Envie textos de sites do celular para o Kindle


Greetings! Welcome to Cris Santos Info channel! Just as in the previous video, this video bring an application alternative To you, on the phone, having a text article, newspaper story on the Internet And want to read more calmly on Kindle Have another application in addition to upload to Kindle, I treated in the previous video I’ll leave the link from another video in the description … which is the read on Kindle Read on Kindle or in Portuguese. just as the Upload to Kindle You place to share when you open your browser on the mobile With the text or article you want to read on Kindle In another time, where you have more tranquility to read You download this app on Play Store Type in search Read the Kindle or on Kindle Read the original English … It makes installation as I am now showing on the screen Installed on my phone And just as the upload to Kindle, you open the app Put your mail and Kindle, Gealmente As I am showing on screen registered my email You have to change to the next, if not, which has 3 options And in the field below you put the e-mail that is authorized in the e-mail list In your Amazon record. e-mail list that you authorized To be sent to your e-mail Kindle, text files. And soon after, when you have finished entering all the emails, Tap the Send button for testing to save changes Set up the app, now just open the text in the browser you want to send to Kindle Place to share and open the application to send it to your device I have made the text here in my browser to send .. You will the three points at the top right (mobile phone screen) Select share Your phone will show the applications of your devices And do you find the (icon) of Read on Kindle Select. And note that you will ever appear above the text you You are trying to send the e-mail set and Send option Touching it will be automatically sent to your device So I’m showing my Kindle with the received file You read more calmly the text you see in the cell Without that tiredness of the screen that gives to emit light in your eyes This is another alternative I ask everyone to click on like button (the Like), subscribe in the channel See the videos listed here that are appearing on the screen Share with friends, which helps a lot! Thank you and see you soon!

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4 thoughts on “Envie textos de sites do celular para o Kindle”

  1. Eliane Costa says:

    Eu não consigo é converter de PDF para EPUB. O resto eu sei, fazer o e-mail com o e-mail do Kindle eu sei.

  2. Daniel Henrique says:

    CRIS, vou passar meu email. [email protected]
    Preciso da sua ajuda, blz.

  3. Karla Assunção Abdanur says:

    Olá! Estou tentando há um tempo excluir arquivos do meu kindle e nao consigo. Como faço?

  4. FVCline says:

    Me inscrevi porque gostei do conteúdo. Sucesso!

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