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This is Mallorca by the way So I have spent most time here on Mallorca hiking around This reminds me of Brazil. A place where me and my buddy Toby used to hang out, executing poor acrobatics and shit. Like this: and swimming It’s been good I’m making sure my hair is looking alright. Is it? It gets all messed up from swimming in the ocean. The salty mediterrenean. So I have written a potential chapter for my potential book. That I want you to read and I also want you to let me know you think. This one is about a deal that I did where I had to put in a downpayment of 10% but managed to get it all back within a month. And then still keep owning the property for a few years and then sell it with a great profit. So I’m telling you all about it in this first potential chapter of a potential book potential first chapter in my potential book I have written the first potential chapter of my potential book. And I would love for you to read it. It’s 1 USD. You just click the button next to the video, if youre on my homepage that is? If youre not, got to my homepage. The adress should be around here somewhere: And then read it and tell me what you think. I want as much feedback as possible to make the next ones better and to make the potential book as good as it can be So please read it, read it, read it. You’ll read about it. See you later 🙂

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