now.
I feel like I use iPhones. I feel like my phone doesn’t
drain fast maybe that’s only if you’re using live mode or you
mean database mode as well big perm? And yes there is someone in the
comments and their name is big perm, so didn’t make that up. Shoutout to big worm, I mean big
perm do that every time to him. Let’s see, if you don’t want to carry
around an external battery pack and get a Mophie case. That’s
a good tip but I think I have evolved from that tip
because I got tired of phone… you upgrade your phone and then your phone doesn’t
fit in your $100 Mophie case. Whereas, if you had $100 you
know blam blam bigelow battery you know that would still
work with whatever device you need to use it with your phone, your
wife’s phone, his phone, her phone, your neighbour’s phone, your new MacBook
which can be charged from USB plugs which is crazy amazing. JC files sold out. John has
no more scanners. Don’t ask. If you didn’t get a scanner, you must
not been too serious but don’t miss, don’t miss them tomorrow. Tomorrow
and if it’s not tomorrow, it’s the next day but the point is to
go to Instagram turn on notifications so that you will get the alert for the
scanner. You don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be another 2 to 3 weeks
before the next ones come out. Give away some of those
children’s books. Reezy, do you think doing this part
time is viable, game speak TV? Yes, definitely viable. If you guys are watching and you
haven’t smashed the like button yet, please go down there and
give me some thumbs up and also there’s this new
bell alertification device. They want you to click it and I guess
that means I want you to click it too because that’s how they rate my
channel or whatever. I don’t know. They changed the whole system on me
and I heard other YouTubers talking about the bell, so ding ding click
the bell. Click the subscribe button and the thumbs up too, just because
you love me because I love you too. See 3.30 am in Florida,
go to bed son geez. Goodwill stores selling
their books on Amazon. Lots of nonprofits sell on Amazon
merchants. It’s nothing new man, that’s been going on for 10 years. What’s shoe gate? Shoe gate, my man. Back in March, Amazon brand
restricted a lot of shoe brands so that overnight sellers
had shoes in stock and then they weren’t
able to sell those and if you haven’t sold shoes
on Amazon before shoe gate then you are unfortunately SOL and
you will never be able to sell those Nikes or Adidas or whatever. And
I say never because I have had enough people tell me that they tried, that
I don’t think it’s going to happen. I don’t think Nike’s going to give you a
letter and I don’t think a distributor is going to extend a letter
to you to sell online because I don’t think Nike likes that.
They don’t want you to sell online. You can try and if it was, if you could that $1,500 fee to get
approved would be nothing. I would pay $10,000 to get approved
so there’s only a couple things. You can sell those Nikes on eBay or
elsewhere or you can try and buy an LLC that also owns an Amazon account that is currently capable
of selling those brands. Those are your only options
and yes that is legal and technically against Amazon’s
rules to sell an Amazon account but you’re not selling
the Amazon account, you’re selling the entity that owns
the Amazon account or even the entity that owns the entity that
owns the Amazon account. So I don’t know what kind of
value you want to put on that. I know someone bought
one account for $5,000. The account could get
banned tomorrow, you know. They could tell me I can’t
sell Nike tomorrow. I don’t know so until then I’m going
to sell as many shoes as possible because it’s pretty much easy money
and if you do get approved for shoes, man go hard on that because so many
people cannot sell those brands. And let me know if you do,
I would love to hear it and I’m sure a lot of people would
love to know how you got approved. And you might be the coolest person
of 2017 if you figured that one out. Let’s see, the tennis shoe space
is a major white space. Everybody is on the
basketball sneaker game, not a lot of people on
the tennis shoe game. Like actual shoes for playing tennis? Like you don’t just
mean like tennis shoes? Like in America, we say tennis
shoes we just mean shoes like… Shoes for playing tennis or what? Shark Tank, Mad Money is my show.
Upscales apparently has a show. Oh yeah that’s the show you
like to watch, Mad Money. Is that what the dude, what’s his name
Jim something? He’s like always angry. Let’s see, can you use the Bluetooth
scanner with the FBA app, I could only get it to
work with Scoutify? I don’t know if it works with the seller
app because I really just use that to quickly check if I’m restricted
on something or not. That’s another major key, if you
just started selling on Amazon, you need to use the Amazon seller
app to verify whether or not you are restricted on an
item when you scan it. So scan it and it will tell you
if you can sell it or not. Whether or not you’re using
that to actually scan items because it’s not the most efficient app.
When you’re in unfamiliar territory, you need to know if you’re restricted
or not so make sure that you check. Worst case scenario you
get home and you list it, only to realise you can’t sell it and then you have to walk your sad puppy
butt back to the store and return them. So shoutout to anybody in here that’s doing the 2017 flip
challenge, I see you. Let me know if you need
any help accelerating your 2017 flipped challenge stats and
if you haven’t pressed the like button yet please do that. Please share this
broadcast on your social media anywhere that you have, I would
really appreciate that. Let’s get back into the comments here. Bro I walked in a GNC to
get a supplement today and I thought someone died the day,
the day before, it was so quiet. I don’t get it. Shoe gate 2017 flip challenge. Let’s see, Revis, when you order stuff
online make sure to use Ebates. Yeah that’s another major key guys.
Use discount cashback websites like TopCashback or Ebates or
whatever it is and you get you know an extra 2% to 4%
to 8% or even more percent just for going to their website
before you go to the website that you are already going
to buy something on. Then you also use gift
cards on top of that. Hopefully you also have the extension,
I think it’s called Honey or something like that and it finds promo codes
for you when you’re checking out. All of those are a major key to
help getting your costs down on online arbitrage. Big perm channel. What would it be
about? Are you going to do big perms? I’ll subscribe but just tell me
what it’s going to be about. See you around the bend someday. See
you around the bends. Definitely. Been selling every
day, it’s snowballing. Definitely, grow your FBA snowball guys.
Just keep shipping it in and your payments will keep
getting bigger and bigger. Follow Reseller Mom, she’s crushing it. She’s sourced a crazy amount of
books and doing eBay as well. Don’t be like me guys, I left eBay far behind until
it became my evil stepchild. Do yourself a favour and keep it close.
Keep your enemy close but don’t make it your enemy make it
your friend and then give it a nice hug and just get all kinds of
money from eBay and Amazon. Because for me I hate eBay so
much, it’s a hindrance right. Like all my eBay stuff is a death
pile, not just the death piles. All of its a death pile and now I
don’t like that, that’s a hindrance. Multiple external batteries. You
need like five of them for sure. What is this Raise referral. I was
reading your your comment. Raise app. It’s a gift card app for
buying and selling gift cards. Cats out the box guys. Those Raise gift
card percentages are going to start dropping so if you buy your
gift cards regularly… I suggest before tomorrow when everyone
wakes up and watches this video you probably scoop up a bunch of
gift cards for your shopping needs because the price is going
to go down for a little bit. It’ll be back where it is normally
but once everyone gives up but you know what I mean. Upscale sales is going to do $40,000
this year. Good job. Good job man. For 2017, you can do way more. For all
of the year for like the last year. Get a Best Buy employee plug. They get Mophie and tons of accessories
for 70% off. Good good look Maria. My wife Kami, Kevin Littlefield says,
‘my wife Kami showed me your channel and you rock man. We just
started FBA last week and already sold two items for $50.
Thank you for being awesome man. I’m Reezy for life.’ Thank you.
Thank you very much guys. Here’s the thing too, you know
people have like little names for their followers or their audience
like what are we going to call… what are we going to call you guys?
Like the Reezy Knights? The Reezy Resellers? The…
I don’t know. Like Gary V calls his followers
the Vayniacs or at least they’ve like loosely said that or whatever
but you know what I mean. People got term for that kind of stuff.
I was thinking about… trying to think about it and
I couldn’t figure it out so help me come up with one. Let’s see, major key
shirt Reezy Resells. Major key just like says Reezy
Resells and then it says major key, something like that. I’m going
to make a ton of shirts guys. I’m so tired of waiting on Amazon
Merch to open back up for… Yeah sign up for Amazon Merch guys.
For waiting for them to open back up so I can upload all these designs that
I made like the barcode baller shirt. All that stuff because I know
you guys are going to love it so I’m going to start uploading
them to… let me snap real quick… I’m going to start uploading them
to like CustomCat or Teespring and I’m going to start
making some merch. I also need some help with WordPress. I
put out a request earlier on Instagram. I know I got a couple replies
but I need to bring my website which is into
the future because it sucks. I made it myself and I used
WordPress on their website and I need to host it myself. I just
don’t have time to sit down for 8 hours and figure out WordPress but if you
could set up my WordPress for me I would love to work trade you
like a 1 hour consultation and just help you streamline
your business and get it going. Help me help you, you know what I mean.
I got to get this WordPress going because my website is just…
it’s lacking, it’s not macking. It’s not good but once that’s going, I’m going to have like a Reezy
Resells merch store where you can go and get shirts. They’ll probably
be like $15 or whatever. It’ll be like barcode ballin or ‘if you
ain’t flipping, you slipping’ or like maybe like a picture of Gary V’s head,
if he lets me and it’s like says ‘Reezy Resells that’s fucking
hustle’ or whatever I don’t know. I’ll come up with something
but also you know we’ll put the scanners in that store
and maybe some cool coffee mugs or something. I don’t know, who knows. That’s another thing guys, you can make
money selling print on demand items like mugs and shirts and hats and pants
and yoga pants and socks and whatever using these websites like
CustomCat and Teespring as long as you have an audience
to promote your items to or you have you use
Facebook ads or whatever. But that’s a really good opportunity
for making money online, since it doesn’t cost you money upfront.
If you can make the designs yourself or little money if you’re buying the
designs and then you’re just paying for the ads and you’re not actually
like buying 20 shirts to then have to go out and sell them you know.
It’s a lot less risk. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration
and meat-and-potatoes advice not just rah rah. Thank you. Thank
you if you guys appreciate it, please just keep smashing that like
button and sharing the broadcast because I really appreciate it. All
those things help my channel out and lately my channel has
been doing really good since Gary V gave me that shoutout. And
like really good to where people are like messaging me and telling me like,
‘Reezy, you need to get on the ball. You need to do more live
videos, more videos period’ and so I’m heeding everyone’s advice
and I’m giving you guys more content. I’m thinking about doing some sort of
live show regularly like maybe start out three times a week. See
if I can keep that up, maybe do five times a week. Sounds crazy to me but if I
could pull it off, why not? There’s a lot of people that need
help, excuse me, that need help. I’m on glass two of water, when
you do broadcast major key, just get two glasses of water. There’s a lot of people that
need help selling online. There’s people that don’t even
know you can sell on eBay guys, how crazy is that? It’s like especially
these young kids they grew up and eBay already existed and it wasn’t
like it was when we were younger and eBay and the internet came out and
so every time you could do something new and cool on the internet like
sell your used crap for money. It got attention and people
paid attention to it but now they just take it for granted and
you know we should be teaching eBay and Amazon hustles
in high school to kids like I actually want to start a
nonprofit that goes to high schools and teaches kids how to make
money selling on eBay and Amazon because it’s just a shame that
they don’t know how to do that. What are they teaching them how to do
in school? How to get debt you know? It’s ridiculous. So you’re going to flip
some stuff tomorrow? Tomorrow, I’m going to clean my house.
I’m going to buy a ton of shoes and I’m going to process a lot of that
Disney stuff to get it out to Amazon. Let’s see, let’s get in these comments
real quick. I’m getting kind of tired. Amazon merci? Amazon Merch. Sign
up for Amazon Merch right now. Go to Google, type Merch space Amazon.
When it comes up, sign up. It’s like a whole new Amazon account.
It’s Amazon’s print on demand t-shirt business. It takes like 3
months to get approved to sell so request right now. Don’t
wait at all just request. The reseller, the Rezellers Anonymous.
(laughs) Something like that, I think I kind of thought
of one like that. Maria has a question says one person
IG saw Pac-Man arcade machine on Marshalls yellow tag for $800.
Scanned it to Amazon, sells for about $2,000-$3,000. How do you go about sending
a large item like that? You would have to do
LTL pallet for that and I believe it would be
about 6 cents a pound. So whatever that thing weighs
times 6 cents a pound. If you sell that or if someone sells
that I want to like interview you because that’s amazing. I know
exactly what Pac-Man machine you’re talking about because I’ve
seen them at several other Marshalls and it’s just it’s like a little
hokey newish Pac-Man machine. It’s not old and it has a
couple games inside of it and the joystick feels like crap.
It’s not authentic at all and yeah but I never thought of scanning it to
sell on Amazon, that’s pretty amazing. You never know. You only
know what you know. I’m actually broadcasting right here, from on top of this glass cocktail
table arcade. I might show you. Let me see if I can show you guys.
Hold on. Let’s see. Hold up, hold up, wait up.
Yeah that’s my arcade. We’re broadcasting from on top of an
arcade so yeah that Pac-Man comment is near and dear to my heart because
I miss Pac-Man it’s my favourite game in the whole world. And the movie, Big, had
a huge, Tom Hanks Big, huge inspiration and motivation in my
life and so I got me an arcade machine. I got me an arcade machine. I don’t
have a trampoline in my house yet or a pinball machine but I do
have a soda machine in the garage and a payphone that I bought and
never brought into the house. I really should though but if
you haven’t seen the movie Big with Tom Hanks, that’s a major key.
You got to watch that, that’s a huge inspiration for
just dreaming big and you know being able to do things way
beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s see, start small
advice on scaling fast. Well starting small and scaling fast
is pretty much two different things. You kind of decide which
one you’re going to do. If you’re starting small, you’re not
going to be able to scale fast. You’re going to be able to
start small and bootstrap. You know, you’re going to be using
brown paper bags to wrap your books and mail them merchant fulfilled
maybe instead of mailers because you’re not going to pay 9 cents.
You know you’re going to be getting your boxes from the dumpster instead
of buying them from Home Depot because you have more time than money.
It’s just that equation, you know. You have more time than money then
there’s options available for you. You have more money than time, there’s
other options available to you. Yeah shoutout to big perm, he
just applied for Merch by Amazon. That’s a major key, you’ve got
to apply for Merch by Amazon. Kevin Littlefield, I noticed
that anything below 10,000 rank is restricted, is it because we’re
new sellers? That is not true, I’ve never heard that ever and would
the jury disregard the last statement. German ex 17 says, ‘listening to
you live, just scanned a book that sells for $329.94 at one point 7
million rank. It’s a bit long tail but it has sold several times in 2016.
#makethatmoney.’ That’s right. That’s all we do is make that money. Don’t overthink it guys. It’s a book,
you’re probably paying a ridiculously cheap amount for it, just buy it.
I love to call books on Amazon… I love to call it my
cheap casino because listen to that dice roll right there.
How much did you pay for that book $1, $3 and it’s a potential
of paying out $300? So anytime you can roll the dice for
$3 with a potential to win $300 that’s the cheapest casino on earth.
That’s where I want to gamble at and you need to just ship
that product just ship. And I mean look at the camelcamelcamel.
Look at the Keepa. If you guys don’t know what sales
rank graphs are, and they
show sales rank graphs. You can look at those sales rank graphs
and you can see that when it spikes that’s when an item was
sold, that’s demand. Devoid of demand, sales
rank just gets… this is so hard for me to do for some
reason. Devoid of demand sales rank just gets worse and worse and worse and
then when it sells boom it pops up then when it sells, boom pops up. I feel like I’m trying to draw
an etch-a-sketch or something, it’s always backwards. Anyways, you understand what I mean.
The spikes on the sales rank graph represent sales volume okay.
Devoid of it, it goes down. So when you see an earthquake, when it’s popping you know
the sales are dropping. Okay that’s all you need to know but
understanding how sales rank works and that it’s not a static number.
It changes all the time, I think even multiple times an hour. And it can be manipulated, you can buy
a book and make the sales rank pop and then you know what I mean. So
just understand that also things like people buying books using
eFlip to sell back online those are stimulating the rank as well. FBA Scan, as far as I know, is the only
mobile app that offers average rank so they have a rank slash
another rank and the rank after the slash is the
average 90 day rank. Average rank is pretty useful
as long as it’s not an item that has a seasonal
period like textbooks. For example, they sell two times a
year so that 90-day average rank is not too useful for those books
depending on when you’re looking at it. But for like chapstick for example or
a pair of scissors or a pair of shoes or whatever, an average
rank is a major key. If you don’t have the average rank on
the category you’re using or the app, you can just look at the sales
rank chart and kind of get an idea of what the median rank might be. Keepa
chart also shows the median rank so just know sales ranks. You
need to know sales ranks. Let’s see, do you have to make shirts
for organisations or you can…? You can create any design on
Amazon Merch but that was a tip. Amazon Merch, they give you
like 10 design slots or 20 and then when you sell 10 or 20
shirts they double your slots that you can upload for and
then when you sell that amount they flip it again and again. So a major key to upgrading your
ability to have more designs is to get in touch with a local
organisation that needs a bunch of shirts made and then get the shirts
made for them at a price point that you know you’re not making any
money at but you are fulfilling your quota and then lifting your merch level
up so that you can sell more shirts. Vote for cake also applied
for Amazon Merch. Good job, you’re about to
be having that cake too. What are the three times a
year that textbooks sell? So textbooks sell August and September.
I believe that’s the big one, that’s a big one. January and February
which is right now is textbook season. And then again in the summertime for
summer classes which I think it’s a lot… it’s a ton less. It’s way, way
less so I’m not even exact on it. It’s like June ish something like that.
Babe, when does summer classes start? May or June? I don’t go to college guys.
You guys go to college, some of you do. Yeah I love these glasses but
I’m also just wearing them because the light is super bright. I like to wear glasses because it
makes it look like I’m always looking at the camera and sometimes my eyes
are like dancing down to the comments or looking over there looking over
there and it’s just a greater… a better viewing
experience for you guys, when you don’t see my
eyes looking all shifty. Shoutout to Casey Neistat. I
learned that from Casey Neistat, the godfather of vlogs. You’re welcome James Hill. Let’s see, let’s see.
Any more comments? If you guys don’t got any more comments,
I think I will end the broadcast and go to bed because it’s 1.06
in the morning in California and I think I should go to bed but
otherwise, we’ll keep it cracking. Thanks a lot for joining
me on the broadcast. If you guys aren’t subscribed to my
channel, I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel. Smash the like button before
I end this broadcast. Share the broadcast on your Twitter,
Instagram, Facebook whatever, Anchor if you have it. I have Anchor
too so find me on Anchor guys and let’s send some waves back
and forth. And share this video, please do me a favour and share this
video with the #2017flipchallenge because I think this video will help a
lot of people that are trying to get money in the 2017 flip
challenge ecosystem. We talked about a lot of stuff. I
dropped some nuggets in here for you guys and it’s going to be helpful
for some people so just go ahead and share the hell out of it.
Share bear as Gary V says. Hello from France. Definitely no worries, guys I’m
going to be doing some more. Careful roads are blocked out.
I’m 406 in Pennsylvania. One more comment. One more comment.
Do it, do it. Where’d you get those
boards, they are rad? Check it out. Let me show you guys.
Let’s see. So there’s some boards, just a
little bit of my collection. Let me, hold on, I think I can
get this to pan up real quick. So that’s the top half. We
got the Luigi Baker board. We got the Homer Simpson. Santa Cruz
Dex. that monkey board over there, that’s actually Alissa’s first
skateboard that she ever had. Oh check those ones out over there.
Can’t really quite see them too well but it’s a four piece Marvel
series with superheroes. It gots Venom, Spider-man, Wolverine and
Thor. Pretty tight line that they did. Broadcast troubles. I locked my phone on accident, yeah
we’re good. I think we’re good. No, we’re not good. Alright guys, I think
the broadcast is over. Broadcast crashed they
don’t want me to go live. Good night guys.

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