Free Book Promotions – Insanely easy strategy to promoting your books for free

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In today’s video I’m going to teach you
about promotion site how to use them in order to get 3,000 book downloads with
little effort and why they work to make money even if your book is free sounds
too good to be true right yes it’s not actually so long as you know how to set
it up and which promotion sites to use so stay tuned and find out how you can
get the most out of free and paid book promotion websites and start wrapping up
your book marketing momentum immediately if you would like to learn more about
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that little guy over there now before we get into how to make the most out of a
book promotion site I want to take a second and actually tell you how they
work and why they do all that for free trust me this will help you in
understanding why we set it up the way we do as it stands most of these book
promotion sites have collected a giant list of emails or social media following
that are willing to read books well so most of them claim but that’s beside the
point all you have to do is submit your books information for the promotion and
they’ll blast it out to their so-called followers for free no really the most
of them won’t charge you they do this for free you know why because when they
do that they actually use an Amazon associate link they may be saying okay
it’s an associate link to a free book who makes money ah actually with an
Amazon associate link they make a percentage off anything someone buys
within 24 hours of clicking on that link on Amazon so imagine clicking that free
link and then buying a big-screen TV that’s not bad right
yep that’s how Amazon associate works don’t let that get you all riled up
these book promotion sites are basically free advertisement for you by getting
the clicks and downloads your book will become more popular by the minute and all you had to do was fill out a form it’s a
win-win situation so how do we take advantage of the strategy and get the
most bang for our buck or time well it’s all about three things the book
promotion sites you use structuring the market just right in the timing of your
book promotion let’s start with the book promotion sites some book promotions I
just plain suck they say they have thousands of readers but most of the
time they’re using a dead email list where people have no idea how they
actually ended up on it or they have one of those social media accounts where
they paid some company a couple hundred bucks to build it up to fifty thousand
Twitter followers yeah those companies really do exist and
I don’t need to tell you that those 50 thousand are not book buyers for readers
actually most of them are probably just fake robots so to access a list of best
promotion sites that actually do have followers and we’ll get some downloads
click my article right here from Kindlepreneur where I list the best promotion sites
there you’ll find some of the top in the industry and it will also lay out the
requirements they set in order to use them pretty ridiculous right now for the
second part its structuring your marketing right if you’re doing book
promotion sites just for the downloads or potential reviews then you’ll
probably be pretty disappointed the truth is book promotion sites have a
diminishing return on such an event that’s why there are some things that
you can do to help increase in actual ROI on any push such as include content
upgrades inside your book so that those who download it have the option to sign
up for your email list and get something else bonus to place your offer at the
beginning of your book and throughout your book so as to increase the chances
of them seeing it because let’s face it people who are downloading these books
for free usually don’t make it to the end actually I’ve got a lot of books
that I’ve done that too and I paid for them another idea is that if you have
other books on the market go ahead and list them inside back that way those
that download it and actually read your book happy ability to buy more
this is even more important if you have books in a series seriously push to get
that first book out there as much as possible if people ended up reading the
first book then they’ll be way more apt to buy that next couple of books to
finish the whole story I mean who can take one bite of the Snickers bar and
put it down right another trick that I like to do is turning my free content
upgrade into a free book on Amazon for those website owners out there you can
also take your email opt-in gift and turn it into a perma free book on Amazon
then using book promotion place you can get your opt-in book out there to
thousands of readers for free not even Facebook ads can get that sort of love
for free just remember to create an email often offer inside of it or talk
about your books programs or services as well you can make some pretty good sales
from it and finally the timing of your book promotion timing your promotion to
align with launches price changes and marketing efforts is super important and
would take a while to adequately explain in this video but don’t worry I’ve
created a separate video to go deep into this and you can find the link below in
the show notes but the general idea is that you want to do the following steps
one contact the promotion sites two weeks before your planned promotions the
times vary per site but a general rule of thumb is two weeks to start looking
number two before the promotion drop your price to free or $0.99 number three
once the promotion begins contact your readers or followers and let them know
it’s free or on sale I personally like to reach out to my followers and ask if
they haven’t gotten the book to do so now while it’s free and I’ll mark them
down when they do that way I can contact them a couple of days later and ask if
they drop the review it’s not being pushy or anything you know
icky salesy that’s what I’m giving a helpful reminder to those who like your
work or respect your profession number four once your promotion is over raise
your price back up to your normal price or higher and then
the popularity of the tide of your book I’ll explain that more in my scheduling
video but this is important to get yourself a nice little ROI you can ride
that wave some more book sales Bonus Tip after my promotion is over I then start
to do Facebook ads and Amazon marketing service ads known as AMS by doing this
it keeps my book and kind of the download momentum and keeps Amazon happy
with it so there you have it book promotion sites can help if done
right they aren’t an end-all and they don’t make you into a major money-making
author but when done in conjunction with other things it can be one more cog to
help you have a stronger and better marketing plan just make sure to do them
right so that you get the most out of it I’m Dave Chesson and I hope you enjoyed
this video if you have any questions or comments just go ahead and list them
below I’ll be there to check it and be able to help you out Cheers

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