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to tell you a little bit about Frankenstein, the next book
in the Berkeley Book Club Series. You probably already
know about Frankenstein, whether you’ve already read it or not. You’ve probably seen a
film or The Munsters, or you’ve eaten Frankenberry cereal. Frankenstein, in fact, has spawned
many, many cultural artifacts. We’ll be talking about that
and much more in the course. We’ll talk a little bit about the
life of Mary Shelley, about her ideas and inspiration for Frankenstein,
and of course, there will be a lot of lively
discussion about the book itself. Don’t be put off by reading an old book. It’s a classic. There’s a reason that
it stays as popular as it is and spawns so many ideas
in film, stage, and other stories. So join us for Frankenstein. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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