Former Obama Adviser: John Bolton Is ‘Motivated Above All By Profit’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


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100 thoughts on “Former Obama Adviser: John Bolton Is ‘Motivated Above All By Profit’ | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Jason Gilliam says:

    I’m shocked to hear this news…..🙄

  2. Jayson delamora says:

    2 words: propaganda Traitor

  3. Jason Reese says:

    LOL did anyone think democrats were loyal ? Wake up people ? Trump a failure ? His boss (Obama) was worse with economy, foreign policy, etc and Bolton never complained maybe he wasn't making enough money to complain???

  4. Priscilla Robb says:

    $$$ is more important and sacred than ones country.. Our country is getting looks like third world country. Corruption is on public sight.

  5. Pamela Wing says:

    I would not pay 2 cents to listen to him. I could not stand him when he was a Fox News darling and I can't stand him now. I WILL say that the White House will try to get as much of the book redacted as possible, and there will be truth in the book, but he truly is among the sleaze balls.

  6. Mark says:

    Why shouldn't he make money every one else does

  7. Jason Springer says:

    So he was just acting like he had some kind of testimony just to sell a book that came out the day the impeachment trial started? Who knew? Oh right, everyone but MSNBC

  8. Randall Franklin says:

    No failure was every past president sending billions to North Korea so they would not build nukes ..they in turn built nukes..

  9. Joey LaMack says:

    He's motivated to sell books lmfao!

  10. Chop Tank says:


  11. debbie mill says:

    No one should buy his book. He did care about the safety of this country. in order to sell a book.

  12. K Nazir Ingram says:

    And here's another swamp creature trump keeps digging up from the swamp he's draining. This one had the nerve to say he didn't want to be a martyr. Thankfully based on the other comments here "martyr" will likely not be how you are remembered. No need to paraphrase and steal from the other comments but the adjectives I feel fit his narrative.

  13. SinafterSin 13 says:

    Bolton might be giving the truth in his book, but what does it matter at this point? Just another example of a corrupt coward that Trump used as insulation.

  14. Miguel Chipres says:

    No one cares report on something relevant

  15. Nick Barone says:

    Duh , dude sold out his country for his book

  16. Gregg Hernandez says:

    Someone needs to upload this book when it comes out on a Torrent sight so everyone can get it for free, then these people need to give it to their friends, and so on and so on. I think what he did for profit is completely Un-American.

  17. NUNNA URBIZNEZ says:

    That's why he waited to offer testimony until he knew it would cause controversy.

  18. Jones Factor says:

    Suddenly he’s “former Obama advisor”.
    He’s a lifelong republican, hired by trump, fired by trump. Now he’s a throwback to the Obama years.
    These people are unbelievable, they think the public is as stupid as they are. Sadly, many are too ignorant and lazy to seek real facts.

  19. Debbie Carney says:

    What a disgrace he is, before all he didn't do , I was going to buy his book. Now I wouldn't read it if it was free

  20. lokiloki861 says:

    Bwhahaha Dems are screwed…. their choices are a social authoritarian in Bloomberg or a financial authoritarian in Bernie Sanders ….hahaha

  21. El Duderino says:

    If the media isn’t already flustered as is they’re really gonna loose it after the realization that they inevitably hyped his book into a bestseller aaaaaaaand….nothing else 🤷‍♂️

  22. Bob Smith says:

    Get a Playboy Channel Subscription Instead😂

  23. Casey Clark says:

    Lol, if our Government is just 100% totally corrupt, it's not because of Trump… This would have taken decades for something like that to get to where you think it is.

  24. Russ Henrie says:

    He’s a little man with little mans disease, sour grapes. He can take his dumass book and shove it.

  25. Jerome Lund says:

    Oprah's Book of the Month.

  26. Boyd Gilbreath says:

    Well, surprise, surprise! I've been reading this for weeks in the comments on youtube! Bolton's book is history. Who would bother? It's all out now. Bolton is another whom history will shine darkly upon.

  27. onelove says:

    Don lays down with dogs, the dogs wake up with fleas.

  28. huckle berry says:


  29. King Drop says:

    Let's go Trump 👑💪

  30. Shawn E. Hays says:

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  31. Matt C says:

    Lol and the Dems held him up as a Savior 🤣🤣

  32. Matt C says:

    Only Democrats will end up buying this book in order to find their next impeachment inquiry 😂😂😂

  33. Jeffrey Ferguson says:

    How Funny, all you people on here saying Don’t buy this book, Will be the first People to quote it if it has anything negative about Trump

  34. JJ Teacher says:

    I may read the book, but only when I can borrow it from the library.

    Or wait for the pundits shred it. Who says what will cover the highlights.

  35. diane Tackett says:

    Why don’t tell us what u did in the whole house u snake? U were in the middle of all of it. I hope they nd something on u

  36. Joe Esparza says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha! msnbc crying !

  37. Tommies Nuts says:

    " I'm a pout pout fish with a pout pout face, spreading the flip flops all over the place!"

  38. Ur2ez4me81 says:

    War monger walrus go away!

  39. ThrobbinHood says:

    0:08 – So? Are you do broadcasts for free or do you speak for pay? MOST of these former Washtington DC people get paid to talk.. Hillary included..

  40. George Krpan says:

    I thought from the headline that MSNBC was going to do some UN-FAKE news, wrong.

  41. Blizz Dog says:

    Bolton did a interview back in August saying the phone call was good now he got a book for sale 😆 and the house could of had him testify at any time but they refuse to pursue it

  42. Logan White says:

    Now he's a former Obama Adviser LOLOL. You guys try to rewrite history like the internet was never invented.

  43. Joe Esparza says:

    Fake news msnbc is in PURE PANIC , just like the rest of these evil people!

  44. ChristianMuscle says:

    Republican in name only

  45. unionjackess says:

    John Bolton is a traitor and history will show that. As far as the Republicans blocking him from testifying, that was the Democrats in the House who didn’t bother to follow the rules of impeachment. They didn’t want to spend the time to go to a judge to compel Bolton to testify.


  46. Slim Pickens says:

    My shock is that MSNBC isn't promoting Bolton's book. But they are actually going both ways – decrying Bolton's mercenary objectives while buying into his Trump opinionisms.

  47. Private Private says:

    It looks like most people in Washington DC is in it for the money. The tRumps use the White House as personal atm.

  48. kelly zillmer says:

    Huh – and all the Dems speaking for profit is not a problem? I don't care for any of them doing it because they simply are selling the office they held. It IS NOT theirs for sale. Those offices belong to the people. Any one of the creatures that hit the speaking circuit or go into lobbying etc all expose their true and treacherous characters. And these speaking heads claiming Bolten being profit driven is evidence that Trump is corrupt? More opinions being cast as evidence. Trump is as transparent as any President in my lifetime. Obama rarely gave press conferences much less speaking to the gaggles of reporters on a daily basis. Trump thinks out loud a lot. I think it is his way of poking the bear or his own opinion-polling. Whatever it is, of course his enemies cast it all to the negative.

  49. Godmirra says:

    Is there anyone in the Republican Party left with morals? Just some local low level bureaucrats I suppose.

  50. Joshua Poulin says:

    And Dems want him to testify? How is Bolton considered credible, in ANY sense? Double standards, kidz.

  51. Agnes Gruh says:

    Bolton made a huge marketing error by not stepping forward during the impeachment trial. Had he of stepped up then, people would have heard from him, the atrocities that we're going on and, that would have made them curious about what else there was to learn, hence going out and buying the book. As it is now, he just appears to be someone who failed to defend the constitution so he can make a buck.

  52. Dee Dee Winfrey says:

    I'm waiting for the book to end up at the thrift store, before I would read it. We all know the truth. TRAITOR

  53. Nick Mirth says:

    Wow! The MSM not buying Bolton's BS? Am I in the Twilight Zone?

  54. BiGYBz says:

    Yooooo wtf is he called Obama's former adviser!? That wasn't his last job! That wasn't even his last two jobs! What game you playin at MSNBC

  55. Danielle Everhart says:

    My family and I will be voting for Trump in 2020!😜

  56. Danielle Everhart says:

    My family and I will be voting for Trump in 2020!😜

  57. Danielle Everhart says:

    My family and I will be voting for Trump in 2020!😜

  58. Dominus Vobiscum says:

    You gotta love leftists suddenly liking conservatives that they’ve always hated just because that conservative now criticizes Trump.

  59. Mustang Dave says:

    MSNBS wont tell you, that the SAME FIB agent, that got caught trying to frame Trump…. Peter Strozk ….. was born in Iran, speaks fluent Farci …. And he was the one who actually did the Iran deal and also let HRC OFF THE HOOK for her classified information crimes… Oh yes, they won't tell you how many of these people are spies, derelict Marxists, turncoat traitors etc … I wonder why? Oh …. maybe they can just call it a "conspiracy theory" …. 😅😃😂😀🤣😃😅😂 🤔😐😑😒

  60. Jason W says:

    they sure saw a lot of that in Jim Commie's book as well. How much of HIS book is true? I have little faith that Bolton hits anything on the head. Vindman was a political hit job too, buddy. 😉

  61. Nimbus Nimbus says:

    Bolton says all this AFTER he was canned. His word means nothing. As far as I'm concerned N. Korea was a win. The war is officially over and the remains of the troops have been sent home. You leftist are a bunch of babies

  62. allen riley says:

    Too little too late, Bolton had ample time to be heard and he didn't, so whatever he has to offer is mute, he's all about the money, greed, money before country

  63. Dom Dubz says:

    Just a couple weeks ago the news was touting John Bolton around as if he was gonna be some hero to come testify. And now you’re back to claiming he’s evil.

  64. red drib says:

    It's funny 'cause, considering Trump supporters cannot — by default — read, we're the audience for that book. Personally, I wouldn't pay to go over Bolton's thoughts on things, sounds a lot like torture.

  65. Painkiller Jones says:

    So, he wrote a book of lies…..

  66. Peter Zelenkov says:

    Bolton, like everyone in the Trump administration are traitors to our democracy. All patriots should fight to protect our country from enemies; foreign and DOMESTIC!!!

  67. Karl Renner says:

    John Bolton's legacy can be summed up in 4 words;
    Selfish, greedy, war hawk.

  68. Andrew Matz says:

    That's what governments about

  69. william carter says:

    Shocking old white men and greed an what always follows the lack of guts and not shed of honor or integrity ..

  70. James Bates says:

    You had the chance to call him in the house trial..

  71. Catania Momma Italia says:

    Bolton is panhandling demonrats 🤣😂🤣😂😍

  72. James Childers says:

    Who cares

  73. The Forge says:

    Yeah, completely ignore that ANYONE can tell you what happened on the phone call.
    Cuz transcript, validated by House testimony.
    This false premise of the 'undisputed facts' is actually about opinions.
    Dems are demanding that their opinions about Trump's intent are above criticism.
    Unfortunately for them, there are those who disagree, including the very system in place that decides such matters.
    So, right on cue, the Dems claim the entire system is corrupt.
    Like spoiled children.

  74. FJ Nowell says:

    john bolton, john kelly, rex tillerson, jim mattis have all quit…I wonder why?

  75. Newage says:

    I thought Bolton was NBC hero

  76. william carter says:

    What's in the book that would be some earth shaking information ?? Don't answer America I got u the answer is absolutely nothing unless your in the trump cult always in denial about reality because we see and hear the propaganda / corruption on a daily basis …

  77. Hallking78 says:

    He can lie in a book, he can't lie under oath…

  78. George Price says:

    Bolton was a war monger….Thousands would have died if he had his way maybe millions.

  79. chuck satterfield says:

    Spin it and twist it to suit your agenda fake news liars

  80. Timo Tatro says:

    If he wants to act like a Ferengi, Then he should look like one as well.

  81. Cort says:

    Another Trump appointee, who Trump is now, throwing under the bus. And the right wing still support Dumb Donnie.

  82. Rose Treiger says:

    Oh my God, that title was a truthful statement. Did you people hit your heads or something? Telling the truth what's wrong with you?

  83. Gino Jones says:

    Bolton loves the smell of money. I guess he was a traitor all along.

  84. Dawn Heath says:

    He could have been a hereto but now he’s just another jerk!

  85. Mister Hat says:

    Nobody should buy his book.

  86. Stang 1 says:

    Trump has man boobs

  87. M G says:

    Wouldn't it be very ironic that after all this keeping quiet (and not agreeing to testify when he actually could, but because of his book publication, didnt) — and now he will not be able to actually publish his book because of the emperor at the WH.

  88. Al Einstein says:

    What do all these people do with the money they already have. Must not be able to handle money at all, how much do you need. Can you say "Living beyond your means."

  89. guy laurent says:

    John Bolton is a jerk. nobody cares about what he has to say, crawl back under your rock John…

  90. Rick Cook says:

    How many people were on that call- SEVERAL. How many people have been questioned – SEVERAL. And yet, MSNBC wants America to believe that the weight of that phone call lays on the shoulders of ONE man- Bolton???? Give me a FK break. Just one liar speaking to another liar.

  91. Rursus says:

    Bolton has lost his chance because of greed.

  92. MadMax MFP 4703 says:

    Bolton's Book is yesterday's gossip, The Guy looks like a mad chipmunk, Military service MD National Guard, a real war hero.

  93. Laura Mitchell says:

    Bolton needs to be reprimanded for not testifying when he had the chance. How unpatriotic!

  94. Electoral College Enslaved Alumni says:

    He was an accessory to Raping Lady Liberty by the mushroom head and the other republiklan members of congress and the DOJ. His tell all book just gang bangs more money into his pockets

  95. kram emher says:

    I'll sell my beliefs and ideals for money. It changes people faster than changing their hearts and minds.

  96. Godspeed says:

    He coulda he shoulda but trump told Bolton wait a minute I can show how to make a lotta money in disclosing mambo jumbo about me…that isn’t going to hurt me anyway cause I’m the pres and . Too big to jail. Don t trust Trump Bolton they are connected at the hip. This is a money making scam and the contract was written that Bolton will have to give trump a percentage 😡😡😡

  97. isabella ericson says:

    Mr. Bolton you had the opportunity to be a true PATRIOT. You chose not to testify. Lt. Colonel Vindman is a true HERO. Fiona Hill is a HERO.. Mitt Romeny is HERO and many more. YOU SIR, are nothing but a disgrace and a COWARD. Just like all the rest of the Republicans in the Senate it is all about the money. Russian and Saudi money is buying Trump his dictatorship. Truth and integrity matters.YOUR BOOK NO LONGER MATTERS.

  98. Michael Goodwin says:


  99. Michael Goodwin says:


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