First Things First: Why I Study Computer Science | UConn

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the first programming language
I had exposure to was Python and this was really cool experience for me because
it was the first time I got to you know type some words on a page and it would
actually be something that would function you’d see like you see words
popping up you could make it interactive you you just have a whole bunch of
different logical like ifs and aliases and then you can make an entire game out of it so
this experience in high school was what really led me to look into
computer science at UConn and once I got in a tour got to meet some of the professors
I really knew it would be a great fit since I’ve started here
it’s been amazing I’ve gotten more experience in Python I’ve got experience in C and Java
and I just love all of it it’s all different ways of using logic to be
creative and make something that works

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