Full Fusion GPS Co-Founders: Won’t Let Giuliani ‘Deliberately Lie About Us’ | Meet The Press


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100 thoughts on “Full Fusion GPS Co-Founders: Won’t Let Giuliani ‘Deliberately Lie About Us’ | Meet The Press”

  1. Ahmad Turner says:

    Geeezzzz, lets all write a book shall we! We certainly live in the time for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jaycee1583 says:

    I learned NOTHING in this segment, except that these two dudes look and act as shadowy as everyone makes their Company sound. They are jittery and their eyes dart. They better not go on Fox News, where they might actually face really questions from real journalists.

  3. Smith Ed says:

    Lmao biggest clown in media this sure isn't your father's meet the press it's now meet the left

  4. dansvideos99 says:

    seeing and hearing with our own eyes and ears what Trump does and says in broad daylight every single day:  do we need to read a book to learn that he IS indeed anything other than a brazen and horrific Crime In Progress?

  5. Burger WithEverything says:

    I laugh Everytime I see the word "intelligence" below Jim Jordan's name. Lol.

  6. metrogrid says:

    There is still time, Chuck, to get on board the truth side of what is developing and yet to come. Stop with these spin artists that cloak you with a mantle of deceit and corruption. Stop your fake news machine that creates dishonor among your mob of journalists and what you report to this Nation. There is still time.

  7. Thunder says:

    Mueller never interviewed Natalia Veselnitskaya.. the only actual Russian that interacted with team Trump! Simpson met with her before and after Don Jr's meeting. She was let into the country on a special visa by Rice. Veselnitskaya has visited the White House… she has more Democratic connections. Hmmmm….. THAT's why Mueller wanted nothing to do with her.

  8. zama202 says:

    The Whistleblower Must Testify Before the Senate and Answer All Questions

  9. Clash Daniels says:

    It's not the Steele dossier… it's the Glen Simpson dossier

  10. Robert Pratt says:

    And as an x Rabbit Hunter we would shoot Rabbits before they could race back into their holes and that's or in the Rump circles you run them over with the Bus and then back up over them again and again !

  11. mcambl61 says:

    What a load of nonsense. Nothing has been proven in the dossier. And chuckie agrees with the democratic party and this bs

  12. BigWasabi says:

    Why is Steele not part of this “ FASCINATING “ segment ?Adding “ spicy “ and “hot” info to this stew ?

  13. daryl H says:

    Nunes is a Traitor !!! … IMPEACH !!!

  14. Kazuyo Leue says:

    Is the pee pee tape confirmed?

  15. DR Dubois says:

    Russia does have dirt on Agolf Twittler… all the receipts from the money they funneled through him.

  16. Dav Bain says:

    These guys are lying.

    • The Washington Free Beacon / Bill Kristal are on the record. Hired GPS to do Trump oppo research but canceled their contract with GPS before GPS hired Steele.

    • According to a Vanity Fair interview with Steele, Simpson was referred to Steele by someone in the government. Most likely DASS Johnathan Winer, since admitted Steele and he are close friends.

    • GPS wasn't funded by some private entity, they were funded by HFA & DNC through a cut out, Perkins Coi law firm. Remind all – per Donna Brazile – HFA took over DNC finances in late Fall 2015.

    • Dan Jones – what a story.
    • Worked for Fienstien & Warner on SSIC.
    • Left SSIC in December 2016 and formed non-profit Penn Quarter Group.
    • Penn Quarter Group was founded to help corroborate the Dossier. Some how, non name Dan Jones raised $25 million.

    Dan Jones – McClatchy News
    • Dec 2018 – McClatchy reported – Cell signal puts Cohen outside Prague around time of purported Russian meeting – people with knowledge of the matter say.
    • Mueller's office, the first and only time during the investigation rebuffed a news story with a statement – Michael Cohen was not in the Czech Republic months before the 2016 election as reported.
    • April 2019 it was found out Dan Jones was McClatchy's source behind that fake news report.

    Glenn Simpson
    • May 2018 – Sen Grassley criminally referred Simpson for perjury.
    • Oct 2018 – Simpson pleaded the 5th during his closed door testimony.

    These guys are still working for the Left trying to undermine Trump 2020.

  17. Bill Katakis says:

    Most of the Steele Dossier is/was verified to be true. Nobody can doubt that Trump does treason for money and to subvert U.S. elections. So many paid Russians posting today. How's the borscht ,, you could mix that with some nice haggis, UK won't mind if you steal some. So he has given Putin everything he wants, putting our troops and our national interests in peril. So Steele's dossier sounds accurate. Imagine the corruption he's engaged in with other countries. Remember the republican senators who fail to convict Trump. They will be a list of traitors.

  18. Desperado5501 says:


  19. Desperado5501 says:


  20. Veritas Vincit says:

    Liers selling books lol. Everyone has a book …

  21. Debbie says:

    Tell us about the pee pee tape!!

  22. Steven Wiederholt says:

    how can you tell they are lying? The first thing to look for is moving lips.

  23. 1ronin says:

    The Hillary campaign received dirt on a political rival from a foreign government. Isn't this what the impeachment hearings are concerning?

  24. Linda Smith says:

    It’s a Putin Rabbit Hole

  25. zakstone123 says:

    The hero true Brit faces the molesters friend…no contest!!!!!! Jordon ha ha loser and another sicko heading for the jail!!!!

  26. Jean GALARNEAU says:


  27. John Barbie says:

    Peter Fritsch called the Steele Dossier "one of the most important documents in political history…" Chuck Todd's response: ? Reminder; a Republican funded opportunity research until Trump won the primary. Irrelevant, Chuck! The criminal activity started at that point. If the criminal activity is what they think makes the Dossier important, I'm on that boat.

  28. John Anderson says:

    I love the book scam write a book someone buys a million books you get paid and no one knows what you got paid for they think they're so smart

  29. Rick Smith says:

    After 7 years on OAK ISLAND they found pieces of the Steal dossier , Trump Ukraine server ,the Zodic Killer, Jimmy Hoffa, Trumps bone spurs , Cancer Windmills, Colorado Wall and every REP. rabbit hole

  30. Naomi Ogle says:

    Fiona Hill testified that the dossier is filled with Russian disinformation. So much for Christopher Steele's expertise.

  31. Naomi Ogle says:

    Glenn Simpson is a Russian spy.

  32. jrainmaker19 says:

    Lolzzzz…. Framing the narrative in full view

  33. rup pert says:

    WHAT a bunch of vile vile THUGS on damage control. These two should be executed for treason.

  34. Hysterical Vines says:

    You heard them ladies & gentleman they said they wasnt there to dig up dirt on trump, it was simply just a scratch test to see if he was fit to be president so case closed, nothing to see here. Hillary paying for the dossier was just another day in the office. Trump should of told zelensky to scratch test old stuttering joe to see if he was fit to be president and we wouldnt be in this impeachment mess because according to these guys thats perfectly fine and acceptable to do

  35. rup pert says:

    Even making a threat against Guiliani. Oeffff these guys are vile thugs. People should watch George Webb on this subject and many others.

  36. Hysterical Vines says:

    The guy that spent his life dedicated to taking down corruption, the mafia, all of a sudden decided that hey let me try being the corrupt one for once that goes around spreading lies.. Yup that sounds Giuliani alright

  37. Roopa Subramani says:

    When a know nothing of the likes of Donald Trump Jr can write a book,I see why these guys can't do it? At least they look and sound credible compared to the LIAR-IN-CHIEF and his totally corrupt WH admin and the thuggish GOP who are thriving on spinning their absolutely baseless conspiracy theories:( But thankfully most majority of the American people are smart enough to realize this and the outcome of the election next year might prove just that:)

  38. Anthony Burton says:

    Hope they throw him in with Bubba after his trial. Bubba can't pick up that soap by himself.

  39. No Way, Jose !!! says:


  40. me me says:

    100% or near there of trump supporters dont even know what the Steele Dossier even is, or what it is about. All they hear is Secret server, 20,000 emails, Ukraine
    They refuse to hear evidence or truth.

  41. Jay_J Jacobsen says:

    amazing how the comments below are all awakened! Deep State….here's a sign for you…'ve lost

  42. Rick McCargar says:

    These guys are part of the coup and they all belong in prison, including propagandist Todd…imho. Personally, I hope they hang after their trials. Would not want to be them wandering the streets of America with everyone knowing they pushed a coup against a president. Not difficult to imagine they'll never be safe.

  43. Logical Conservative says:

    What do you mean Steele spent time "going through" the dossier? I thought he wrote it? Uh oh. You messed up! You wrote it, and then you stamped his name onto it because he was a "credible" already vetted source, to launder it through the FBI and CIA.

  44. Logical Conservative says:

    The democracy integrity project is a Soros backed group. These are Soros goons. This is Hydra.

  45. joe g says:

    The ratio gives credence to the fact that Americans are waking up to the political nonsense. Mika Brzezinski said it was their job was to "control exactly what you think." This is what they really believe. This is why they are failing. What they tell us and what we see are two very different things.

  46. ian herbert says:

    ask whether they met with schiffty?

  47. chip63us says:

    Hey traitor chuck toad, why did Glenn Simpson hire Nellie or?
    Why did Simpson lie,
    Another attempt by FAKE NEWS to get in front of the ig report,
    Chuck Todd treason and sedation if guilty, your neck will snap nicely, better REPENT traitor chuck todd.

  48. Marcus Darby says:

    But Donald can't look into any kind of corruption dealing with Joe Biden…. So basically all you have to do is get a non-profit to dig up dirt and it's legal

  49. Frank Staheli says:

    There was nothing of substance here. Simply a bunch of accusations that Trump is bad person and we're still out to get him. 😢

  50. Robert Wilson says:

    As usual no tuff questions. Like why did u plead the fifth.

  51. how bow says:

    Lie after lie after lie after lie after lie, typical Communist Democrats, all three.

  52. iridefast1 says:

    Chuck Todd and a handful of other so called reporters have destroyed the Democrat Party.

  53. E Clouston says:

    Please understand….Mr. Steel is a world class pro….they could make a bond film out of his life. The guy was almost killed twice by Russian security services while working as a MI-6 agent in Russia. If your the big desk in MI-6’s is the Russian desk. You ain’t small potatoes. Trust me, next to the Mossad…British intel is the best.

  54. Red Neckle says:

    Meet the liberal Morons

  55. Maggie Donald says:

    I do believe Devin Nunes mentioned "naked pictures" of trump repeatedly. Creepy.

  56. Quentin Garnes says:

    Chuck you should ask follow up questions

  57. Quentin Garnes says:

    Trump is a Russian agent and the Republicans are assets

  58. littlewingmyoho says:

    I am thankful for you both and your team …….Christopher is a patriot and you as well sir ❤

  59. James K. Boyle says:

    Your talking about two different things. Typical back ground checks are one thing but what Hillary did regarding a no holds approach get something at all costs with using gov resources in ohr, ohr wife and authorizing a ex fired spy in steele and then covering up all the information to craft a FAKE DOSSIER and media leak it (while hiding Hillarys paid for dirt scheme) and then using gov resources again to spy on a presidential campaign for fake fisa warrants is some how acceptable to you is radical wing bat nuts!

    The two are completely diffrrent!


  60. Innerprince says:

    Do you notice: The Reps promote Dr. Hill‘s statement about the Steel dossier but when she talks about that it was Russia and not Ukraine meddling with the 2016 US Election they reject that.

  61. TheDrRJP says:

    Hey, Glenn. Your wife said that you were responsible for writing the bulk of the dossier to which you attached Steele's name for credibility purposes. You and Fritsch claimed that Steele was the expert on Russia. Funny how Steele mentioned to Kathleen Kavilec of the State Department that he got some of his information from the Russian embassy in Miami when there is no Russian embassy in Miami.

    Simpson and Fritsch are lying POS's. Giuliani is exposing these goons for the traitors they really are.

    Here's what Simpson, Fusion GPS and Democrat donors are REALLY doing [This is a must read: "Trump-Russia 2.0: Dossier-Tied Firm Pitching Journalists Daily on 'Collusion"].

    Key Democratic operatives and private investigators who tried to derail Donald Trump’s campaign by claiming he was a tool of the Kremlin have rebooted their operation since his election with a multimillion-dollar stealth campaign to persuade major media outlets and lawmakers that the president should be impeached.
    The effort has successfully placed a series of questionable stories alleging secret back channels and meetings between Trump associates and Russian spies, while influencing related investigations and reports from Congress.

    The operation’s nerve center is a Washington-based nonprofit called The Democracy Integrity Project, or TDIP. Among other activities, it pumps out daily “research” briefings to prominent Washington journalists, as well as congressional staffers, to keep the Russia “collusion” narrative alive.

    TDIP is led by Daniel J. Jones, a former FBI investigator, Clinton administration volunteer and top staffer to California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It employs the key opposition-research figures behind the salacious and unverified dossier: Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and ex-British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Its financial backers include the actor/director Rob Reiner and billionaire activist George Soros.

    The project’s work has been largely shrouded in mystery. But a months-long examination by RealClearInvestigations, drawn from documents and more than a dozen interviews, found that the organization is running an elaborate media-influence operation that includes driving and shaping daily coverage of the Russia collusion theory, as well as pushing stories about Trump in the national media that attempt to tie the president or his associates to the Kremlin.

    The group also feeds information to FBI and congressional investigators, and then tells reporters that authorities are investigating those leads. The tactic adds credibility to TDIP’s pitches, luring big media outlets to bite on stories. It mirrors the strategy federal authorities themselves deployed to secure FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign: citing published news reports of investigative details their informants had leaked to the media to bolster their wiretap requests.

  62. Alain Abrahan says:

    This is amazing, and the American people is getting lied by all this clowns Americans wake up this guys wants to screw up American.

  63. ColoradoHiker7002 says:

    100% BS. The dossier claimed a multi million dollar bribe to Page. Proven false. Said he met in Prague for nefarious stuff… his passport shows he has never been in the country. He told State dept about meetings at the Russian consulant in Miami…. there isn't one there. The whole dossier is pure garbage and Todd won't call them on it. And the TDIP that is funding their "investigation" (ALL about Trump) is funded by Rob Reiner and guess who else…. George Soros. The whole existence of TDIP is about looking for dirt on Trump.

  64. Jim Porter says:

    Lots of trolls and disinformation in this feedback space. Actually much of the Dossier has proven to be true; and almost none of it has been proven false. This is why the republicans, the Russian sympathizers, and the Russian trolls and bots are so active in this comments section!

  65. Bill E says:

    These guys are scum and racketeers. They take money from the Democratic Party go to Russia and Ukraine to dig up dirt on Trump then act like they are on higher ground.

  66. Dav A says:

    These guys are really interesting. Funny that the republicans are upset with the findings of Fusion GPS when it was the republican election campaign who funded them to begin with.

  67. mcambl61 says:

    if you ever were obtuse enough to think that chuck, like most of the media is not in lock step with the DNC, this proves it. WAKE UP

  68. mcambl61 says:

    and yet Mueller did not know what FUSION GPS was…..if you believe that, sorry for you

  69. Michael B says:

    So Republicans, not democrats, funded the Steele dossier… And yet they lie constantly that is was a Dem initiative… The GOP lies are incredulous and know no bound.

  70. Michael B says:

    #IMPEACH #TraitorTrump

  71. slobnoxious says:

    Remember when this Simpson guy pled the 5th when he testified before Congress?
    I do.

  72. Turbo Jones says:

    What is Fusion GPS so scared about!?!

  73. JD York says:

    These are 2 people that need to be charged with Sedition and Treason by John Durham. Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby are the authors of the Steele Dossier and their book is a pack of lies designed to keep them out of prison.

    Things Chuck Todd failed to ask these 2 criminals:
    1. Why did they hire DOJ Lawyer, Bruce Orr's Wife, Nellie Orr to work for them.
    2. Why did Glenn Simpson lie to the House Intelligence Committee when Devin Nunes was the Chair?
    3. Why did Glenn Simpson invoke the Fifth Amendment by refusing to testify to the House Judiciary Committee?

  74. just-jenn says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies you can read Steeles testimony from the UK prosecution of him.

  75. Sea Eagle says:

    DISGUSTING Fake News. Become honest.or collapse

  76. Mike Key says:

    These cretins worked with British intelligence to mess with our 2016 election. There future is jail.

  77. Alex Phillips says:


  78. Alex Phillips says:


  79. John Reed says:

    OMG the OMB!!!!!! Trumps incompetence shines through this whole affair. Much like his failed businesses his presidency is a failure

  80. Naomi Ogle says:

    Glenn Simpson has already taken the fifth over the Russia collusion hoax he helped to create.

  81. Tre Brah says:

    Simpson wrote the dossier – hired by Soros group. Steele is a fraud and used the same characters as he did in his goofy FIFA – FBI op. These people are freaking sick

  82. Naomi Ogle says:

    Glenn Simpson worked to lift the sanctions on the Russians at the same time he was gathering Russian dirt for Hillary Clinton. Glenn Simpson is a Russian mole.

  83. Ellen Kortman says:

    He asked the right question:
    *Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump would be capable of asking a foreign power to help him with his election campaign?

  84. Josh Gorman says:

    And right now Putin is sitting on a Ukrainian beach drinking a vodka on the rocks while he watches the pigs slop in the mud

  85. NOVA RACER says:


  86. Thomas says:

    Someone should have told these guys they have the right to remain silent.

  87. Chairita Harrell says:

    Republicans are true crooks

  88. Golden Empress says:

    Rabbit hole
    Funny poles
    These guys were moles.

  89. Naomi Ogle says:

    Glenn Simpson disseminated Russian disinformation to US inteligence agencies. Glenn Simpson is a Russian mole.

  90. Kevin NYC says:

    they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you they are lying to you

  91. steven holoubek says:

    Cedar Republicans don't want to admit that day paid for the dossier first they ordered the investigation on Donald Trump to be looked into now they want to blame it all on the Republicans and Hillary the Steele dossier has founded there is fact in it that's why the Republicans are blaming the Democrats and Hillary Clinton

  92. arti says:

    Notice how the republicans and Trump refuse to speak under oath about any of their accusations. I hope Fusion sues the pants off of Fox News for maligning his name with lies. Let Hannity, Rudy, Trump and Nunes speak under oath, but they won't cause they know they are lying and don't want to be brought up on perjury charges.

  93. mrdfac says:

    I am currently reading this book. I highly recommend this book.

  94. Venus Love Factor says:

    The media is complicit in these Democrat manipulations. FISA ABUSE!!!

  95. Kyle Sheeks says:

    Ask these guys about Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Derwick. They have a lot in common with Rudy Ghouliani. Only difference is that these guys will do opposition research for anyone while Rudy only works for people whos interests align with Trump and his Republican lackeys. Alek Boyd was doing journalistic work to expose corruption in the Venezuelan oil and gas sector and these guys were hired to smear and intimidate him. Now Betancourt Lopez has retained Rudy to argue on his behalf to the justice department in regards to billions of dollars that was stolen from the Venezuelan economy.

  96. Walter Heisenberg says:

    Chuck Todd is the swamp. He's a despicable rat.

  97. Walter Heisenberg says:

    More lies supported by the fake news.

  98. Walter Heisenberg says:

    Chuck Todd supports this kind of scum.

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