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♫ Oh welcome to Bailey’s Bookshelf ♫ Where I answer your questions and ♫ Read a book and tell it to you ♫ Perfect! (upbeat music) Hello and
welcome to Bailey’s Bookshelf. Today we’re talking about a book called The Land of Stories. This book was given to me by one of you guys named Katie. This book is about two kids that fell into a storybook full of different fairytales and they get to meet fairytale characters. I love this book because one of the kids are just like me and love to read. My favorite part of the book was when they fell into a book. A funny part in this book was when Alex kept dropping the books some of her books through the big book and then the frog inside of the big book took all the books and brought em home. (giggles) My favorite character in this book is Alex She is a twin to Connor. She is just like me. And I really recommend this book because it’s a really good book and it’s good if you know
all the fairytale characters. Now let’s answer some questions. Paige asks do you prefer to read inside or outside? I like reading both ways. I like reading in the car. That’s where I like reading. Rhi The Reindeer says What’s your favorite kind of food to eat? To make. To make. My favorite kind of
food to make is muffins. I love making muffins. I like making any kind of muffins, really I like making surprise muffins from ‘Pretend Soup’ a cookbook that I love. Merry Morgmas says what is your favorite fictional place? I think probably the land,
in The Land of Stories. There’s a picture in here. Let’s see. Oh, that’s the end See, daddy? See how they’re all mixed up? Paige says, have you watched
any of the Harry Potter movies? No. I’ve only read the books. I love them though. Joshua Romero says Bailey, what was the first
book that you read by yourself? The Fire Cat. It’s a book about a cat. You know how fire dogs like help put out fires? It’s the same thing
except it’s with a cat. lalaLISA123 says Do you like going on tour
with your Auntie Panties? Yes I do. It’s really fun because
I like going on the bus if we have a tour bus. Emma the Elf says What’s your favorite memory with Colleen? When I got Sweetie. I mean, not Sweetie Special. When I got Special. Oh, here’s Special. My favorite memory with Auntie Panties is getting Special when I was on my fourth birthday. I got her at a toy store called Bennett’s in Santa Barbara. Rosie says, what is your
favorite thing about Hawaii? Going to Luaus, and I like wearing leis. I also like wearing flowers in my hair. Bob Kelly says, Bailey
what is your favorite song? I like the song from Trolls I don’t know what it’s called. (humming) Tell me in the comment section if you know what song that is. Eireann Eireann Eireann says What are your options on this strawberry? What does that mean? What are your opinions on this strawberry? I looks yummy. I want to eat it. Piper says, how old are you? I am nine years old. I just turned nine November sixth. If you want you can click
right next to my face to see my birthday video. Madison Rose Stobert says, what book of the Harry
Potter series are you on? Are you enjoying it so far? I am on the fourth Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and I’m enjoying it so far, yes. Met LM 17/3/16 says, what’s the funniest
book you’ve ever read? The funniest book that daddy reads for me is Pig William. This is my impression of him and this is what daddy
makes his voice sound like. (impression) (giggles) Moa says, what dress is
your favorite at the moment? (whispers) I like all my dresses. One that I really like is I really like this one. I wore it at the premier for, um Haters Back Off. Hala is Unstable says would you rather write a book or star in a movie? That’s hard. I like both. I would rather do both. If I had to pick one, I
would star in a movie. Dasha Depressed says, how excited are you
for another baby brother? I’m so excited! (squeals) I would hold him and play with him (whispers) I will be really excited. Will says, what are you
looking forward to most about the new baby? (squeals) I’m looking
forward to holding him! I love holding babies. Merry Mila Christmas tree
I shh heart balloon says What is your favorite part
about meeting fans? Heart My favorite part is taking pictures. And signing things, but
I don’t do that anymore I have to sign things before. Thank you for watching Bailey’s Bookshelf. Please make sure to click the like button and subscribe. And don’t forget, daddy’s
giving away his guitar. Everyone signed it,
and there’s a cool logo on it and things like that. To learn more about it, click right here. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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