So, for the first day
of final terms…, …me and my friend
decided to studied together…, …but before it,
me and my friend… …visited Seirock-Ya Ramen
in Aeon to have a lunch. After we done having a lunch
in Seirock-Ya Ramen…, …we were heading to Gramedia
to buy some schools things… …like type-x or folio papers
that mostly required during exams. – Can I use BCA card?
– Sure. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome, have a nice day. As for the spot for studying,
I prefer to choose a cafe… …that ‘s not so crowded
so that I can be more focus… …and fortunately this cafe
is located inside Gramedia zone…, …so I don’t need to go
outside this building anymore. I’ve write it half.
It’s still half way to go. I haven’t finished all because
it need about 7 pages… …to summarized all,
and I’ve just done half of it, guys. Look. I even have not read them yet,
just summarizing it. By the way, I was ordering
Banana Smoothie… …and Berry Smoothie
for the beverages. My hand is starting
to stiffed now. Good luck for you
who is having final terms too…, …eventhough like this,
I’m pretty sure gonna finish it. Keep up! Because we’re tired already,
take a look at her. Just 2 pages so far. That’s the sign for us to go home…,
Hey, let’s pack this up. Right now, I’m studying Math
for tomorrow’s exam… …and I’ve prepared
a coffee with me here. It’s almost 10 PM
and I…, …this not even half of it,
so I guess… …I’m gonna stay up late. As you can see,
I am studying… …Math for tomorrow
and the materials are tons… …and surely will takes
so many times to studying it all. I almost work this
for 2 hours… …and it just half way,
now it’s almost 10 PM. So, it’s gonna be
a long night for me. I’ve predicted this before,
so I’ve prepared coffee with me. There are so many things
that I’m still confuses about this. Every question is different,
so sometimes there’re some case… …that have the same formula,
it just the numbers are different…, …but, because this all are different,
so I have to really-really… …observe deeply
to solve it. So, it’s gonna
takes time quite a lot… …to find the solutions
from all of these questions. We’ve just finished our activity
and it’s time to go home. This is the 2nd day
for the final exams. The exams will go on
until next Monday… …and today I was- Sorry! My bad! The exam today was…
soo hard! I’m helplessly and just
go with it. It’s rain so hard
right now. I’m using this because everytime
we wear a headscarf… …we suffered hair loss, right? That’s why I’m using this.
This is not endorsement! It just that… I really using this for hair loss,
strong and shiny hairs. It works as hair tonic.
So it will make your hair stronger. After take a bath,
I loves wearing this polkadot robes. Also, to be more fresh…, …I’m using this cologne. Actually, this cologne is for kids,
but to be honest…, …I loves the fragrance of this
product from long time ago… …it so fresh indeed. If you can imagine everytime
seeing a kid… …after take a bath,
I believe the fragrance is so familiar. I loves those kinds of
fragrance. I prefer the donald duck
cologne. So, let’s go… Eat! My menu for dinner is;
fillet strips, fried chicken…, …chili sauce
and waters. Alright, I’ve just finished
my study… …from notes
and literatures. Now, I will try to practice. Actually this is
for remedial purpose. But, some said that this is also
a good practices tool for finals. I was buying this
so that I’m not sleepy…, …because in English exams,
there’s Listening session. This is done by using… Ah! It hurts! – Want some more?
– Nope. Go there. Watch me, Nay. It’s about Maghrib time
and Nayla is preparing for sholat. Right now,
I’m going to study Geography. – Geography and…
– I’m studying Math and… Geography and… – Nayla, hurry up!
– Okay! Geography and History of
Specialization. Because this is Geography,
so I studying it from powepoint …, …and couple of slides. Let me show you. Right now, I’m studying
for tomorrows exam. – Tomorrow, I have Geo-
– I have exams too! So ignorant. Geography and History of
Specialization. Right now I’m trying
to memorize the materials. What a lot of slides. As you can see,
I need to memorize this all. If we flatted your rice,
it would be fun…, …it’s gonna be
like feed for chicken. So hard. Really? guys?! It’s so fun indeed. We’re going to make a biograph photo,
because I forgot… …to make one,
and school asked us to collect…, …collect what, Net? – Photo.
– Photo for PTN…, …for the invitation. Now…, We were going to study actually,
but, because we both forgot… …the biograph photos,
so, now we’re going to… …make one like
in a AIO studio. You feel it too now?! Is there any
cold Blackcurrant? Blackcurrant. Then someone replied. After the last finals today,
I will go to beauty salon… …because I need some refreshing,
well, it’s like “Me time”. I bet all of you need some “Me time”
after tired for a whole week exams. Hey~! Hey~! You eating instant noodle? – Why you eating that, Nay?
– ….Dad. – What?
– Don’t tell Dad!

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  1. Nurul Shazeerah says:

    Hi! Id suggest u to make "how i make my notes" video. Heheh xoxo

  2. Alya Nabila says:

    Kok udah ujian ?

  3. Alya Nabila says:

    Ujia apa sihh ini ,soalnya disekolah ku belum ujian

  4. sillysweatt하펠 says:

    You also watch ondo vlog💙

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    Ka rafa beli botol minum dimna ihhh ke lucu bngt gtu

  6. Imei User says:

    Salpok sama dompet nyaa,, beli dimana tuh… Pliss jawab

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    Korean englishman !!!!!!

  9. Annisa Mazaya says:

    Sering nonton tapi belum pernah dikasih like sama Kak Rafa

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    How beauty you are

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