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Hi! I am Totana. Welcome to “Bangalir Ranna Banna” Today I will cook Ruhi Fish Kalia First I will fry the fish heat the pan and add oil in the pan I added more oil for the fish fry well. Add the fish one by one when the oil is heat. Fry the fishes until get a brownish color. After frying the fishes, take it out in a serving bowl. Keep 2 tsp oil in the pan and remove extra oil. Add Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Bay leaf, Red Chili. Stir it 2-3 times and add Whole Cumin seeds Add Onion paste Stir it for few minutes. Now add Ginger Garlic Paste. Mix and stir it well otherwise raw smell will come. Add ½ tsp sugar. It is for taste and color of the gravy. You can add less than ½ tsp sugar if you do not like it then no need to add the sugar. Add Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder 1 tsp. you can add more or less Chili Powder. Mix it properly. Now add tomato paste. Again stir it well. Add Roasted Coriander and Cumin Powder 1 tsp. Add Ripped Green Chili and salt as per taste. Add Cashew nut paste and Yogurt ½ cup Mix it well. Now add Raisin add 1 bowl of water for the gravy If you want more gravy then add more water. After few minutes, add the all fishes in the gravy Now dip the fishes in the gravy nicely. Keep it for 5 minutes in a low flame. Flip other side of the fishes. After 5 minutes add Chopped coriander leaves. Now Ruhi Fish Kaliya is ready.

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    খুব সুন্দর লাগলো । বউ কে রান্না করতে বলতে হবে

    বিয়ের পর

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    please post some Bangali veg recipe.

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    plz jodi koshu saker
    ranna ta dekhan

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    khub valo legeche khete…pulao er sathe best hobe…

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    bangalir basmati rice er pulao er ekta bhalo recipe chai..

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    kub bhalo.

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    mam ami tomar recipe ta try korache khub valo hoacha thanks mam.

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    Apu amar ammu apnar onakgulo recipe try koreche . Onak testy hoyeche☺

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    thanku apnar reship nic

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    thanku apner reship nic

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    apu tomar recipe amr khub vlo lge.ekhn ank ranna sikhchi try krchi amr bor blche kotha theke eto recipe sikhle Ami tmr kotha bllm.tmk anek anek thanks.

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    I love you're channel • I made it and i loved it's taste only for you i can now make taste food for my family I love you Janu and this recipe I tried it making and it is very tasty and I can make tasty foods for memory thank you

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    Didi apnar recipe Ami banai chhilam anek testy hoechilo thank u so much

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    Na go Didi apnar recipe eto bhalo Tai jonno Ami bolam anek darun or tasty

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    Cooked Nordic Mackerel with this recipe, turned out to be pretty nice, thanks to you. Little improvisation though – add sugar along with whole spices for proper caramelization, also fried little sliced onion before putting onion paste. Due to absence of mustard oil, I had to opt for olive oil and in that case at the end along with garam masala powder added few slices of butter. Can you think of the ultimate outcome?

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    ei ranna ta khate super duper hoyeche.ato sundor racipi dawar janno thanks didi.niramish phulkopi tarkari racipi diben didi pleas l waiting

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    ei rui bhapa ki rui mach diyei hobe onno mach dile hobe na

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    sorry bhul comment Cole gache.ami bolchi ata ki rui mach diyei hobe didi

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    I have one question. The paste of onion and tomato you have used is of Raw onion and tomato paste or you have boiled them both and after that you have made the paste?

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    Tomar recipe amr khub vlo lge . Thank you for you

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    kalke try korbo yeita khub osadharon

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    kismis na dile cholbe mam kismis dile aamar husband khabe na

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    Ata Ki totona madam Apni chilan na Onno kau chilo…… Amr to Mona hoccha Onno kau chilo

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    Nice recipe

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    Cake banate parchi na sokto hoye jache, plz sohoj vabe sare korbe?

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