Finding Digital Resources on the TDSB Virtual Library

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Welcome to your TDSB Virtual Library,
where you can find digital resources for learning at school and home. 21st century
learners need 21st century resources that help build Global Competencies. Today, we’ll show you how to find diverse and trustworthy information and tools for
students, educators, and parents. Start with Read Watch Learn to browse
resources for kindergarten to grade 12 student use that have been licensed by
TDS be or provided provincially. This is where you can find some of our most
popular resources like PebbleGo and Britannica, for starting inquiries on a
new topic and finding images or videos, Canadian Reference Centre, for finding
current events articles from Canadian newspapers, Global Issues in Context, for
including multiple perspectives and real world issues in your inquiries, and many
more for all stages and types of learning. Click on a resource to use it.
If you are away from school, you’ll need to log in. Ask your Teacher-Librarian for
login information or click on the Learnmark link at the top of the page. Did you
know there are even more resources on the Find page? Use the find by title
search bar if you know the name of the resource you’re looking for or use the
drop down menus to browse by grade, resource type, and subject to find the
best resources for your needs. Teachers, don’t forget to check out the Educator
page. Browse highlighted resources at the top of the page or use the find by title
search bar or drop down menus to explore current events resources with teacher
guides, TDSB-created subject guides, tools to use in your classroom, and more.
Parents and caregivers, see the Parent page for information for families, tips
for using the Virtual Library with students, and more resources for learning
at home. Thank you for joining us! If you have any
questions, please contact your Teacher-Librarian or the Library Learning Resources department. We hope you enjoy exploring your TDSB Virtual Library!

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