FUN Activity Books!


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39 thoughts on “FUN Activity Books!”

  1. Mary Nalley says:

    I have a granddaughter that loves to dance and one that is just getting into reading 15 mins a day

  2. mary oliver says:

    Madison likes to be outside and  she loves to play with her dogs and she is starting on her letters and numbers and she loves being read to ….

  3. Carrie Ricchiazzi says:

    Help me cook and clean. He loves to play, especially building things with blocks and magnets. He stacks stuff and lines stuff up in patterns.

  4. nichole oberdorf says:

    My daughter loves to do crafts! She is 4.

  5. Shakira Clark says:

    Peyton is one, he loves colors and animal. He loves puppet books and point books.

  6. Carol Caldwell says:

    Cooking and board games

  7. Jessica Everett says:

    I work with special needs Kindergartners and they love to dance to the songs we use to teach the children the curriculum. They also love to "talk in song". It is very cute!

  8. Teresa Kerns says:

    Grandsons that will soon be 21 months and 3 months. Interested in anything outdoors, playing in dirt and water, all types of balls, horses, pigs, bulls, riding in the 4 wheeler, going to the mall, dancing, walking in the rain, etc.

  9. Mary Saunders says:

    Like drawing the best

  10. leslie Chang says:

    My kids like to learn about dinosaurs and fossils

  11. Shana Finn says:

    my nephew and I love to read books, watch movies together, do arts and crafts, and of course play wig his toy cars! 🙂

  12. Sue Bruce says:

    wow, lots to choose from!!

  13. Tara Hazelwood says:

    My daughter loves to read, she loves animals real and stuffed 🙂

  14. kj cheryl says:

    My grandson loved to sit and be read to

  15. chanon star says:

    My kids love to draw, read, and make up stories. They love too make things, they love the outdoors. They love to be silly. They love church, and usually they love school.

  16. kellyreneeconner says:

    My boys love robots. I've got my eye on the build your robot sticker book

  17. Karen Keyes says:

    My kids love to play, water-time and animals

  18. Andie Rice-Tanner says:

    My kiddos are singers and dancers!

  19. Valerie Maldonado says:

    My son loves math. He is always asking me to make up an equation for him to figure out. He’s only 9 but he’s one of the top two kids in Math.

  20. Jill Nees says:

    My child is now a high school senior but I am an honorary auntie to a 3 month old who I am excited about introducing to the wonderful world of reading! Right now she enjoys watching bright colors and movement so board books with primary colors are definitely something she is going to enjoy.

  21. Stephanie Santone says:

    Arianna is a 5 year old active, sassy pants determined little girl. She is currently in Kindergarten and LOVES to read. She stays active by playing in her backyard on her swingset and chasing her dog Charlie around.

  22. Rene Cruz says:

    my grandson likes to build things, make up stories, play superhero, and pretend I am the mommy tiger and he is the baby tiger. we act out how the mommy tiger teaches the baby tiger things like pouncing, bathing, stalking, etc.

  23. Annabel Munoz says:

    My Son loves playing doctor so I think he would love" All Better." He also loves playing pretend and outdoors. He loves books too.

  24. Chelsea B. says:

    My oldest loves doing gymnastics and reading. My boy is into hockey and soccer. My youngest girl loves to get into things she shouldn't and my baby sleeps all day!

  25. Amy Adldoost says:

    My LO loves making things move (cars, balls), making noises with objects, music/dancing as well as having books read to him.

  26. Kitty Childs says:

    Step kids play on their phones, darw, paint, write, sing, and look up facts about their favorite characters from books, movies or shows.

  27. Rosemary Edmonds says:

    My sweet girl loves exploring using her voice and working on rolling over.

  28. Amanda Harrold says:

    Sydney absolutely loves trains!! She loves to play with her train table or her cars. She is also a big Disney fan but it really gearing towards anything with wheels I sometimes have a hard time getting her to let me read to her but I hope to get her interested with these books

  29. April Rae Buenaventura says:

    My daughter loves to sing and dance. She also loves chasing our two dogs around the house!

  30. Kristina Jordan says:

    My daughter is going into 2nd, she is in Karate and loves to skate and ride her bike

  31. Rebecca Loomis says:

    My daughter loves to play outside and help out around the house

  32. Mary Nguyen says:

    Love them

  33. Susan Baker says:

    Paper planes looks awesome!

  34. Pat McMillan says:

    I love puzzle books!

  35. Vanessa Sullivan says:

    Almost 2 year old (was premature) just loves to run, and collect acorns, and point out bugs, and play with the dogs, and he's just now starting to talk more and expand his vocabulary.

  36. pixydust112881 says:

    My daughter loves to cook and my son loves soccer

  37. Christine Rice says:

    Grandchildren love all kinds of books, especially dinasour and super heros

  38. Stephanie Mieras says:

    My little girl loves coloring and art projects! My little boy loves Dinos and puppies.

  39. Danielle Baker says:

    My kiddos love wipe clean books of all kinds, but especially trains.

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