[FULL] Audio Book: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin read by Jesse L. Martin


The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin Narrated by Jesse Martin For James James, Luke James God gave no more rainbow sighs no more water

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100 thoughts on “[FULL] Audio Book: The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin read by Jesse L. Martin”

  1. Anne Mander says:

    Stunning. Prescient. Baldwin.

  2. Mauricio Forero says:

    I read it and loved it, but this has been also an awesome experience. Thank you for sharing.

  3. jamal Ismail says:

    what a genius period!!

  4. Duvious says:

    Long after we are all dead and gone these words will STILL be read and spoken

  5. 14TH10LC says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this.

  6. ReerBaadia says:

    the beauty of youtube. on rare occasions it brings me nuggets of gold. thank you for uploading this. I've been listening to it on my commutes.

  7. healinglisa says:

    Superb to listen to.  He was an idealist as well as a realist.  So full of wisdom and hope.

  8. Emilio Kitt says:

    56:04 bm

  9. Th3Psycho87 says:

    wow, thanks =)

  10. Patricia Graham says:

    if I could put this on speaker and blast it to all the men in my community for them to know how powerful they can truly be..

  11. It's Me, Abi says:

    BM 22:01

  12. It's Me, Abi says:

    BM 25:25

  13. It's Me, Abi says:

    BM 34:50

  14. It's Me, Abi says:

    BM 47:40

  15. It's Me, Abi says:

    BM 50:22

  16. Drell johnson says:

    BM 1:29

  17. Arthro92 says:


  18. Luis & Julia Torres says:

    "And it had been designed for the same purpose–namely, the sanctification of power."

  19. Beti A. says:

    what an interesting stream of consciousness.

  20. New-Age-African-Intellectuals Atheists & Theists says:

    Now, I understand his philosophy.

  21. winluv winluv says:


  22. Wish I were witty says:


  23. MsDee's Perspective says:

    Bookmark 06:05–08:50

  24. Jevaughn Ricketts says:

    Where does the Letter from a region in my mind begins?

  25. KamomilePea says:

    Down at the Cross starts at 12:00.

  26. evelyn mendieta says:

    12:17:Letter From A Region In My Mind

  27. Gustavo Mezcala says:

    Beautifully put.

  28. 37Dionysos says:

    THANKS. 9:20—"Try to imagine how you would feel if you woke up one morning to find the sun shining, and all the stars aflame." 1:59:15—"We are controlled here [in the US] by our confusion. Far more than we know. And the American Dream has therefore become something much more closely resembling a nightmare, on the private, domestic, and international levels." Just listen on from here as you look around today—54 goddam years ago.

  29. Saraqa'al Yahudah says:

    Bookmark 58:41–59:13. Very powerful words that speaks to the hopelessness one feels once they realize that the doctrine of Christianity was not and will not bring one peace.

  30. Aries One says:


  31. Mireya Diaz-Granados, Jr. says:


  32. Stephanie Crosby says:

    33 who dislike need to be smack 🙁

  33. Stefani do Nascimento says:


  34. ERIC Anderson says:

    Wise words extremely well read , thank you .

  35. Tgood Marshall says:

    RIP Black God.

  36. holtmankid says:

    54:18 BM

  37. Ty Johnson says:

    "The limits of your ambition were, thus, expected to be set forever. You were born into a society which spelled out with brutal clarity and, in as many ways as possible, that you were a worthless human being. You were not expected to aspire to excellence, you were expected to make peace with mediocrity." Wow. Just wow.

  38. Kal OReilly says:

    Page 23 is at 23:28

  39. Kal OReilly says:

    Page 47 is at 59:13
    Sorry im adding all these time stamps its just helpful to me

  40. Sam Marsh says:

    45:11 bookmark

  41. aminkhalil says:

    taking notes

  42. Eleana Gonzalez says:

    23:25 bookmark

  43. 11ooDGKoo11 says:


  44. Martin Clemente says:

    BM 1:49:22

  45. Martin Clemente says:

    BM 2:16:07

  46. Meeteelah Purmah says:


  47. Betsy Bartle says:

    Down at the Cross 12:03

  48. Joshua Beckett says:

    Thank you for this

  49. No Boundaries Podcast says:

    BM 37:18

  50. solodiamante Forever says:


  51. Darell Davie says:

    I Love You Man.

  52. Jacky Arenas says:

    Bookmark 2:22:00

  53. Max Goof says:


  54. Champion Up® says:

    Powerful! It is no wonder why he and Maya Angelou were such great friends.


    rev 1 v 12 to 14

  56. Norrin Radd says:

    God is not black or white….he is not brown or yellow…he is supreme and we in our limited view to oppress or revenge or control or be controlled look up to him with the hope to get the reward we want or think we deserve and hope our enemies will be crushed by his heel…and he better not be a he if a she says otherwise…..we are so limited and think we invented love and god and yet we own our hate .

  57. Norrin Radd says:

    at 1 hour and 27 minutes you see the same ignorance that Catholicism had created and spread like an ignorant virus…well done Allah and Zeus's children of Rome are no different. at 1 hour 39 minutes i see the current plan of destruction and all for Allah and his promise to blacks and muslims….fools…you do not own God and he is not your gun,to thinks so is to purchase the future hit from an all consuming Hit man.

  58. siben gerard says:

    This book is a masterpiece…..a testament to the fact that Baldwin isn't just a writer, but a true artist.

  59. Chi Hyun Ahn says:

    BM: 1:27:04
    Book: PG 81 "To as prehistoric…:

  60. Mercutio Goins says:

    Brilliant mind!

  61. Elle Bee says:

    Lord knows I've been needing the benefits of 'The Man's' mighty pen! #giftedToday #blessingsOnblessings

  62. Fikile Madi says:

    AMANDLA! POWER! loved it, skillful, deep, great, lovely, enduring, and still relevant to this very second!

  63. nanahlilbabe says:

    Wow what a beautiful book it speaks to the soul in volumes!

  64. Thane Campbell says:

    I love this book. I love it's fascination with depth, deeper than skin-deep, as a new social foundation. Baldwin is not interested in the elevation of any race over another:

    "The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line, a fearful and delicate problem, which compromises when it does not corrupt all the American efforts to build a better world here, there or anywhere." He does not want to "see again the consolidation of peoples on the basis of their color" – so he opposes the effort to colour God.

    Presently, although I will keep reading, I can't see that Baldwin takes issue with Christianity as much as hypocrisy. It is uncanny how, in the spirit of Christ, Baldwin calls out hypocrisy among the "religious elite" of Christianity and Islam. In fact, the bible endorses the notion of a God which cannot be limited by skin colour, gender, personality type or any of our body-mind features. A God who cannot be limited by our misrepresentations and teaches us to reject hypocrisy. The sacrificial love of a good parent may be our most accessible name for God, revealed in the flogging and crucifixion of Christ. The creator is much more than the creature. Isaiah 55:9, psalms 103:11

    You lost me for a minute talking about Jesus, bronze and wool because we don't know Jesus' hair or skin color from the bible. You're referring to Revelations 1:9-20 but these verses self-clarify as a description of a body mingled with the elements and superhuman in its power. ( Here's a short summary that speaks directly to your point : )

    I hope it's not necessary or preferable that God be black like me or white like me, or moral to my limit – can I mature without contrast? who died and made me (the one who defines) God? And I'm not pretending it's easy to know God but He put forward His own ideas far more eloquently and intricately than we practise them. He says how much He loves us, and defines "He", "loves" and "us" with insurmountable passion – that's the bible's journey.

  65. Stuart M. says:

    I was only five years old when these words were written. I wish I had found James Baldwin sooner. I was very impressed with Ta Nehisi Coates and I first heard about James Baldwin from his lips. I am so impressed with the mind and the words of this man. When I was young, I was told by my parents that Martin Luther King was a bad man. When the Blacks rioted, I was told they were bad people. I dutifully became a Republican in the 1970s and Ronald Reagan was the first candidate I voted for when I could. Blacks were lazy and just needed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps… Well, after the Economic Collapse of 2008, which completed overturned my White privileged world, I voted for Barak Obama. The Republicans descended into a morass of racist opposition to every Obama initiative. And then 2016. A demographic analysis of our Groper-in-Chief's voters reveals that only African Americans clearly saw the menace, only 8% voting for him. I have joined the NAACP.

  66. tiffany espinoza says:

    Does anyone know where the second part of the book starts on page 47

  67. Romario Simpson says:


  68. acajudi100 says:

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  69. Mary Battle says:

    One day the words of James Baldwin will come to the big screen. I can see Dave Chappelle playing James so eloquently!

  70. Server Tavares says:

    This was EXCELLENT, Jessie L. Martin did a GREAT job of reading the BRILLIANT words of James Baldwin!! Thanks for posting this, keep SHININ', Word!!

  71. ABC D says:

    Thank you so much

  72. A Cactus says:

    bookmark 1:26:04

  73. Charles King says:

    Required reading, required viewing.

  74. Sukriya Eubanks says:

    What a great time it is to be on the planet at this time,, all the heroes who left us with such blue prints to beak the spell that’s been put in the mind….. James Baldwin is one of my many fathers who continue to keep me growing by observing the self… As black history approach, I can see why it’s important to observe every year and every day!

  75. Hope Johnson says:


  76. NoraBeeCool says:


  77. Urban Soul says:

    If you pay attention to the last page it is what we are in the moment of right now with drama trump in the White House, white nationalist, police brutality and more. if you have to please go back and read that last page, 119 120.

  78. alecia campbell says:

    Fear MUST be face

  79. Dedra Hashim says:

    I really enjoyed this audio reading.

  80. Sherlynn Harris says:

    I have no words! I only have emotions and a few tears at this moment. Thank you, Jesse L. Martin! I have been greatly enriched by your interpretation of this great human being's expressions on the meaning of our life cycles and our human experiences. From two hours in, until the end of the video, was one of the most deeply moving metaphysical discussions on the meaning of life I've ever encountered!

  81. Tasha O'hara says:

    James Baldwin was before his time I wish he were here to see he was perfectly exact in his analogy of White people & Black people who are mind fucked by White people . We were emasculated stripped of everything by evil White people who still have the same DNA as their ancestor therefore still capable of the heinous atrocities they committed against Black & Native American people. Punishment is yet to be seen for them & if God is who he says he is he will punish them for their hate. They display the same evil look at the Trumpanzee Trumptards !!!

  82. nazrite0721 says:

    Amazing! Pure unadulterated genius!

  83. Katie Fernandez says:


  84. Maurice says:

    Only listened to a small portion of this as it's the next book on my list. Amazing.

  85. Midnight Cat says:

    This is so powerful & had me crying. I wish i was given the opportunity to read this in school. The more i learn about American History & colonization, i can’t go back to seeing things how i used to. Everyday human interaction has completely changed. It makes me sad, angry, & at times, feeling hopeless about our current western society. Much 💗

  86. Richard Richardson says:

    He is so amazing

  87. Maarku Amun says:

    A story told with truth.

  88. Den ao says:

    1:06:05 bookmark

  89. Michael Jackson says:

    Mr. Martin, thank you for speaking the written word😔🙂

  90. acajudi100 says:

  91. R.G.PReal says:


  92. R.G.PReal says:


  93. R.G.PReal says:


  94. Katie Fernandez says:


  95. Zara Huq says:

    The 76 ppl that disliked need to be smacked 🙂

  96. Zara Huq says:

    Bookmark 38:04

  97. R.G.PReal says:


  98. Shelley Tween says:

    I can only feel gratitude hearing James Baldwin come to life through Jesse Martin's reading. Baldwin is what intellect is supposed to sound like. His writing is a master class in passion, philosophy, and political and cultural analyses. Every high school student in the U.S. should be studying Baldwin.

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