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Are you interested in expanding your English conversation topics? In this video, I’ll share with you a simple, useful English conversation
that you can use immediately to start learning English quickly and without overwhelm. Stay tuned. Booking a tour Hello, Mr Smith, how can I be of assistance
today? Good morning. I would like to book a tour
for today. I can help you with that, what would you like
to see? As much of Sydney as possible. What are my
choices? There are a number of choices to see the sights of Sydney. There’s a hop on hop off bus tour that takes you around to The Opera House,
The Harbour Bridge and a few other places as well. Do they tell you much about the places on the tour? While you’re on the bus they give you information about the places you’ll visit but you explore
the locations at your own pace. Is there a set timetable for the tour? The buses run in a loop around the city all day. You just get back on when you are ready
to go to the next location. What hours do the buses operate? They run from 7am in the morning until 9pm each night. How much do they cost? You can buy a pass that lasts all day for
$30. You pay when you get on the bus the first
time. Here is a map of all the stops. Where’s the closest stop? Their closest stop is just out the front of the hotel. That’s great. It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for your help. You’re welcome Mr. Smith, enjoy your day. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to my
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box. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Learning English Essentials says:

    [English Conversation Topics] Booking a Tour

    In this video of the English Conversation Topics series, I will take you through a common English conversation for booking a tour at a hotel

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    Enjoy the video!

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  2. Rechelle Berlan says:

    Your vids are great. This could be very helpful for my tutorial sessions for my students in order for them to learn English better especially on common conversations like this 🙂

  3. April Marie Chu says:

    this video hepls alot to people who loves travelling and ofcourse when we booked we should be able to give specific information such as time,arrival,departure,the expenses.having goog communication we will be able to have a successful trip!! thanks to this video Dave!!

  4. Shie Mica Silva says:

    Another interesting conversation! 😀 I hope to hear more videos which are related with tourism or hospitality industry! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. megan del mar says:

    So that's how you say it properly. Thanks for sharing I realy learned a lot from your videos. Keep it up!!

  6. Rashell Abril says:

    Wooo hoo! That is a perfect conversation for this situation. This is great and I think a lot of people who are learning English (like me) find it very helpful. Another worth sharing video 😉 Thanks, Dave!

  7. Angel Rodriguez says:

    This is a very helpful video to those who loves to travel, also for travel agents and tour guides.. These gives ideas on how to have a good and proper english conversation. Thanks Dave!

  8. Anna Rose Pareja says:

    When you travel or go on tours, from booking a tour alone it is almost guaranteed that you will be expected to have not only a passive understanding of the English language, but confidence in actively using it.Your video is making it easy for me. thanks Dave!

  9. nicolai silva says:

    Thanks so much Dave for this conversation i find this very helpful, i absolutly have no questions and understand it quickly! 🙂

  10. Jay Abella says:

    I really love to travel, and this video gave an idea how to be gentle in conversing. This video is awesome! Looking forward to see more from you. Good work.

  11. Tyler Francisco says:

    When you travel or go on tours, from booking a tour alone it is almost guaranteed that you will be expected to have not only a passive understanding of the English language, but confidence in actively using it.Your video is making it easy for me. thanks Dave!

  12. King Climb says:

    Ahhh..this is one topic that avoids misunderstandings in giving and receiving tour itineraries. Very useful indeed. those who works in the tourism industry should watch this video. 

  13. Jerome Briones says:

    if only both sides (the tour guides and tourists like me) converse this way then  its easy to understand the role of tourist information offices and their staff;and it could be easy providing and understanding guided tour itineraries.

  14. Za Ri says:

    Another useful video.. Thank you for this Dave!

  15. Candy Rhea says:

    tour guides hold the responsibility of teaching tourists about tour instructions and safety. The following vocabulary and phrases you used in your video is a lot of help specially for tourists and tour guides.

  16. Ian Christian Ozoa says:

    Nice..a very informative medium on how to book a tour or for a vacation..thanks for the video

  17. Nimfa Buyog says:

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  18. Dave Olasiman says:

    Thanks for sharing this conversation!Very useful video!

  19. Carl Guardario says:

    very informational, I want to go to that place someday. I hope I'll be able to speak to an agent like this.

  20. Joyce Belle Matchica says:

    I haven't tried booking a tour yet even in our place. Whenever I visit a new place I always come with my aunt who always does the booking. Thanks to this tutorial, I now have an idea.

  21. Lhiejhan Gutual says:

    an interesting topic and I have learned a little about the place. I wonder if I can be there someday.

  22. Christian Clark Daligdig says:

    very important thing to practice before travelling abroad if we want our vacation or tour to go smoothly. Thanks for the video!

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  28. Jennifer Timonel says:

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  29. Christian Noel says:

    This is a super general over view on booking a tour, very Informative and Clear. Thank you for this Dave!

  30. Julrey Ann Salva says:

    Thanks for this great Video. I’m in the process of planning my first tour and i'm so excited. Million Thanks 🙂

  31. Riza Ybanez says:

    I'm going to save this on my bookmarks so that when I can afford a tour I can listen to it again and again. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  32. Raineil Marie Ybañez says:

    Your info is very useful. I'm planning to go on tour this summer. Thanks to your video and heads up.! <3

  33. Iggy Boy says:

    Very helpful for travelers. I don’t have to ask anyone to help me which is often the case with other foreigners who don’t speak English well enough to understand everything they’re asked or everything they given to read.

  34. Alejandro Saycon says:

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  37. Trinidad Cabugnason says:

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    Be sure to read Booking review on my blog before you buy. Please go to edwinreviews. com/booking-review/ Thanks, Forrest.

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