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Welcome back to Queen Recensioni Fan Today I would like to review a book dedicated to freddie mercury that has a different style of storytelling on the books published so far, I’m talking about freddie mercury (HIS LIFE IN HIS OWN WORDS) This book is written by Greg Brooks (the archivist of the band) with Simon Lupton, it was published in 2006 (for English edition and in 2008 for the Italian edition). the introduction of the book is taken care of by the mother of our singer Jer Bulsara that is proud to have had freddie as her son and at the same time pleased that after many years after his death is still remembered for his music. For the drafting have been found of the interviews that Freddie has released during his lifetime all assembled to create a book that comes close to an autobiographical style, although Freddie actually never written a book himself. And ‘as if Freddie was sitting in a chair and we as journalists do the questions, something very unusual. In this book the singer talks about the band founding, the reason for choosing the name of the band as queen, their conception of the show that they had to move closer to a play a something that could happen to anyone was going to see them and to remain satisfied with the performance, its fears, growing as a person and as an artist, his relationship with the press, with his earnings, the various fights with the band according freddie useful to improve and implement more innovative album, also on the band’s singer says the queen had 4 different styles of composing music from one another. Freddie talks about the topic of AIDS, which is a bit strange, recalls his amusement at a young age and turns his thoughts to the young people of the time who had to play, but the same time pay attention to this terrible disease. My personal considerations I recommend you to read this book,a book that I recommend you read, in some passages is repetitive, it’s easy to read the same piece of an interview included in some previous chapter, and it is as simple as any of them because we heard the inteviews in some documentary that we saw. it all makes this book very interesting. this was my review about freddie mercury write your thoughts about his book in the youtube comments, if you liked the review puts a like, do not forget to like us on the facebook page and subscribe to the youtube channel of Queen Recensioni Fan, We’ll see you in the next video BYEEEEEE

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