Food Storage $20 Deals and DIY BBQ Seasoning


everyone and welcome to Friday’s video
today we’re going to have ham and pineapple crock-pot it be crock-pot
Wednesday but we’re gonna have it for Friday today and I’m gonna have mashed
potatoes and then I’m gonna share with you a project that I worked on this week
all right now we’re gonna put the rest of them in here we’re going to keep this
in my out porch we’re gonna have a cover over top of them and this is what we’re
gonna eat from for the next two weeks and what is left it’s going to be
planted out in the garden so let’s get in the kitchen it’s a busy day this
morning I’m going away for the whole morning
with my daughters so what we’re gonna have for lunch today is we are going to
have some mashed potatoes and I’m making ham and pineapple when you’re away all
day and everybody is hungry when they get home what are we gonna do so I’m
making these mashed potatoes ahead of time and I’m going to mash them up and
I’m gonna put them in the crock pot on low and I’m gonna get the ham and I’m
gonna get the pineapple and we’re gonna have an amazing meal and it’s gonna cook
itself because I don’t have to be here to tend to it so let’s get the ham and
the pineapples out this is the very last of my potatoes from the harvest of the
fall so my potatoes are cooked and now we’re gonna go ahead and drain them
everybody knows how to make mashed potatoes but I thought I would share
with you a little bit how you can even make mashed potatoes ahead of time for
your family meal so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna drain these and then
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna mash them
oh it’s melted the butter and had the milk hot but I just don’t do that I do
it all this way so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna add a little bit of
milk to start and then I’m gonna use my immersion blender because I love this
one it’s so easy to use the potatoes are mashed now I’ll show
you this is the ham and pineapple so this is already a man pineapple that
we’re gonna have along with our mashed potatoes and I’m going to have a fun day
I’m going to go thrift shopping with my daughters and you’ll see that video next
week I really wanted to show you what I got with my twenty dollar bill at the
discount grocery store this week was amazing as you see I got a lot of bags
of corn because I’m going to be canning corn and I’m using the frozen corn and
I’m going to key in that I got some ketchup for a dollar in fact everything
that you see here it was 99 cents each so this was 99 cents for this pork
hotdogs everything was 99 cents and there some
of the things were organic it was an amazing amazing day and I wanted to show
you that the prices are 99 cents I got some organic butter here I’m showing you
and that also was 99 cents the yogurt $0.99 so I’m really excited
to be able to can all of this corn because this is really what I went for
three $4 for salad kits you can’t beat that price you everyone and today we’re going to make
some barbecue rub and the reason why I’m making this is because I was using some
shake and bake and I didn’t realize the high sodium chicken baked has also
shaken bake has some preservatives in it and for pennies I can make my own I also
found out that on Amazon if I missed a use book on Amazon and you buy that book
I can actually get 20 to 50 cents per book I didn’t realize that so when I use
a used book and I find it on Amazon I’m going to share with you the link just so
you can see it because a book like this I got for only a couple of dollars and
this is where the recipe comes from it’s called today’s coming Christmas gifts
from the kitchen but what’s neat about this book is it’s not really have
anything to do with Christmas it’s all kinds of things you can make for gifts
and most of it is food and today it’s the barbecue seasoning there’s a lot of
recipes in here I just love and when you buy it used it doesn’t cost very much so
we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna make barbecue seasoning so let’s get
started I’m gonna do is I’m making a double portion because when I go through
all this trouble I like to make double of everything but the first thing I want
to share with you is it calls for parsley flakes and it calls for four
tablespoons I already have that in my jar so I’m not gonna take that out so we
know that’s in the jar everything is going to go in this jar when we’re
finished it calls for 1/4 cup of paprika but
we’re doubling that so it’s going to be 1/2 so we’re gonna put 1/2 a cup of
paprika in our bowl I just love mixing up my own mixes like this then it calls
for garlic powder calls for two tablespoons but we’re going to use four
it’s so simple in a matter of minutes you can make it so we’re gonna go with
four tablespoons now you can use this for seasoning
anything it doesn’t have to be used like shake and bake you can use this to
season any of your food that you want to season in a barbecue flavor the parsley
flakes are in here you know what we’re just gonna put it right back in or put
it in then it calls for now it calls for two tablespoons of parsley which would
be four and then it calls for one tablespoon of sugar which would be two
so we use two tablespoons because her ground cinnamon so it calls for one
teaspoon of ground cinnamon so I’m going to add this cinnamon but I’m not going
to add so it calls for there’ll be two teaspoons I’m just gonna use this and
just go lightly on the cinnamon I’m gonna go really lightly on this cinnamon
then it calls for if you’re doubling like I am doing then it calls for two
teaspoons of ginger I’m not adding any ginger also it calls for two tablespoons
of salt which would be four tablespoons that’s a lot of salt I’m not going that
route so what I’m going to do with the salt is I’m just gonna put a little bit
of my barbecue smoked salt I have smoked salt that I get on Amazon I love this
stuff so we’re just adding a little bit that for the whole idea of this was to
get rid of all of the salt we don’t want all of that salt then it calls for
pepper it calls for a teaspoon so that’d be two
so we’re just going to sprinkle some pepper in here as well I really want to
get away from having so much thought because salt really isn’t the best for
you look how pretty this looks beautiful look at that isn’t that
beautiful it almost looks like Christmas colors doesn’t it now the party is
parsley that I dried they got cheap there is a few little stems in it which
is fine it won’t hurt anything so there you go my friend so we’re gonna go ahead
and we’re gonna pour it into a container and our barbecue seasoning is finished
this book has hundreds and hundreds of seasonings Parmesan and dill nacho
cheese seasoning I mean I’m going to be using this book a lot so if I can find
this book on Amazon I’ll just show it so you can see it for yourself but that’s
what it looks like all right so let’s get four in a little container that we
want to make sure we label it so we know what it is barbecue seasoning put a cute
little scoop in it close up the lid and then we go for pennies we have barbecue
seasoning that’s gonna last us a long time take care everyone we’ll see you
guys tomorrow from Fanny’s diary
we’re on April the 12th 1943 and Fanny’s entry is quite humorous today I did one
load of wash in my washing machine it was full then all of a sudden the washer
stopped I’m not sure what’s wrong with it
I sure hope we can fix it how many of us know what that’s like to have a lot of
laundry and had the washer stopped I’m guessing she had a wringer washer it’s
times like these I wish she had more details in her diary but then again I
guess she never thought that anybody would be reading them

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    You are so very smart to make your dinner ahead of time. It looks amazingly good. Great score on all that nutritious food for $20! Have fun with those beautiful daughters! Love and Hugs Sis❤️

  95. Ginny Bullock says:

    Tessie can you share the whole recipe with me? That stuff sounds amazing. Thanks What a great idea for using a stick blender for mashed potatoes. I learn something new in each video. Love you. Take care <3<3<3

  96. Dream Weaver says:

    Wow, you did great for $20.00!! That sounds like an awesome book. Using my immersion blender for mashed potatoes would make them much smoother than my old fashioned, hand masher does. Thanks for the great idea. I like adding shredded cheese to mine sometimes, just for a little different flavor. After all, everything is better with cheese. Have a blessed and wonderful day my dear sister. I love you.

  97. Cheryl A/T says:


  98. Vickiet253 says:

    Great deals, love the spice mix idea. I had a used wringer washer when my hubby and I first got married. I can feel for your Granny when she had a full load and it stopped on her. 😉

  99. Cindy Hamlin says:

    That really looks good the ham and pinapple that one of my fraverite meals love you tessie

  100. Trisha Weese says:

    I need to make that my hubby has high blood pressure so we are cutting out as much salt as we can.

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