Find your text books – Pt 4 Find the E-book

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We have at a lot of books here at the university library. As a student you also have access to our electronic resources. Through the library web page you have access to thousands of digital journals and hundreds of e-books. We have already learnt how to find a printed book and now my colleague Urban will show us how to find an e-book. As always we start by searching on the library web site, Now we will search for e-books. But before you start searching, remember to log in with your university account otherwise you will only be able to search in our catalogue but not be able to read the e-books. Just as when searching for printed books, you choose the tab “Books & Journals”. Write the name of the author and/or the title of the book in the search box and press “Search”. In the result list that appears, look for the e-book you are searching for. Each search result has an icon that shows what type of media it is. It is this orange icon here. There it says E-book. You click on this blue text, Read full, to get access to the e-book. You click on this blue text, Read full, to get access to the e-book. If you do not click on this specific link, you will not be able to read the full text. Now you click on “Full text via”. Now we’ve come to the web site of the publisher that published this e-book. Be prepared that the web sites for e-books can be designed in different ways, depending on what publisher the book is available from. The publisher’s web site looks like this in our case, and the book can be read directly online. As we can see a little further down, we can download each chapter of the book separately by clicking on the pdf-icon next to the chapter. But right now we want the entire e-book. In this case we have to go to the blue icon “Download PDF” and click on it. The pdf file will load and we can now see the front cover of the book. If you want to read the electronic book right now, , all you have to do is scroll down. If you want to save the file, go to the File menu and save it to your computer or USB drive. This enables you to read the book whenever or wherever you want, without being online. Let’s close this page and go back to our search result in Libris. Most of the time it is this easy to access electronic books. However, in some cases you might be required to register an account on the publisher’s web site in order to be able to download the entire book to your computer.

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