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Well hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel. Today we’re going to talk about warts and I know that warts are not the most fun or attractive thing to talk about. Especially since we’re still over one month away from Halloween where they warts and moles are in vogue. But, in all seriousness it’s really important that they be cured. That you get rid of them because they can cause infections, they can be contagious, so if you’re looking for an all-natural painless safe and very fast way to remove warts then you have come to the right place so keep on watching! Well, we know warts are caused by viruses like HPV in fact a whole lot of different viruses in fact this is such a big problem I actually wrote a book on this topic and I’ll put the link to this book of the video description box but they are very difficult for a lot of people that can be in places that are very painful they can cause infections and again they’re created by all kinds of viruses and there are so many of them that we would be here all day just to talk about that the mechanism of how warts happen or basically they are a virus that gets down into the skin it gets in to the skin cells actually invades them and begins to grow and multiply and there you have a bump or a ward it’s really an area of dead skin that’s surrounding a live virus so that’s what award is that’s how they happen viruses are contagious especially HPV virus which leads to all sorts of problems you get genital warts from those not a again a pleasant subject but it is a human condition that we’re gonna try to help you fix today so with that said what can we do about them well I’m gonna share with you the way that I have gotten rid of warts in the past I used to have a landscaping business way back today I had my hands in the soil a whole lot and I used to get them on a fairly regular basis which is how I discovered this remedy that I’m about to give you now this works it worked for me it works for my clients so I am 100% confident that it can help you it’s very simple you need two items well actually you need three things but two ingredients and that is half a tablespoon of baking soda and half a tablespoon of cast oil and what you’re gonna do is mix those two items together and they’re gonna make a paste it needs to be the consistency of toothpaste so if it’s a little bit too liquidy or or wet add a little more baking soda if it’s too crumbly or dry out a little more castor oil to get it to the right consistency and by the way you can keep this in an airtight container for two or three days and it will work very very well the next thing that you’re gonna do before you apply this mixture to the wort is you’re going to take a needle sterilize your needle first please and you’re going to scratch the surface just lightly you’re gonna make it bleed but just lightly scratch the surface of the mold what this does is open up that tough layer of dead skin that’s protecting the virus so that these ingredients can actually get down into the wart itself and kill the virus the mechanism of the virus as I just went over is that it is inside your skin cells and it’s multiplying which is the bump or callus by changing the pH which is what the baking soda does held in place by the castor oil which doesn’t evaporate you actually suffocate and kill that virus so the skin cells that are dead begin to absorb the castor oil and the high pH baking soda which kills the wart so over a matter of days the ward is dead your skin begins to heal and it falls off it’s that simple painless no bleeding no cutting no burning no freezing none of that stuff super home remedy super easy castor oil is super easy to find by the way I’ll put a link to that in the video description box for you as well now the next thing you’re going to do is make sure that you massage this the next thing you’re gonna make sure that you do is massage the mixture into the ward for about a minute not hard you just want to kind of massage it down into that skin that you just scratched open with the needle you’re going to apply a band-aid to that overnight keep that changed out a couple of times a day band-aid needs to stay on it all the time so that that it’s mixture is held in place on top of the wart and I promise you the warts going to begin to change and one day you’re gonna notice that it begins to kind of swell up becomes kind of moist moisturized and then what’s going to happen is the virus is going to die and then the war it will fall off and you’ll be scar free so we just figured out a way to take a nasty subject to talk about a big problem that a lot of people have and make it easy to fix and by the way this also works on moles and I did a video on that you can check out and I’ll put the link to that in the video description box also for more videos on how to treat skin conditions naturally with natural approaches and things that you have known I’m in a couple of videos right over here so do me a great big favor if this is helpful to you smash that like button hit the notification bell and I’ll see you over on the next one

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  1. Man Do says:

    How can warts remove from the head with hair? My warts started last 2008 still in my head until now.



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