Garrafa decorada com rosas – massa biscuit


hello guys I’m Luci Buzo and I’m
here on my channel with another video and in today’s video I’m going to make a bottle decorated with biscuit and it’s not that I’m enjoying working with this mass I hope you like it and enjoy the video a lot this is the glass bottle that I’m going to decorate and I’m going to paint this bottle but not the whole one, just a part and to paint only a few parts
i will put contact paper to protect the part that I’m not going to paint here i am cutting the contact paper without having a right definition of the design
that i will do actually this bottle I was going to make a
other work then I gave up and left that bottle
separated and left out and now I found a way to take advantage of this work that I had done on it after gluing the contact paper I will apply primer to glass to stick to the paint that I’m going to use when the primer dries
I will paint with white acrylic paint when the acrylic paint dries it’s just
remove contact paper remove it carefully so you don’t damage the paint down here I don’t protect right with the contact paper so I’m scraping the paint with a stylus now I’m going to model roses with the biscuit dough before modeling the biscuit dough you have to knead the dough a lot,
so you can work with her if you don’t knead this dough very well, it will end up cracking will form cracks when it dries after it is well mashed now I will dye the biscuit dough with liquid dye, this dye is the same used to dye latex paint or acrylic latex paint like this biscuit dough
I bought it in white If I add the red dye it will not turn red it will be pink it will be much lighter. If you don’t have that kind of dye, there are several types of dyes you can use to dye the biscuit dough you can use: oil paint, paint for
fabric, matte PVA paint, and you can also use the dye for the biscuit dough like i said before, i never had
worked with the biscuit dough and for that I had to watch some videos here on youtube to learn to mess with her the modeling part I’ve been working for a long time, like durepoxi so about that I have no problems mix the dye well into the dough. Here I washed my hands and the dye came out And to shape the roses just remove pieces of the dough and make the rose petals you will mount the petals and adjust and already leaving your like your comment, with doubts, with criticisms with suggestions don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to receive the news always be
updated something else, share this video on your social networks help my channel grow, so I
can i make more videos like this After modeling the roses
just stick it on the bottle and to paste I’m using white PVA glue I will also model the leaves.
And for the leaves I used the green dye as I don’t have the tools to
shape the biscuit dough I’m improvising after shaping the leaves just paste
in the bottle also with white glue and just distribute the sheets I will enjoy and I will model
some rosebuds And today I want to thank you wholeheartedly,
my friend Massao who gave me a lot of bottles One more beautiful than the other.
Including this bottle here, he gave me I thank him for doing so much cool stuff for you After you finish decorating
just let the biscuit dough dry I thought these roses were very
clear so i will age with bitumen After the bitumen dries, I will
apply general varnish the same as used for crafts. when you finish applying varnish and before
let the varnish dry, I’ll put glitter on the white part of the bottle which is just to shine the bottle was ready and it was really cool the bottle cap is red
I darkened it with bitumen then I also put a little bit of glitter I think you will see many videos
mine, working with biscuit dough A kiss and until the next video

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20 thoughts on “Garrafa decorada com rosas – massa biscuit”

  1. Daniel Gomes says:

    Uauuuiu Luci ficou belíssima

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    Ficou lindo!

  3. Andrea Cristina Silva says:

    Bela peça 😊

  4. Silvia Consoli says:

    Que lindeza de trabalho!!😘😘😘

  5. neusa della monica says:

    Linda gostei muitooooo gostei tbm da explicação, me inscrevi ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Artes da Vovó Artesanato says:

    Oie! Muito lindo! Gosto do envelhecimento, curto o rústico. Ótimo domingo! Sucesso sempre!

  7. Helena Soares Gonçalves says:

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    Maravilha de trabalho querida parabéns amei 👏👏👏👏👏💕💕💕💕💕Um super like e uma linda tarde para você viu

  10. Angelica Alcoba says:

    Lindíssima!! 👏👏👏

  11. Sonia Dalle Molle says:

    Gostei muito do seu trabalho !!

  12. carmen aparecida amancio says:

    Sempre GENIAL!!! Amo garrafas.Suas sugestões são muito bem explicadas , com toque de Sofisticação. Amei!!👍👏👏👏💕💕

  13. Vladimir Oberling says:

    Muito bom gosto, show

  14. Vera Tassi says:

    Ficou linda! Vou tentar fazer as rosas, mas acho que não sairão tão perfeitas quanto as suas. Parabéns, belo trabalho!.

  15. Maria Garcia says:

    Hola Lucí, recién descubro tu canal y me ha encantado , eres una tremenda Artesana, me encanta tu canal, te deseo lo mejor, Dios te bendiga , ya me suscribí a tu canal.te mando un beso grande desde NY de una Colombiana que ama tu País . 👍🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻😘😘😘😘😘.

  16. Tatiana Monique Mourão says:

    Mas é so com betume ou pode ser outra tinta preta

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    Señora Lucy. Me enamora todo lo que he visto en este canal, por cierto, recién lo descubro.
    Me he suscrito. Bendiciones.

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