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(energetic music) – Hey guys, I’m Shay Mitchell. I’m an actress, entrepreneur, beauty junky, and frequent flyer. I’ve been juggling work and
travel for quite some time and along the way I’ve
picked up some secrets. In this series, I’ll be
opening up my little black book to share some of the people and practices that help make my life
a little bit easier. I’m so excited to take
you behind the scenes and bring you guys into my world. Subscribe to the Bazaar Channel so you don’t miss an episode. (energetic music) My love of travel started
from when I was a little girl. My parents were avid travelers and from them, I truly
caught the travel bug. It’s been something that
I’ve also really got to enjoy from the job that I have. You know, you’re flying
to different places, sometimes for 12 hours
or sometimes for a week to months if you’re shooting a movie. With that, you really have to be ready to pack up your stuff and go. So, my tips and tricks
for being able to pack a good suitcase or my airplane bag, I feel like I’ve now become
professional. (laughing) I usually give my friends
tips on how to travel and just make it a nicer experience, because you’re leaving home
and you want to be sure that no matter where you
are, you feel comfortable, and that for me is super important. And that is why I started
my travel accessory and luggage line called Beis. And I wanted to do something
that could provide people with items that were fun and functional and chic, but affordable. I wanted to be so hands on. I had to be so hands on. Getting to go to China and
see all the different fabrics and pick the canvas that we used was a really, really fun
part of the whole thing. I’m traveling about 75
percent of the year, yup. Now when I come home, that’s
like a vacation from me. I’m like, oh, I get to go home for a week. That’s like time off. I started Shaycations when I
started my YouTube channel. I think that was really
one of the reasons why I wanted to start a channel was so that I could share my travel
experiences with everybody, and I just have such a love for getting to experience new
cultures, people, food. You name it and now it’s truly one of my favorite things to do. I am actually really
excited to be going to Paris for my very first Paris Fashion Week, and I leave in a couple
days so I will be packing all of my essentials that
I usually bring with me for anytime I go on the road. (energetic music) Okay, so this is the Beis Weekender bag, and I created this bag because I thought it was the perfect size for either a day trip or a weekender trip, and it’s also great for the plane because it goes right over my carry on. So when I was in China, I
was searching all of these different store fronts
for the perfect canvas, and when I found this one, they actually thought
I was a little crazy. ‘Cause normally what they would do was to take this canvas
and dye it a certain color, but I wanted it in it’s raw form. And so they thought I
was very interesting. And now, I’m going to
show you what is inside. There’s a lot, so get ready. First is first, easy pocket
to get to, has my phone. My air pods and you will
find out really soon that everything I have is labeled. First and foremost, my passport holder because without this, you won’t
be able to travel anywhere. My staying alive bag, this has vitamins, Throat Coat, ginger, turmeric, herbal tea. Socks, because when you’re on a plane, there’s nothing worse than cold feet. Tissues, a highlighter,
because most of the time when I’m on a plane, I bring
reading material with me, and a lot of that is scripts. Scrunchie, obviously,
and a regular plug in, but not only do I have
this guy for my cellphone, this charger, and this charger. Yeah, these are also labeled
Shay one, two, and three, just so I can keep track. Next up, sunglasses, (foreign language), especially when landing
and you haven’t slept. Kind of like how I am today. I have my travel adapter
which is very important when you travel as much as I do. Okay, while we are on the
plane, some reading material. This is also one of my favorite books. I do have a handy dandy iPad, because on here I have
one of my favorite apps. It’s called Texture, and it
actually has all the magazines. I don’t work for them,
but I probably should. My computer, Shaycation, sleep mask. I like having candy and
snacks with me at all times. My hot sauce, this I cannot live without. I take this with me every place I go. Wallet, obviously, Altoids. And then we have my toiletry bag. So this is also Beis and it’s awesome because it can fit a lot of stuff in here. Now when I’m on the plane, I’m that person who will be shocking everybody
else when they wake up and I have a full on mask. Oh, this. Yes, a shower cap. When I land at the hotel,
the first thing I do is wet wipe all of the remote
controls and the light fixtures, but I actually wrap my remote
controller in the shower cap so I don’t feel gross when I’m using it and eating french fries and all
that stuff at the same time. In this bottom portion
I have my running shoes because whenever I travel, I
love to get a good workout in. I bring a jump rope because
it’s super easy to do wherever you are, and then
I have a band with me. I actually am that person
that does it on the plane, sometimes two, depending on how long. I have my makeup bag, it’s got my brushes, my lip glosses, and all the things. So that is what’s in my bag when I travel. And there’s a little kid in here. There’s two squirrels. Okay, so we’re just
heading in to my office on the Warner Brother lot today to talk all things luggage
and travel with Beis, and to see the new samples of the line. So I couldn’t be more excited because this is the first
time I’m seeing those samples. Okay, so this is what I’m thinking. We’re already changing these handles Still good.
Yeah, yeah. Like this still feels super comfortable.
Yeah. I think this would look really pretty if we did the baby blue. For these guys, this
and the passport holder, I also thought it would be really cool to do the pass port holder
in the PBC and this as well. – So what we’re thinking of is actually just increasing this, the height of this, but putting a plastic
chip board in the bottom. So that makes it flat.
Okay. – Honestly, that’s my biggest pet peeve when you’re packing shoes and like… It’s all wonky because
of the stupid holder. So I think
Yeah. that would be amazing. (zipping noise) Can we just talk about my
laundry bag for real though, it says Dirt Bag, how cute. I thought just even doing
like three little hangers could be kind of cool,
Like the… as for marketing, you know what I mean? – [Assistant] We’re going
to have to make it fit. – How cute is that though. Did you see we have like little
mirrors in the makeup bags. This is what’s going
to come with all them. Nothing crazy, I think you want
it to be super light weight, cause the last thing you want
is this to be what causes your bag to be heavy.
Over. – And then we’ll add the icon here to add that attach a
bag, with the Beis logo. – And I feel like this strap could almost even say something funny. Okay, so literally this is
like my most fun project that I get to work on because
it’s all things travel, and I have so much fun in these meetings, even though sometimes
they want to kill me, because I’m all like what do
you mean it can’t get done? It has to get done. We’re doing it. But yeah, I’m really excited
to see all this stuff come to life and every
single time we meet, it gets better, so yay! Colors, colors.
(laughing) Who wants luggage tabs? (energetic music)

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