Finding E-books in the Minerva Online Catalog

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Minerva, the online catalog, allows you
to search for materials owned by the YCCC library. In addition to print books,
DVDs, and music CDs, the online catalog includes a vast collection of electronic
books, or ebooks. These ebooks are available for you to read online, or
download to your computer for a certain amount of time. It’s a lot like checking
out a print book, except you don’t have to be at the Library to get it. Let’s get
started. Starting at the main Library web page,
click on the “Books, DVDs, and CDs” tab. Here’s the search box where you can
enter your keyword or phrase. Let’s do a search on chocolate, and let’s search for only ebooks by
clicking this drop-down menu and limiting our search ebooks. And, click search. Here’s our results list. We found 15
ebooks having something to do with chocolate. You can see that these are ebooks by the icon on the left. You can click on the title to learn a little more
about the ebook, or you can access the ebook directly by clicking on “Online
Access for YCCC.” At this point, if you’re off campus, you’ll need your student
login and ID number. Here’s how to log in. When you’re doing your research from
off campus, you will need to log into the Library website to use research tools
like Credo Reference, streaming video, and the article databases. When you try to
search in one of these tools, you will see this screen. Simply type in your
student login and your student ID number. This one simple login will give you
access to all of our search tools without needing to log in separately for
each. If you have any difficulties logging in, please use the online Help
Desk, or call the Library so we can set up your account. Once you’re logged in,
you’ll have access to your ebook. Let’s take a closer look at this title:
“Chocolate Fortunes.” On this detail page, you see you have lots of options. You can
read the book online on your computer, after you create free ebrary account–which is where we are–you can fully download the book or download individual
chapters. You can even add individual titles to your own personal bookshelf, or
share a link to this book with a friend. You can also get the citation for this
book. Select your citation style, and copy this citation into your
bibliography or into Noodlebib. Be sure to check for accuracy using one of the
Library’s citation style tip sheets; sometimes computers do make mistakes. Let’s click into the book to see what there is to see. So, here we are actually in the
book, and you can use these arrows to scroll through the book and read the
individual pages. You can also use the table of contents here on the left. These
are hyperlinks, and if you click them, they will take will take you directly to
the individual chapters. This toolbar here will give you access to other
powerful and useful tools. Again, you’ll have to create a free personal account
in ebrary, and then you’ll be able to print page ranges, create hyperlinks,
highlight sections of the book, bookmark certain pages. It’s kinda handy. So, that’s how
you find ebooks in the Minerva online catalog. If you have any questions or
difficulties finding what you need, be sure to use the online Help Desk on
our main webpage, or visit the Library and the librarians will be happy to
assist you.

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