Finding a book on the library shelves!

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Hey, everyone! I’m in my office at the
Library and I wanted to show you how to find a book on the library shelves, which
is what we’re going to be learning this week in the module. But since we’re at
the Library, and it’s open, I need to be quiet. So I’m gonna just talk to you for
a little bit in my office and then I’m going to walk you over to the shelf and I’m
going do my best to not disturb everybody in the library! Okay, so here we
go. I’m gonna show you – I did write down a “call number” for a book that I would like
to find. So I just searched the Library’s website for a book and this was the call
number that it gave me and I wrote it down. And now let’s see if we can walk
out and find it, okay? Okay, we’re looking at the signs that are at
the end of the shelving, right? You see the number and letters. So we need to
find “HM” first. So it’s an alphabetic order. F…G…G…H? But HD. And here we are! The end of this one says “HD to HN” so that is exactly where “HM” fits. So if I turn and
start looking at all the lovely books and the labels, I just need to scan for “HM” which happens to be right here – very convenient! So then “HM 851.” So I’m
looking right at the labels for “HM 851.” And then what’s next? The “345.”
So I’m just looking for the “345”… There it is! Is that my book? Yes. So you
can see if I pull it out that is indeed the book I was looking for. And the cool
thing is that all the other books on this area of the shelf will be about the
same topic. So this one was about…it’s called “Antisocial Media” and it’s about
how Facebook disconnects us, but if you kind of scan the shelf you’ll see there’s
a bunch of other interesting books on the same topic. And it’s a great way to
look for resources for a particular research topic. So you’ll see a book called “Born Digital,” a book called “Digital Minimalism” … and I
like this one – “How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy.” So
anyway, I hope you liked the lesson of finding a book at the library! Let me
know if you have any questions.

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