Radioactivity is … EVERYWHERE! Some time ago I made a video to explain what radioactivity is and with some uranium ores we made experiments to observe indirectly the emitted particles. I also said that this radioactivity naturally comes from the soil and rocks that release radon, a radioactive gas that is found in the surrounding air. And it’s also the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking … That’s just to give you an idea, eh … Because the gas is spread out in the air we can’t easily measure how much of it is present, but with my colleague at Radiascan we found an experiment that is just amazing because it is so simple, to be able to concentrate all this radon and measure it. For this we simply need a vacuum cleaner, a piece of fabric that’s not too thick, or cotton and scotch tape. The goal is simply to cover the end of the vacuum hose to create some kind of filter that we’re going to hold with tape, be careful not to make it clogged either so the cleaner doesn’t heat up too much. And to measure radioactivity I always use my pro geiger counter Radiascan 701A, the best! And now all we have to do is go down in the basement with all this stuff! Let’s go! *Angry french man* Yeah… No doubt we’re in Lorraine huh … You want some schnapps! A good mirabelle come on! So why in the basement? Simply because radon is a very dense gas, and therefore tends to accumulate in basements and ground floors of buildings. So we’re just going to put the vacuum hose on ground level, we’re not going to suck the dust, simply the air and we’re going to let it run for 30 minutes. Ok I’m leaving! We’ll be back in 30 minutes! Holy sh*t, that noise! The vacuum cleaner ran for 30 minutes and there I have the Geiger counter which gives me a value of about 0.13 microsieverts per hour in this environment. That’s a perfectly normal value. Now let’s see if we’ve got anything at the end of the filter. Go ahead, is there anything… bring the… Wow! No way! Holy sh*t ! It’s working! It works! The end of this vacuum cleaner pipe is radioactive God damn it! And quite much actually! Well it varies depending on how we align it with the sensor, but still! And we just sucked up air! There is no dust, visually there’s nothing! But I want to try something else now, we’ll go back to another room, we’ll try again. We’ll do it again in the bathroom and let the water flow for 15 minutes. We’re going to use relatively cold water to limit waste, and we’re just going to suck what evaporates from it, at the bottom of the tub. Let’s go! Okay! We’ll put it like this and we’re good! We’ll gonna vacuum for 15 minutes and we’ll be back right after that to see what we get. Oh jeez! Well, it’s been 15 mins… Let’s measure, we are still at 0.19 in the room… Oh my God! Dude it gets up to 11! Come on! We’ve actually bought radioactive samples that are much less active than this! Just so you see, I can remove the tissue… There’s nothing in there, it’s just fabric. Here it’s at 0.2. And when I bring it closer… Now it’s way above 10µSv/h. That’s like 50 to 60 times more radioactivity than normal, with just 15 mins of cold shower. Obviously it would evaporate more with hot water. Alright! Okay! So why is my tap water radioactive for God’s sake?! Well simply because most of the time it’s drawn from underground, in this case here in northern Lorraine it comes from mines, so it had plenty of time to fill up with minerals and radon! This is especially true if you draw your water directly from a well. To try this a little more scientifically we did 15-minute tests each with the same filter and the same suction, but all in different places. And the results are quite surprising because that’s exactly what you would expect. I found much less radon on the outside than on the inside of the house, and also much less in a room upstairs than the first floor or even the basement. The highest values are found in the basement and the bathroom. What’s actually stuck in the filter is not just radon, At Radiascan they did tests with a spectrometer and they found radioactive isotopes of lead and bismuth which are in fact decaying elements of radon. This is freaking insane! We can also see these elements lose rapidly in activity, and that’s because they all have a relatively short half-life, but since they are always new atoms created, the gas is still there. So if you want to test your environment, you need to know that not all Geiger counters are equivalent, and this is mainly due to the type of sensors used. In a cheaper Geiger counter like this one there’s a tube that’s only sensitive to beta, gamma and X-rays; while in the Radiascan there’s a “pancake” type sensor like this one, that also picks up alpha rays and guess what type of radiation radon emits? Alpha! So that’s kind of a problem, yeah… If I take this counter there and put it on top of a uranium ore there. Well… It’s freaking out and it gives a value of… 46 microsieverts per hour. But if I take the Radiascan, Ha! Oh yeah it’s not 40 it’s 400! Well it’s a little more embarrassing yes… The same goes for this americium source that emits only alpha … Yeah, 5.3 okay … 130 … This one’s good if you want to feel better, but if you actually want to protect yourself… So, what’s the conclusion to all this. First this is not pollution from nuclear activity or whatever bullsh*t, It’s absolutely natural but that doesn’t mean it’s harmless. And there’s more or less radon in the air depending on the region, so the main risk is to inhale it in large quantities over long term. The best thing you can do to avoid accumulating radon at home is to open windows regularly, and also avoid singing too long in the shower… and using less water is also good for the planet… I’m the guy who blows stuff up in 90% of his videos and still talks about ecology… Totally makes sense! Well nice one ExperimentBoy! If you want to measure radioactivity at home and try it by yourself, I’ll put a link to the Radiascan Pro Geiger counter in the description below. There’s also a French version of the website and even French in the menus coming, so that’s cool. Otherwise on my side I’m always working on projects, we wanted to make a fireworks show like every year but this time we couldn’t, so… It’s just a matter of time now. Also dry ice factory visit coming soon and then we’ll go back to liquid nitrogen or vacuum chamber experiments… We’ll have some fun! Alright! I’ll put away my uranium while you leave a like and subscribe and share the video because it’s still pretty crazy stuff… Goodbye kids and don’t forget! Ventilate yourself! Pff, it’s just nonsense … Okay I’m gonna go vacuum the walls now.

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  1. Experimentboy says:

    C'est absolument ouf cette expérience, si simple en plus ! Je compte sur vous pour faire tourner ! 😋
    Et venez me suivre sur insta pour être au courant de tout ce que je prépare:
    Ah et… J'ai un serveur Discord pour la communauté aussi, c'est cool ça:

  2. Soken50 says:

    Les rayonnements alpha se bloquent avec une feuille de papier et ne pénètrent pas la peau donc ne pas les détecter n'est pas dramatique à moins que vous testiez des produits destinés à être ingérés, dans ce cas c'est important de les détecter puisqu'ils peuvent causer des dommages internes.

  3. Matt Na says:

    t'oublie de preciser que les alpha ne prensentent pour ainsi dire aucun dangers.
    les rayonements alpha sont arretés par a peu pres n'importe quoi … une simple feuille de papier suffit a les arreter .. les vetements … la peau.
    bref, ces rayonements sont tres peu energetiques, et ne presentent pas de soucis pour la santé.
    SAUF (oui, ca pouvais pas etre si simple) en cas de contamination interne ….
    Si on ingere ou inhale une source de rayonement alpha, en l'abscence d'un quelconque barriere pour stopper les rayonements, cela peut provoquer des problemes …

  4. Le Désosseur says:

    J habite près de nancy il y aussi ce phénomène ou c'est local

  5. Theph DIOGENE says:

    Et dans l'pinard, du radon ?

  6. Blood Fiend says:

    Regarder cette vidéo et se rendre compte que l'on est actuellement dans un bain radioactif 😀

  7. Squars says:

    Mais du coup est-ce que apres avoir passé l'aspirateur dans la maison il est un peu plus "radioactivement naturel" ahaha

  8. Steak barbare says:

    rien d’étonnant et détonant

  9. Clément Menneveux says:

    Belle imitation à la 7e

  10. Ben Hur says:

    Et les mesures avant aspiration ? Dois je vous rappeler le protocole Mr Boy ?

  11. LEARNBYNET says:

    Peux tu mesurer celle d'une cigarette ?

  12. Bernard Bernard says:

    bonjours le scientifique

    bizarre tu est toujours
    en vie merciiii pour cette vidéo

    amitié cordialement
    bernard et michèle
    de rouen

  13. Cyril Duhamel says:

    Tu prends une douche tu te rends malade OO

  14. Benji B says:

    Salut vidéo sympa mais ton appareil et un peu juste pour voir toute les énergies type gamma (americium). Je n'est pas vu l'épaisseur massique mais je suppose que c'est 1g? Pour compléter pourquoi ne pas parler contamination? Voilà plein de courage à toi.

  15. N3LEC' says:

    Excellente vidéo !!! ET GG POUR LES 1M, AMPLEMENT MÉRITÉ ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Jérémy Faucher says:

    J'ai une idée. Expérience Feu + Air into vide ! -> Explosion en bonus si possible STP.

  17. Mayouniaise says:

    Le regard que tu lance a ton pot me prouve que tu mens sur la cause de l'eau radioactif

  18. Dyast Brah says:

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    Je sais que la radioactivité est partout mais est ce que le moteur d'une voiture, une porte et des liquides sucrés ou non sont radioactifs et ont se douche avec de la radioactivité

  22. rem_zand 08 says:

    Putain de bordel l eau est radioactive
    On va tous crever (ironie)

  23. Valentin Boinet says:

    Est ce que tu changes le filtre à chaque test ?

  24. Jeje says:

    Dans mon lycée il y a un mec qui est venu et qui a mis plein de capteur pour le radon et il va les laisser 2 mois

  25. Florent Lombard says:

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