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Welcome back to another scary just in time for Halloween right around the corner. I’m your host Fox, and today’s book is actually quite chilling for the age group. “Skeleton Man” is a story about Molly whose life is suddenly a parallel for an old Native American tale she was told by her family. The tale says that there was a man who ate himself after finding his own flesh delicious. Then when his family came home one by one he ate them all, until his niece outsmarted him with the help of a rabbit whose life she saved. Molly’s parents disappear one night, and she’s now under the care of a mysterious and creepy man claiming to be her uncle. He locks her in her room every night, and seems to be drugging her food. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s having strange dreams about the Skeleton Man and a rabbit who says he wants to help her. Molly knows she’s the only one who can save her parents and herself so she stays under this man’s roof, all while trying to figure things out. This is a great book for kids, one that adults will really enjoy reading to them, too. It’s suspenseful, frightening, and you know it’s good when R. L. Stine— the guy behind the “Goosebump” series—praises it. It’s also good to see a horror tale drawn from sources outside of the european norms like vampires. Not to mention an actual Native American heroine. Joseph Bruchac wrote a great book, and I highly recommend it. This one is definitely a step up on the scary scale from last week’s book. Alright, next review isn’t actually about a horror book. In fact, it’s about the Day of the Dead. We’ll be looking at “The Dead Family Díaz”. Until we meet again. If you’re looking for more Native American representation, Bruchac has also written a sequel to “Skeleton Man”, and another children’s book based around Native American folklore called “Whisper in the Dark”. Both sound just as chilling as this one.

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