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Free Kindle Book Templates Kindle would template okay now what I’m doing hands-on showing the and for felines and the page breaks and if you come here kick on I get rid of that you can see that’s
what it looks like without bangs okay but and the reason run ninth 10 own is because then you can see where your
page breaks on ok and that’s really important you
needs to specify when you particularly want page and the end of the page to come and a new
page to come and that’s because and people read Kindle books are various
devices and therefore the size of the page is really up to the person who’s reading
it they can make it bigger than to make it smaller and so you can’t rely on a natural page break to occur you’ve actually got
to put one in so that’s backs work these on you can
see it very easy when you and click back button then okay so if you got your title he and K and sup title if you need one then you
also this name putting a copy right now with the year
in which she published sure Kindle book she doing it for business
purposes we’ve got a website you right people to visit them cut that
website that and if you want to hyperlink then hi night whatever you want to hyperlink and click
on and set up here and then hyperlink K and when you click that you can then adding your hyperlink URL whichever that might be in there okay and then click on okay and then it
becomes hunt Caywood oxy right copper words ok text okay so that’s the truth paychecks even go to
page break and we’ve got introduction introduction before the
table of contents just because Kindle allow you to looking stride the Kindle books and therefore if you
only put a table of contents that might be the only thing that people see if you could an introduction percent
that’s what this safest not rights problem and to purchase your Kindle book
K and you can now it right about here you’ll see that is heading 1 K and heading one is is I made it a real and Fontaine 18 case that’s heading 1 every time you do a headache and KH you high night that and you click on beheading sorry you
want I’m already done for you cake Nancy their text is no will text okay that’s what Kindle publishing recommend they say
don’t trying to justify it or anything I’m not
just leave it as the default normal tax and and a real size 12 i think is a
nice some rice case n third democrat the
table contents here K now to putting a table of contents and we’re using this but here okay what I’ve done is online and only make this said that the heading 1 is showing no the subheading so there’s
a reason for that if we can hear tell you the reason make it doctored or the and the template so you know what i’m talking about.
return of patient because they ran a game because it depends on where the
device is asking know how many ages it’s gonna be going
to use hyperlinks people could click on your table of
contents in Goshen each the actual heading horcher said you’re
talking about now you can see I’m showing three levels
here but and I’ve actually changed it only showed one can you say I’m any
showing heading one chapter if I wanted to show subheadings and
other subheading 3 I would use this down here nomination one if you’ve got a loan but
would like two chapters then just show the mange headings otherwise
it gets too busy on your table of contents and if you got a relatively short but
then you know you might want to show the
subheading churches like any changes you make here you would go okay it says she want to replace the selected
take your current yes and then that would be updated and
you can see from the pic on here I’m good straight chapter heading one K so this would be a subheading and practicar home again you can see that
heading to yet track a clicker here and that’s
heading sorry case have done that for you and I think
I’ve done at ten chapters you then there’s a
little bit about it they will send out if you use wood doesn’t work with that office but if you
use word you want to put your image in here
you need to do it by clicking in search and then picturised okay if you can copy and paste it won’t
show it will be format it correctly must do it right inset and pictures okay and the also de mi mente Franklin
is to knock knock knock could write a little bit if you’re Brian
she and you couldn’t put a link to your also page your Kindle also page or you could put a
link to your blog if you were to if you’ve got some other
books and you couldn’t hear and the links to other can to perks
you’ve got and then to try to encourage people T v8 every few people don’t unless because of thing that people leave a
review if they don’t like most people would take if they do not
look they don’t they don’t bother because
they liked it so why right to review and it’s really frustrating when your own also you want people to re
write reviews you got a few that right them you know a
review that they enjoyed your book in a bright something specific that most people don’t so in fact not
having any reviews is a good sign because if you’ve got a
lot then either your book ace really bad and
people are hunting a bad review because they enjoy doing that lot maybe you’ve got a lot of followers
and me an you know being nice to you and you a
nice positive review but don’t worry too much about reviews just got a little problem getting here
to just come p cool and you know if a witch leave a review nap you’ll notice he act I click on then
go back to home you could see that I’ve done this
heading good K and that’s because I don’t work this
to show up in my table of contents s-works to: CA stands for okay it if you think about your table of
contents should feel chapters and can I ask a favor as a chapter in
your table of contents looks a bit old I think site done is a
heading to when show in a table of contents case that’s why it doesn’t matter awsome
right pp 383 sorry he leave a review whether
it’s good or bad yeah any reviews good because back
reviews remember that could as well because they have you
to improve and it and then you can add the link to
your and Kindle book but you need to rent is
published and then you have to go back in and edit nan aplenty going to your Kindle publishing page okay so that’s taxi
would template and saved as a doc d OC X and K see most up-to-date Fisher you now I’m also converted this to end
OpenOffice fish and we’ll look at that nature okay here St OpenOffice vision and 8 eighty over d key fault catch gain of ten turn this on so you can see me and ok the nines now with Open Office it doesn’t say page
break cooked as only she knew at to control
enter and you’re actually on a new page it
will be a new page specified and im case you don’t really need to way too
much it’s a sucky the same I’ve done that
these here and see that’s heading 1 K and its normal text table of contents exactly the same if you want to edit table of contents she would do a right
click or near max and goats adage okay or update here and so it’s it’s actually say British
its open offices state K yeah I had to juggle things little bit
with OpenOffice you’re going one to the other sent I’ve done this just in case you don’t
word Mac important thing with OpenOffice is
when you come to save it and upload it onto your Kindle
publishing site you cannot uploaded as and DT it must be a no days loaded as an HTML
and I’ll trial so let me show you how to do that
you would go final save ass and instead of saving is it LTTE with
click here go down and find the HTML now cute
actually save it as an HTML for save it if that meant
that is the format you then need to plant into your Kindle publishing can K so there is one other thing I want to
mention if a good time to hear will say about the also I’ve removed the
bit about the image and that’s because when you use up in office and you no date as an HTML
file images just don’t work they’re not
attached to the file and the same way as they are with a wood and TSC X finals so if you add an image you find that it
doesn’t appear and you end up with the gap and it doesn’t work okay so I just
remove them image it so that you don’t do it and it
doesn’t occur this so those the template hope you
enjoy them and it may cause you to right candles working to fix not quick

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15 thoughts on “Free Kindle Book Templates”

  1. ML Barlow says:

    Thank you for the template Kay!  I'm redoing my entire book following your template because my ebook looked pretty horrible on each of the Draft2Digital sample uploads.  Looked like a mishmosh of everything and nothing!  

    Can you help me understand the page break function?  I see that your template shows the paragraph markers which I'm understanding a little bit.  Do I need one or two of those "P" symbols after each paragraph?  What are the red ones?

    If there isn't any room at the bottom of each template page and it's okay if it flows naturally to the next page that's fine. 

    But what if my paragraph(s) really need(s) to end and start over with a brand new fresh paragraph?  Where do I insert the page break?  Your above video only shows paragraphs with plenty of room to insert breaks.  Can you guide me?

    Thanks Kay! 
    Mary Ann

  2. ML Barlow says:

    I don't know if this has happened to anyone…  I saved my fully-loaded re-do of my ebook using Kay's template.  When I downloaded it this morning to further edit — it downloaded the entire book that included text changes just as a word document without the four template boxes showing on each page. 

    Other that the fact that I still have more changes and will start at the beginning of my document — I'd probably be super-pissed!  Grrrrr!

    I've downloaded another template from here and would really like to know how I should save it without losing the template's formatting since I need to transfer everything into this new template again.

  3. Lo Lo says:

    Thanks for this! Best tutorial so far! I have a question, how would I insert my cover page into this template and do you have a tutorial on how to do that?

  4. ML Barlow says:

    Kay — I don't know why I'm having such a problem.  Each time I upload your template, work on it a bit, and save it — when I open it again the next day — the template and formatting are gone.  I have one long ebook of pages — not two on each page like yours.  Why can't I save your template as you formatted it?  It's easier for me to edit.

  5. Don Mingo says:

    Is thee any way to take my Word.doc book and convert it into your template?

  6. Dave A. says:

    Thanks for this tutorial Kay, it's very helpful. I have some questions for you if you get time. My first one is how do you add the link in the document to another place in the document. Like if I want to put a Foreword in the table of contents so that when I click on it it goes to the Foreword. That's not a hyperlink is it?

  7. Kay Franklin says:

    This is a reply to Dave A (sorry there was no reply button for me to reply properly!) To link to places within your document you would click on the hyper link icon but choose 'within document' rather than the default which is website.

    If the place you want to link to has a heading assigned to it (eg heading 1) then you will see it listed. It not then you will need to go to that place in your document and create a bookmark at that place. To do this put your cursor at that place and click on the hyperlink icon and then bookmark. Give it a name and then you can link to it.

  8. Leandro Souza says:

    Thank you Kay for your lovely good will. This is really handy!

  9. Ashik Satheesh says:

    Thank you 🙂

  10. Stephen J says:

    thank you Kay

  11. Ginger Monette says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful!

  12. Tracey-anne McCartney says:

    Wonderful, extremely helpful. Thank you.

  13. Danielle Tremblay says:

    Thank you SO much Kay! For taking the time and for sharing your knowledge so openly! Warm Regards, Danielle

  14. Andrew Jenery says:

    Really helpful, thanks! Sill question alert. If you have a front cover image which says what the book title is, should you also have a 'your title' page? Would I need both 😉

  15. The Bro says:

    Thanks Kay. Is there any problems using this with Word 2010?

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