Finding books in ISU Libraries

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Hi, my name is Spencer Jardine and this
tutorial today is talking about how to find a book on the shelves how to check
it out and how to return it when you’re done when you come to use the computers
in the library make sure that you use your ISU ID number and last name to
log in first thing you’d want to do is to come to that ISU home page then you can use the catalog here’s a tab that says books and
more and if you click search it takes you into the catalog if I were
interested in learning more about face book I could enter a keyword such as
Facebook and if I scroll down I can look at the titles that come up if I wanted
to check this book out Facebook for dummies I would need to look at the
library location it says it’s on the second floor make sure to look at the
status the status will tell you if a book is not checked out and if it says
not checked out that means it should be on the shelf it also need to write down
the call number TK five one zero five point eight eight dot eight two for 2008
and then it could go to the second floor and find it there make sure to write down the call number
so you don’t forget it in the stairwell on the second floor you
can look at the map to orient yourself this can help you know where you need to
go to find your book the books are organized by topic and then they’re
given call numbers the call numbers are organized alphabetically from A to Z so
make sure to look at the labels on the tops of the ceilings and on the columns
here are the t’s let’s turn left to find the T case and then look at the range of
call numbers on at the end of each set of she’ll call number ranges will help
you know what shelf you need to look at remember our call number is TK five one
zero five so that’s the number we need to find in the set of range numbers I’ll make sure to look at the labels on
the edges of the books okay here it is let’s go check it out at the circulation
desk remember you have to have your ISU ID card to check out books all undergraduate students can check out
35 books at a time you can also renew books twice return the book or renew it
online before the due date you

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