Fix The File “iTunes Library.itl” Cannot Be Read Because It Was Created by a Newer Version of iTunes


How to fix iTunes library.itl cannot
be read error. Whenever you try to open iTunes you might see this message.
iTunes library.itl cannot be read because it was created with a newer
version of iTunes. To fix this problem we just need to delete or rename iTunes
library.itl file. So first of all of course we will close this iTunes error message window. Then to go to iTunes library file location we need to open
music folder. Then iTunes folder. Inside iTunes folder we see iTunes library file.
And extension of the file is dot itl. As said before we will just delete or
rename this file. I gonna rename it to iTunes library bak. I prefer renaming over deleting as in case any problem happens I can go back to the backup file easily.
Okay done. Now if we start iTunes again we shouldn’t see any iTunes library.itl error. Okay we see iTunes opened without any problem. That means
iTunes library.itl problem is now fixed. Thanks again for watching my video. Take care. Peace

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