Fire Emblem Heroes – 10 Additions Since Book III

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It’s been almost a year since
we entered the Realm of the Dead in Book III of the
Fire Emblem Heroes game. Since then, several characters,
modes, events and more have brought new life to the
world of Fire Emblem Heroes! Here are 10 things you may have
missed if it’s been a while since you last visited
the Kingdom of Askr. Both newcomers and veteran
summoners can get orbs and 5-star heroes like
Reinhardt: Thunder’s Fist and Ike: Brave Mercenary
by completing quests that cover the ins-and-outs of
Fire Emblem Heroes. Several Heroes
and unit types have been introduced
in the last year! Units that can transform into
beasts to become more powerful, Legendary Heroes that
can pair up with other units, Mythic Heroes that can achieve
better scores in Aether Raids, and even Heroes from the
recently released Fire Emblem: Three Houses game! Some of these Heroes
have built-in backup! Although Heroes like
Hector: Dressed-Up Duo count as one unit,
both Hector and Lilina take to the battlefield with
a special Duo Skill and Duo Hero-exclusive
voiced conversations. More Duo Heroes will
be released in the future, so keep an eye out! If you register the
Fire Emblem: Three houses game on the same Nintendo Account
as Fire Emblem Heroes, you can receive a free
Byleth: Tested Professor unit! Just don’t forget to collect
this stoic swordsman from your Present List! Experiment with various
strategies and discover the power of skills as you
guide a pre-set team through the Hall of Forms! You never know what surprising
combination of skills and weapons you’ll
tumble upon! Overcome waves of foes to
steadily build your Boost multiplier,
then unleash a devastating strike against
a shadowy behemoth! It takes more than muscle,
though… You’ll need to survive
seven turns to deal the
most damage! Build an offense team of your
strongest Heroes to conquer other players’ defense maps
and lift your Aether Keep to new heights! Defeat your opponent to send
your Aether Keep sky high and earn rewards. Phew… all this talk
of battle is tiring. Luckily, theres a chance to take
a break and see Heroes in… unexpected situations, like performing in a
Concert Hall or harvesting crops
in a Field! Brace yourself for Thórr’s
horde of enemies, strategically
build up your defenses, and then strike back to protect
the Kingdom of Askr in this new event! Visit Ljósálfheimr,
the realm of dreams, to conquer new story maps, meet the enchanting ljósálfar, and unravel the mysteries
of a nightmare looming
in the distance. Oh, and if you clear
Chapter 1 of Book IV, Peony will join you
as a 5-star hero! No, you’re not in the
Realm of Dreams. All these modes, characters,
and events have been added to
Fire Emblem Heroes this year… and there’s even more
we couldn’t fit in this video! It’s a good time
to be a summoner.

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