Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus hands-on: the small one is a big deal


– The Samsung Galaxy Note
is back, times two actually. What you are looking
at here is the Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus. The Note line has always
been about being the biggest and most powerful, and both of
these phones are powerhouses, but you can get other big,
powerful Android phones now. So, what is Samsung doing this time around to make this thing feel
like, well, a Note? I’ve only had a little bit of
time with it for a hands on, but I think you can break it
all down into five things. First, well, the most obvious thing that makes a Note a Note is the stylus, the S Pen, and Samsung has
two really big updates here. You can still take
notes on the lock screen right when you pull the S Pen out, but now Samsung Notes
can read those notes. So it can search for them, it does OCR, you can even copy it and paste
plain text in another app, or you can export a Word
document of your text if that’s what you wanna do. They’ve also added an
accelerometer and a gyroscope to the stylus, and so you can
use it as a remote control, kind of like a wand. So in the camera, you
can go left and right, change between modes and up and down, and even do a little swirly motion. It’s kinda wild. They do have an SDK, so
other apps could use it, so maybe in a PowerPoint
or something someday, but that’s not available yet. We’ll have to wait to
see if more developers are gonna support it in the future. The second reason you might be interested in the Note 10 is DeX. Now, I know what you’re thinking, nobody uses DeX, Dieter, come on. But hang on, DeX, if you’re not familiar, is you plug a USB-C cable in and then you plug it into a monitor and then you get a, like,
Windows version of your phone. You’ve got windows you can resize and you can, you know, drag
stuff around and so on. With the Note 10, what’s new
is they actually have apps for the Mac or Windows where
it runs DeX right there, so you can use the
computer you already have and have a little window for controlling stuff on your phone. It’s also really convenient if you want to drag and drop stuff, so you can actually just drag
and drop a file or an image or something from your PC to
your phone and vice versa. It’s a totally new thing for DeX and I’m actually really excited to try it. The other thing is,
Windows 10 has this feature where it can show your notifications and some other stuff from your phone but you have to install an
app, but with the Note 10, Samsung built support for that right in. Number three, and this is the reason people usually buy the Note, it just has every spec you could ask for. So, both of these phones use
a Snapdragon 855 processor and there’s the thinnest ever
vapor chamber for cooling it so it can run at higher
clock speeds for longer. Now, on the Note 10, you’ve
got eight gigs of RAM and 250 gigs of storage, which is a pretty darn good default. On the Note 10 Plus
though, you have an option to get 12 gigs of RAM
and 512 gigs of storage and it has a slot for a microSD card for further storage expansion. Now, this big phone has
a 4,300 milliamp battery, the little one’s 3,500. Don’t know exactly how
long that’s gonna last in terms of, like, all day, but it’s gonna be all day,
I’m sure it’ll be fine. Also, they both use
standard USB PD for charging and on the Note 10, if you want, you can get up to like a 45 watt charger. This thing’ll top off in under
an hour or about an hour. It’s gonna be really fast. Number four, it’s just
a really nice phone. I mean, it’s really good build quality, it’s got this classic 90 degree
corner that all Notes have. There’s basically no bezel. You really have to serach for it to see it ’cause the screen rounds
around the corners. It has a smaller cutout
for the selfie camera than even the Galaxy S10. It’s just, it’s super nice. If I had to complain
though, I would complain that there’s no headphone jack. Samsung says they took it out
to make room for the battery and sure, I guess that’s
fine but, you know, I’m sad. The other thing that Samsung has changed is they moved all the buttons. They’re now on the left-hand side and there’s just three, two for the volume
rocker and one for power which also can double as a Bixby button. Now, the S10 comes in four colors. They’re all called Auro
’cause I don’t know. This is the Aura Halo. There’s also black and white which is gonna be available everywhere and then there’s a and Best Buy exclusive of Aura Blue. Number five, and it seems
weird to put this last but the cameras are really good. It’s basically the same camera
set up as the Galaxy S10. It’s been tweaked a little bit but Samsung has added some video features. So, there’s a cute thing
where you can do bokeh and Live Focus a video, that’s fine, but the thing I’m really interested to try is the microphone focus. So you can actually zoom
in and it does beam forming on three microphones to only pull sound from the thing that you’re zoomed in on. Really excited to try that. There’s also a time-of-flight camera but they’re not really using that for any camera effects just yet. So those are the five things. Do they add up to it being a Note? I don’t know. We’ll review it and we’ll see. The little one is gonna come out for $949, the Note Plus is gonna be $1099, and a maxed out Note
Plus is gonna be $1199 and they’re gonna be
available on August 23rd. I will say I think I’m more intrigued by the smaller Note 10. It’s about the same size
as, say, a Galaxy S10. While the Note 10 Plus is
like the true successor to last years Note 9,
it’s about the same size. But it’s been a super long time since we’ve had a really
pocketable phone that had a stylus. Maybe what the Note needs
isn’t to be bigger and badder and more powerful, but actually smaller. Hey everybody, thanks
so much for watching. Are you interested in
either of these Notes? If so, let me know which one
down in the comments below and we’re gonna have more coverage from Samsung’s Live Unpacked event which is happening right now and of course reviews when
these things come out, are available, when they’re here. You wanna use that, or? – Yup.
– Yeah, okay, great.

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100 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus hands-on: the small one is a big deal”

  1. The Verge says:

    Do you prefer the big or small Note 10?

  2. Yazan Mowed says:

    I am mostly interested in the smaller note as it does not look unwieldy to use in everyday scenarios due to it's reasonable size.

  3. deafwing says:

    Well we are In a world where full screen displays are an actual option.

  4. imrajkabir says:

    why does Samung have app for Mac?!

  5. Bang says:

    Innovation = zero. Samsung has moved on and simply feeding the masses the same ol thing. Huawei gonna take over soon

  6. Randy says:

    No headphone jack..
    Byeeeee Samsung! 🙂

  7. Tony Starku says:

    Everyone: Complaining about the headphone jack less Note 10

    Me: Watching this with my iPhone 7 and having no complaints at all

  8. Marty Despot says:

    This phone is more expensive than my entire education…

  9. Victoria M says:

    it's a commercial, not a serious hands-on review.

  10. George Pulliam says:

    Going to get one, not sure big or small yet

  11. Mansell Ireland says:

    Preordered mine today.

  12. Nency says:

    I agree… Smaller!!! I love my note a lot had them since the first one but it got so big that this past year I traded my note 9 for the S10E…

  13. Aneesh Prasobhan says:

    LG had that sound focus things year ago

  14. tal baruchi says:

    why are everyone forgetting that zoom audio was a thing since the LG G2?

  15. Labib Alwasi says:

    Still can't beat the cine lens that could be on mate 30 pro but im still buying it anyways

  16. Earlando Johnson says:

    Keeping my Note9 with 8gb of RAM and 512gb of storage. I also have a 512gb micro SD card in mine. 💜

  17. cnut4563a says:

    @The Verge – I use Dex! I have a monitor in my office, just arrive in the morning, plug the phone in and I'm good to go. I can do all the work I need. It's not perfectly adapted, but it's does what I need, and means that I bought the Note and a monitor, instead of a phone and a laptop or desktop
    . Excellent.

  18. HassieAU says:

    Did u use clay this time

  19. Abin T. Joseph Thekkenedumpuram says:

    3:44 s10 comes in four colurs? 😂 sad that u didn't notice while editing

  20. YouTube google says:

    Anybody who have the note 9 then upgrade to note is simply don't have good financial management skills…
    As a note 9 owner I'm not surprised

  21. TankQ says:

    Only thing interesting here is dex on laptop. It needs not to lag.

    The live focus video could be nice. Didn't huawei also do that. And op7 and asus rog2 already has 90hz and 120hz oled. Asus has 6000mah though.

  22. Kevin Davis says:

    Lmao 😂, 1080P, no HPJ, and no expandable storage at the low, low price of $949.00+tax. What a bargain!
    Aaand, the full size Note 10 is a step up in price for a bigger screen and Moaaar Gimmicks.

    Let me know when we get a camera that is actually newer than the S7, and good thing Sammy is quietly pulling all their commercials ragging on Apple for HPJ’s and notches.

    Also, final point, there’s room in the S10e for a headphone jack, Lmao. 😂

  23. Diario Automotivo says:

    I'm actually use Dex everyday. Dex and S Pen are the only reasons that still keep me stuck to the Galaxy Note line

  24. ceze 2010 says:

    3:50:00 I think it's called the Aura Glow, not Aura Halo.

  25. bosanceros says:

    3:45 He says s10 😄

  26. Viviane B says:

    I'd probably prefer to go with the note 10+

  27. Ben Miles says:

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  28. Alireza Baroomand says:

    Sansung right now charging more and selling less, come on isn't that Obvious???

  29. Tim Bauer says:

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    Just ordered note 10+ 5g

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    Yes . I want note 10+

  32. Mat GG says:

    Why all the tech bloggers never mention Note10 ONLY get 1080p screen l : )

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    What a desperation. No one pressed the bixby button , they moved it to power button 🤣🤣

  34. Christian O says:

    One Plus 7 Pro Vs Note 10+

  35. KyleQuest says:

    This is the problem right here, the pricing —> $949, $1099, $1199
    This is just rampant price gouging and not from manufacturing cost or inflation.

  36. Elesh Patel says:

    Very productive device for work and play ..

  37. moonlim33 says:

    My Note5 is still goood

  38. Egoz3ntrum says:

    Drag and drop files to your phone using an usb cable! Unprecedented!

  39. Eder Lopes says:

    with that money i could buy 1 MI 9 and 1 One plus 7 pro! God bless China.

  40. Hojin Park says:

    Of Course Note 10+ because extra Micro SD card I can put in

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  42. GeeKay says:

    Sorry, Not buying any phone without a headphone jack.

  43. SKL says:

    What really is the difference between the note 10 (smaller one) and s10 + besides the stylus? seems like with the current promotions going on with the s10+, it's a much better deal.

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    Every time he waves the phones around and I see all of those colors, it makes me sooooo ready for my Aura Glow 10 Plus to arrive.

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  54. Red Hood says:


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  61. Vincenzo Petrillo says:

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  62. Taha Numan Şimşek says:

    That laptop dex is amazing I have really old computer and I don't have a monitor I hope emui desktop will copy it

  63. the okizen company says:

    At last Samsung is doing what a lot of Android phone manufacturers have been doing for a while and that is having the power and volume buttons on the same side side of the phone.

  64. arun joseph says:

    Will it explodes ?

  65. Games 4 Days says:

    I have the note 8 I'll be upgrading to the 10+ Glad I waited.

  66. Luke, I'm your father! says:

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  71. Prakash Ghai says:

    The DEX feature is not much of a use. I really liked that you can control the camera with the S-Pen. But, I am surprised the Camera is mostly the same as S10. The phone looks stunning though !

  72. yw1971 says:

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    That is a downgrade my friend

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    "Thanks Samsung for Note-10"

  77. Thomas Feltes says:

    One Plus 7 Pro is the way to go

  78. Andrew Samuels says:

    They are honestly running out of things to add to phones. I have my note 9 and I mean the under display fingerprint scanner, wide angle camera, faster charging is cool to me but not worth it for an upgrade in my opinion. The only thing that will change my mind is if they add holograms.

  79. Vicky Sekaran says:

    C'mon. Where's 90 hz?

  80. Jacques junior Fatal says:

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    90-120hz display is the biggest feature missing

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    I'm curious about how the 5g differs from the plus 🤔

  88. JB Block says:

    The Note 8 is my very favorite thing I have ever owned andddd I use the dex station every single day as my normal computer FYI. It works fantastically ! I am very excited about my Note 10 plus I ordered !

  89. Vangie Edomwonyi says:


  90. Sandeev Vijayan says:

    I love your reviews. Truly I would love smaller phones too with stylus. I have a Note 8, so having a pocketable phone will be good.

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    I'm a diehard Note fan but that price has me wishing Nokia would make a comeback.

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    Smaller cut out for selfie cam bit also smaller f2.2 instead od f1.9 on S10. Why don't you say that mr Reviewer? No heart rate sensor…

  93. Napolean Church says:

    The glow looks tacky, I will be getting the black note 10+ on the 23rd

  94. David Ross says:

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  96. Pulpit Secrets says:

    I plan on purchasing the smaller note 10

  97. Kenneth Madley says:

    Nice review. Pre-ordered the 10+ this weekend. Got the 5G version as well. Certainly the same situation as when 4G came out – only a few areas had it, but I still invested in the technology to use it once it came to Tampa Bay. Owned a Note prior and loved it. Size, speed and camera features were a draw. Never used the stylus much in my old Note, but that may change. It is fun to use for navigating email and apps when you have the time and patience to pop it out. All day battery is impressive. Verizon making upgrade deals too, with trade in offers and a $100+ credit promotion at the Samsung store. Too early to consider the folding devices. Maybe next round. Also not waiting for the Pixel 4, to only find out that they are not going to offer 5G support – lagging as they did with the 4G support.

  98. Ramon Luis says:

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  99. Ramon Luis says:

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