For Everybody Who Thinks They Aren’t Special


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79 thoughts on “For Everybody Who Thinks They Aren’t Special”

  1. Lilly Pristine says:

    Thanks Gary 🖤🖤🖤

  2. Nigel Brown says:

    Great perspective on being human as an end in itself

  3. Nigel Brown says:

    Happiness in the doing

  4. Mike Rosko says:

    I truly believe everyone is in this world for a reason! It’s just a matter of figuring everything out! This is why I love helping people, you see them grow! You’re an inspiration Gary Vee, you’re part of the reason why I started a YouTube channel trying to help people!

  5. Steve Ram says:

    FOCUS ON LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Stop caring about the opinions of others or the performances of others & this wouldn’t even be a topic! Totally agree with GV.

  6. Felix Marroquin says:

    You’re amazing Gary!!!!! Perspective….

  7. Mafia's Finest TV says:

    Everyone is special. You just have to figure out what you are the most passionate about. Then you will be above average.

  8. Audrey Florence says:

    Gary Vee’s energy is life 😭 He is also really good at telling people they suck but making them feel awesome at the same time

  9. Himanshu More says:

    Great …

  10. Richie Rich says:

    I resonate with Gary because he validates all the internal monologues I've had to have by myself for the last 10 years, but never managed to get through to anyone else who cares about me.

    I'm just doing my thing to try and achieve my major goals. If I get even half way there, I'm still way ahead than if I never tried.

    I have my strategy, but everyone else thinks I'm crazy and they tried to find a way to tell me I need a plan B. There is no plan B.

    But here's the secret…..Plan A is flexible and adapts to the current situation in order to keep you on track. But you've got to have buckets of patience in equal amounts to your ambition. Patience and Ambition have to be a constant flow; in equal amounts. Like a massive god-damned, neverending Niagara falls. Except up, not down. And less wet.

    Love you, bro.

  11. Swimology says:

    Hey Gary! Just wanted to know if I could trade you professional swim lessons to anyone you want for a chance to talk to you? Let me know what you think 🤔

  12. Jazmin Bautista says:

    Lack of patience is what leads us to not be grateful for what we have, thank you for these reminders.

  13. B Khuu says:

    I actually would've asked a similar but opposite question- what advice would you have for a recovering adult that was told their whole life they weren't special?

    And I'm sure Gary would have answered it the same… And it still applies and works. 🥰

    Thanks for those questions and answers. You both just helped someone.

  14. Beats of Saturn says:

    " let me keep talking and I might get you to fuck" – Gary Vee , the panty-dropper

  15. ravi kumar says:

    Essence of dealing with self and ecosystem.

  16. ALEO says:

    Lack of giraffs will ultimately feel more posessed because of outreach marketing.

  17. John Kargol says:


  18. Barrington Soares says:

    How can i get on a call with him?

  19. calvin kot says:

    How the FUCK do I get to speak to you voice to voice 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. James Shaw says:

    Damn i needed this

  21. Ready or Not Music says:

    We have all been programmed our whole lives, and never told we are the master programmers. We program our lives whether we know it or not, program what you want in your life, believe its there and it will come.

  22. Teigan Tulsie says:

    The fact that Gary plans on buying the Jets in THIRTY YEARS is one of the reasons I AM a fan. When I first found his stuff I was sweating bullets because I was 28 and 'behind' everyone I knew. Everyone thought (and still thinks) I'm crazy for working a crap job and living with my parents so I can work on a massive passion project. I thought maybe I should quit because nothing had happened after 2 years. But then I heard Gary's story and his plan to buy the Jets in the FAR future, and I relaxed. Sometimes I need a reminder though. Because no one else I know has a massive goal in mind. It's easy to get swept up in a rat race I don't even want to be a part of.

  23. Merk100 says:

    My passion is drumming… I guess im special

  24. Ken Belangel says:

    You got to love the game. I get it Gary. Thanks 👍

  25. Abhishek Malik says:

    Yesterday I was talking about that the topic of, I used to think I am great, I am great a something but everyone keeps teeling me no you are not great.But today I am 21years doing B.Tech CSE looking for internships and realising that I am normal person, and thinking all those people were right. But some days back I watched gayvee talking with a mom and his son about this same topic since, I am less scared that I am too normal and nothing special. Today this video has that same answer and I am even less scared and I am happy and accepting myself that I normal. I just want to thank you.

  26. Charltononline says:

    8:44 changed my life

  27. Snow Flowset says:

    Aaawwww yeah 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  28. Ravi Rajput says:

    Love you😘 from india 🇮🇳 Gary bro

  29. Practical Inspiration says:

    We live so much for what we might get today, we lose the joy of working towards getting it. Love his advice on patience, so few people (especially with our instant gratification culture) actually apply this

  30. Zazo Dream Mindfulness says:

    Shes worried about being told she special She could never live a day in many people's lives if that the hardest obstacle. Sometimes volunteering can help you to feel grateful for your life while helping others.

  31. Anjali Yadav says:

    This is the best presentation of patience in any interaction I've ever seen.

  32. The Rock'n'Roll Millennial says:

    Gary, if you're reading this, I'm putting it out into the world, documenting (not creating).

    My name is Logan and you're going to remember me. I'm going to meet you one of these days and I'll be able to confidently tell you that you've helped me immensely over the past half-decade of me watching your content. You're going to remember me and it's not going to be just because you remember everything. I'm going to stay keeping my goals six inches from my face until I get taken off of this planet. No closer, no further away. Thank you for the words you've been putting out into the world, and don't forget mine. I'm on my way, finally.

  33. Ro se says:

    I knew answer will be jets, I guess I'm watching you too much

  34. Abhijeet Singh says:

    now thats one heck of a clickbait title

  35. Psoriasis Bodybuilder says:

    going through the whole parent thing- my dad wants me to go to a job and things have not been working out for me as far as job goes – I know what my purpose and what makes me happy which is personal training and helping people get fit and be healthy through my social media content. My dad just sees me doing X for my life while I want to do Y. He is dissappoited in me at least that is the vibe I get from him and that is why I want to move out from my house. Anyone else felt or currently feeling this way? Please comment/leave some advice ; would much appreciate it.

  36. Dark Mojo says:

    your in my top 5 Gary's, right behind the snail

  37. Rameez Tahir says:

    Ok I’m reloaded.

  38. Gurjot Singh says:

    You're alive
    This line hit me hard

  39. lxrdle says:

    So many people want it now.

  40. sarvansh singhal says:

    Full of energy.
    Super charged

  41. Dantizzlee says:

    Like that it’s back.

  42. Initiate Change Spark Peace says:

    Enjoy the process and keep fighting until you reach your dreams. Nothing can stop you when you believe and commit to your destiny. Run your race and don't compete with anybody but yourself.

  43. Nema Taylor says:

    She said “ahhh frick” 😂😂

  44. Diarios delextranjero says:

    Rare skills are lionized. What very few people can accomplish will always be more admired than what most people can do.

  45. Flat Broke At Fifty says:

    I have a long view that this is going to take me at least two years to get any traction and I will probably still be eating ramen noodles until then. I'm not average because an average person could probably not survive everything I have, so I'm talking about that and failing, even in your fifties, does not mean it's over.

  46. Clarence Dixon says:

    He said let me keep talking and I might get you to f* ck lol. Careful gary this could get you a metoo charge down the line

  47. Jessica Calderon says:

    We can legit text that number to say hello to Gary???

  48. Dr. Arianna - American Academy of Mind-Body Healing says:

    7:11 "I love the process, not the things that I get out of my process" 🙌😎 YES.

  49. Dan McGinnis says:


  50. ernesto Martínez cardenas says:

    Hola ponle subtitulos porfavor

  51. deepandjoy says:

    He's back y'all 🥂

  52. Phil Bolte says:

    Fuckin Aye.

  53. The Money Management says:

    Everything takes TIME people! We have to be patient, I know a lot of us get caught up watching tv, seeing social media and hearing news about others, but we all have to remember it's not a race and that the best things take time and patience before we start to get where we want to!

  54. Timothy Yoon says:

    I decided to live minimum wage for the rest of my life and live my life to the fullest.
    I am not saying money is the root of all evil, but dam I am going to just do what I do best
    help people.

  55. ArtByCater Charles & Dawn says:

    F*k an A I’m happy being a horse shoe’r great [email protected]!
    Being happy in your own skin!
    An loving what you do!
    Check mate!
    God bless you man!
    I want to get there!

  56. Malik Hoff says:

    If I thought about being successful at 80
    Rather than 30 I'd be happier!

  57. j b says:

    Oh no you did not say that🙊

  58. Christopher Maddox says:

    I love that brother #GartyVee 👉When he's right, HE'S RIGHT 👈

  59. stevenstrumpf7 says:

    Nah I'm below average

  60. victoria akanwa says:

    I loveeee Gary’s energy!!! And the fact he literally spits out knowledge flawlessly. Thank you Gary!

  61. mkorpal1 says:

    Wow so lucky that your parents made you believe you're special.

  62. sraptes NextLevel says:


  63. Carlos Gatel says:

    This guy is on adderall

  64. A Cee says:

    Positivity WILL ALWAYS WIN a debate, anything for that matter! That's right ! <3

  65. DB Consulting says:

    Buddy I love you man! I’m doing because of you and my endless attitude of gratitude 🦏🔥🔥🔥

  66. Christian Gennari says:

    You aren't special. No matter how many times Gary says you are. However, the way you deal with that is what makes or breaks your career/life.

  67. Daniel Mweri says:


  68. Brandon Knable says:

    Absolutely love the AskGaryVee show. Love the format!

  69. Unknown says:

    I'm a god yes 💯

  70. SpxsticEagle YT says:

    Is it weird for a 16 year old to be really into these videos and be trying to soak up as much advice as possible? These are really awesome Gary! Thank you!

  71. SpxsticEagle YT says:

    Is it weird for a 16 year old to be really into these videos and be trying to soak up as much advice as possible? These are really awesome Gary! Thank you!

  72. LMNT 115 says:

    You the man Gary!

  73. sawsan aldowyan says:

    If we all no average that means we are average

  74. Amber Throckmorton says:

    It might just be because of my state of mind right now, but I think this may be my favorite piece of your content to date.

  75. Oliver Taveras says:

    Lmao we got u to heck lemme keep talking to get you to fuck lmfaoo tht was slick af I know u didnt mean it tht way but yea man long game. I wna learn how to play the long game smarter

  76. Blake Chambers says:

    I just changed dark theme to light theme and man does it look weird lol

  77. Ollie Bassett says:

    This motivated me so much. Got to play the long game. Never giving up on my dreams. Just keep working on my passions every day until I succeed.

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