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well hello welcome back to my channel!
Jashana here to talk about some friggin books, that I already fucking
talked about. So I filmed my faves and least faves tier ranking videos last
weekend and edited and uploaded the least faves one–I’ll have it linked
above, if you care–and then I went to go edit the faves one and the screen record
was–you could hear my voice and you could see the mouse on the screen moving
about, but the screen was just entirely black. So that’s fuckin cool. And I was
gonna be all crafty and try to edit it all on to just this black screen like,
put like, just make it myself basically like, hand make it’s tier
ranking like what it would look like… but then I thought, “Jashana… why the fuck?” That’s
so much more work–no no no. So I’m just gonna re-fucking-do it. I’ve already
talked about these I’ve already put them in their rankings… I don’t, I mean I’m
sure I’m gonna say the same things… I reset it so I don’t remember everything
but whatever. Also I have kind of a headache going on–a migraine, if you will.
I just filmed a get ready with me and I had my hair down and I even like was
fucking styling it and then I started to record and I said no, fuck this I don’t
want my hair down because it was just annoying me so it’s up now and it
probably looks like crap *high pitched voice* and I don’t fucking caaaare* All right let’s do the screen record… one second… it helps
if I have the fucking program up. I was talking in my get ready with me about
how even though I’m I feel like I’m kind of out of it today
and I’m not exactly myself… I’m just a little off, you know, because of the
migraine… it’s starting to go away now but it’s still–I just feel it all up
through here, like just all up in here–um but if I’m able to–because sometimes I
have migraines where I’m just like, incapacitated and I just have to
lay down. If I’m able to, even though I’m a little off and I’m not exactly the
same energy level, I still want to film because I don’t know… I don’t want to get
to a point where I am expecting myself to be perfect all the time or expecting
myself… like I can only film if I’m you know exactly the same energy as I always
am. Um I don’t I don’t want to get to that point… it doesn’t sound fun,
basically. All right are we gonna fuckin do the shit? Okay so here we are… why is
this… oh my god everything in my life today is just *high pitched voice* fucking with meeee* Okay so on the last one I
changed the categories I changed it on this also so what would normally be the
S tier I changed to Best Shit Ever. These are books that I just feel are
essentially perfection I had such a good time reading them and then the next one
is I Love This. Books I really really love… I wouldn’t say that I scream about
them from the rooftops on a regular basis or on a constant basis–yeah, on a
constant basis–but that I really really like them. These ones might be “oh this
one thing I didn’t love about it but like the rest of the book I really
really loved.” And then we have Pretty Effing Great. These are books you know
they’re pretty effing great. I liked them a lot.
But they’re like middle of the road as far as all my favorites. And then we
have A Good Ass Book. These are ones where maybe, you know, I don’t talk about
them a shit ton necessarily and I would maybe recommend them to some people but
not everybody… there might be things that I didn’t fully love but like it’s still
pretty good ass book. And then Pretty Solid. These are ones that they were kind of on
the lower end of my favs but they’re still some of my faves. I still really
enjoyed my time. These are ones that maybe I don’t like have a desire to
reread a bunch but like, but they’re pretty solid. And just like with my least
fav that I did, these are books from 2017 to
2019, so my end-of-the-year favorites video,
that’s where I pulled these from. Okay so the first one we have is A Curse So Dark
and Lonely. I really liked this… I liked it a lot… I’m trying to think though like
in comparison to others… I’m leaning towards pretty effing great cuz there
were parts of it that I really loved but overall I don’t feel like I like was
screaming from the rooftops about it. For now I’m gonna put it in pretty effing
great. The Aeronauts Windlass by Jim Butcher. Ooh good ass bo–it’s been so
long since I read this but I just remember having so much fun with it. I’m
gonna put it in pretty effing great also. This is pretty good like it’s been years and I just still have very fond memories of my reading experience. Age of
Legend by Michael J Sullivan. I think I might have to put this one–I have quite
a few of those books, in that series, on this list–this one I think I might have
to put in I love this. Things are picking up in this one. Age of Myth: pretty effing
great, I think. I feel like I’m gonna have everything in pretty effing great. Age of
War by Michael J Sullivan… that one got kind of emotional for me so I’m gonna go
with I love this, because I remember that one like evoking an emotional reaction
where I got a little choked up a couple times. And I Darken by Kiersten White–oh
god I need to reread that too but I’m gonna go with best shit ever because I
fucking love that. I’m sorry Ola–she did not like that, that book at all–but I
fucking love it, oh god I just love Lada! Love Lada so much! Okay. Book of the
Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison, right… this one the pacing like it was slow in
parts where like not a whole hell of a lot was happening. I still enjoyed …like
obviously it’s some of my favorites so this one I think I’m gonna have to
put is a good ass book, though, because it’s more just like the concept of it
that really stuck with me than you know… there weren’t any characters that I like,
really connected with or really loved. Trevor Noah Born A Crime… I listened
to this on audio, which makes it better as everyone says,
cuz he narrates it and it’s just great… do I remember all that much about it? No.
I remember being like moving and funny and and it’s good but pretty effing
great or a good ass book… I’m gonna go with the good ass book for this. Elizabeth
Gilbert City of Girls. We know where this is going don’t we? Best shit ever! I’m
about to reread this with Ola. Well she’s reading it for the first time
but we’re gonna buddy read it and I’m rereading it–I can’t wait! City of
Thieves by David Benioff. So I really enjoyed my reading experience with this
and I just remember being very surprised by it but I don’t remember all that much
about the plot necessarily. This is another one where the authorial voice
just really worked for me but I don’t know if it was more just that it
surprised me, you know? I’m gonna go with pretty effing great. The Dark Descent of
Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White. This is a tough one… it’s Kiersten White
and I generally love her writing style… I’m gonna go with a good ass book though.
This wasn’t up there with And I Darken, but it’s obviously one of my favorites still.
Dear Martin by Nic Stone…this one the format it was a little different and I
didn’t hate it but it wasn’t like oh god I love this format it just was it was
fine and I could see past it, basically. It got a very emotional reaction out of
me though. I have to put in I love this I think maybe best shit ever… it’s a novella
so I feel like if it had been longer maybe it would make me more likely to
put it in best shit ever but even for being a novella like it really got into
the nuances of the themes and the conversations it was having so I’m gonna
leave it in I love this for now. I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. Best
should ever! Fucking love that book! Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye. Again the writing
style but I don’t remember that much about the plot necessarily. I’m gonna go
with a good ass book. Okay Mistborn, the the first one, what is it
the Final Empire. This one I’m gonna put in pretty solid. When I first read it this
is a case where the trilogy has a whole oall tainted my view of the first book
and also I think the hype got to me a little bit. I wanted to be so infatuated
with it and I did like the first one–I still stand by that–I think the first
book was pretty solid. But looking back I don’t love the writing style at all
it was more just that the book surprised me a couple of times, there were a couple
times where I was like oh shit it’s going down. Monstress by Sana
Takeda and Marjorie Lu. I’m gonna go with I love this. Ohhh, or best shit ever.
I’m gonna go that I love this. I–the artwork would be best shit ever, the artwork in
Monstress, I will never stop talking about it. I just–it speaks to my fucking
soul, I love it so much. The story itself though it gets a little confusing. Ian
McEwan, Nutshell. uh I’m gonna go with pretty effing great. Every time I think
about that book I smile and it was like oh man it’s so fun. Peace and Turmoil
by Elliot Brooks. I’m gonna go with I love this because I mean I really
enjoyed it, I think I gave four stars. Yeah I have to go with I love this
because I’m just forever impressed with how polished she made that shit and it’s
a really cool world and I’m very excited that it’s gonna be like five books in
the series or something like that because it’s a huge world there’s a lot
of characters and there’s a lot happening. Pride by Ibi Zoboi. So for the
writing style this would be best shit ever, because the authorial voice, the way
she describes shit… oh my god love it. But the plot itself is–it’s ya
contemporary romance there’s some teenage things happening that, as a 33
year old lady, don’t resonate with me. I didn’t connect with, of course, so for me
personally I can’t put it in best shit ever. So I’m gonna put it in I love this.
Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst. I was very surprised by this so I’m gonna
put it in pretty effing great. I wasn’t super connected with the characters and
the writing style, it was fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, but
it also wasn’t like speaking to me… but I was super surprised and like the world
is the coolest. Queen of Sorrow… that is book 3… I have to put this one in a
good-ass book, or pretty solid… it was a pretty solid conclusion to the trilogy I
was happy with it I’m gonna put in pretty solid. The Secret Garden by
Frances Hodgson Burnett. So the overall message here of like
positivity and hopefulness… it’s so cute and it’s just such a quaint little world
they live in and whatnot, but the main character is incredibly… she’s
problematic, let’s just say… obviously this book was written a long time ago
and it’s about a time period a long time ago, but yeah the main character is
pretty racist. So we gotta put this one in pretty solid. The Belles by Dhonielle
Clayton. I really loved the world of the Belles, like a lot. And the themes of it
and everything… hmm I’m going between I love this and pretty
effing great. I’m gonna go with I love this cuz I just really like how Dhonielle
Clayton worked in the themes of the book without beating us over the head
with it like I find–*kitty running/scratching floor noises* Wow! Okay Kuzma!–like I find some other authors doing and you
all know I can’t fucking stand it… I can’t stand it when–*more kitty noises* Kuzma! I can’t stand
when you do that! Jesus Christ!–and she did not do that so I have to go with I love
this. And because the world-building and it’s just like it’s such a pretty world
but oh, it gets eerie sometimes cuz it’s so dark and sinister underneath. And the
Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White. I had a really good time reading this book
and I stand by that–I had a really, I enjoyed it, I can’t wait for the rest of
the series… really loved Guinevere as a character but it was a little bit
juvenile a, bit, in in parts. Which is fine it’s ya, but as a 33 year old lady
again it’s not a book I think that like I would shout from the rooftops about on
a consistent basis. Uhh so I’m gonna go with pretty effing great. I feel like I
had more fun with that than Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
but I felt like the writing in the Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein was a
little bit more my speed or more my style. The Little Prince
by that guy… something… I don’t remember… fuck. I can’t pronounce it
anyway. The Little Prince, okay um, so I actually
like the Netflix movie better than the book because there’s more to it, they
like added a whole other element. I’m gonna go with a good ass book. Okay The
Reluctant Queen by Sarah Beth Durst. This is the second book in the series this
one is pretty cool and introduced new characters and a lot of times in
trilogies or series when the first book is this character’s point of view for
the most part and then in the second book there’s new characters and you’re
following them heavily it can go south but it didn’t here
so I think I have to put this one in pretty effing great also. I’m having a
lot in the pretty effin great and I love this. The Word for World is Forest by
Ursula K LeGuin. It’s a lot. It’s a novella, so it’s short but we’re out in
outer space on some other planet and humans are terraforming this planet and
there’s other creatures, like alien creatures living there and I don’t even
know how to–it’s just, it’s more literary you know what I mean? But I really liked
it I just don’t remember that much that happened. I just remember like the
feeling of reading it. I’m gonna go pretty effing great, though. George RR
Martin, The World of Ice and Fire. I just love this world I have to go with best
shit ever. It basically is like a history book
about a made-up place–Westeros–it has all the mythology and lore and it talks
about each region and like the mythology and lore and each like family each major
family and the different eras of Westeros like time periods and even
though it very much–it’s not like a novel, it does not read like a novel…
there are stories that are being told but it’s just like you’re reading a
history book, but I fucking I ate it up I loved it. I loved it so much!
Okay there we are that’s what we got so we got quite a few in pretty effing great,
and I love this. I figured I wouldn’t have as many–I
remember before I think these are the same ones that I did for best shit
ever, and yeah I’m pretty–I think this is– all this all make sense! A Curse So Dark and
Lonely… is that still pretty effing great? yeah I think so. Yeah all right cool! All
right I made it through, you guys! I fucking
redid it and made it through. Hopefully you enjoyed this I’m sure this one won’t
get as many views as the least faves one because people like negativity–it’s fun
seeing someone be salty, you know? As always thank you so much for your time
hope that you guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you later! bye bye! you

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10 thoughts on “Favorite Books Tier Ranking List || take two. (in a migraine-induced fog) [CC]”

  1. The Bookish Mom says:

    I just bought And I Darken and I am excited to read it. I've had my eye on book of an unnamed midwife for a bit now, but I don't hear as many people talking about it, so I'm pretty excited to finally read it! I also got Peace and Turmoil recently and I love the idea of supporting creators and youtubers that I enjoy watching.

  2. Jessie Mae says:

    Yessss I love Lada 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’ll Give You the Sun is also one of my favorites 🥰 I always laugh at your categories 😂

  3. Kier The Scrivener says:

    It is do true that negativity sells. Which it can be fun especially your commentary but it is a little sad we are not as drawn to talking about the things we love.

    Also yes, it is totally good to normalize filming when you aren't on to if the world or all perfect to yourself and others

  4. Don't Have a Degree in Reading says:

    i am loving these tier ranking videos! also, i hope that your migraine dissipates and you feel better 🙂

  5. Ola Magick Reads says:

    hahahahahaha I love you so freaking much🖤

  6. Reads with Rachel says:

    I struggle with migraines as well and I related so, so much to what you said in the beginning of this. I’ve avoided filming because I’m not feeling “on” so many times.

  7. Margaret S says:

    I listened to Born a Crime this month and had an enjoyable experience bc I buddy read it with my friend whose Ghanaian. She could relate to some of it and explained things about the culture so it heightened my experience.
    Ranting videos can be fun but we need positivity too! 🙂

  8. onthefritz says:

    Love this! Kudos for not only refilming, but doing so with a migraine. Great job showing all your faves some love 👌

  9. Super Pao says:

    Powering through that migraine! Hope it didn’t stick around much longer after the video.

  10. zachary romeo says:

    What they now call "problematic" we use to call it a worthless POS lol !

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