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Have folx, it’s Jocelyn. Welcome back to yogi with a book Today we are doing my final book haul of 2019 or I guess my first book haul of 2020 Depends on how you see it. But since I didn’t do a quarter four wrap-up, I just did one giant 2019 statistics video which you should check out. I will link it up above I figured I would still share with you some of the things that I hauled in the final quarter of 2019 This isn’t going to be everything. I’m not counting the couple of things that I got in October and November Mostly because I didn’t get that many, but I did want to talk about all of the sort of Holiday things starting with my Book Outlet order that I ordered on Black Friday Which arrived in December and then like presents and gifts and things. So anyway, that’s pretty self-explanatory You’re just here for the books. Let’s take a look. First thing I have is White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi I have talked about this author before and how I want to read her work This is now the second thing I own by her and I still have not read anything by her I believe this is a sort of horror-ish novel and I got this one from work. So then let’s actually move into my Book Outlet haul We have Bone Gap by Laura Ruby. The only thing I know about this is that it is some sort of magical/fabulist sort of deal and that Marines really enjoyed it And that is entirely why I bought it because I take her recommendations very seriously Then I have a couple books I mentioned recently when I was talking about 2019 books That didn’t get too much hype. The first of which is Lent by Jo Walton. This is a historical fiction with demons Sounds pretty cool. And then An Illusion of Thieves by Cate Glass Which is about a courtesan and some sort of like magical found family sort of thing I love the cover. This thing is just going to sit on my shelves facing out for sure I also got The Cold is in Her Bones by Peternelle van Arsdale Perhaps? This is some sort of Medusa retelling And that’s all I know about it. I do want to say it’s a bit contemporary-ish though Then I have The Perfect Assassin by K.A. Doore and I’m pretty sure this is a desert fantasy book and that was all I needed to know Similarly, there is Lost Gods by Micah Yongo and this one clearly I got because it’s a mythology thing if you put gods in the title – plural – I’m gonna buy that fantasy book. Then I have The Root and this is a book that I Want to say a science fiction and I heard about years ago But my library does not have it which is why I picked it up But I heard about it because I think Daniel Jose Older recommended it blanketly and I added it to Goodreads I saw it on Book Outlet and I was like, yeah gonna get that one too. Then we have The Black God’s Drums I’m pretty sure this novella is set in New Orleans and has something to do with mythology Then I have two books from a new classic reprint. I think Penguin’s doing it The first is The Heads of Cerberus and this is supposed to be an early female written science fiction book I’m intrigued. The same line also has this gorgeous cover for American Indian Stories It’s a collection of short stories But I want to say even a bit of a pseudo memoir by the author and I’m just very interested in reading more things by Native and Indigenous people. This cover is stunning I had to get it The last couple of things I bought for myself in December were while my friend Rebecca was here The first is The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. I have not read this but I think this cover is Amazing. I really enjoy Ray Bradbury’s works on the whole This one is Halloween-y clearly and it’s also a little bit illustrated inside So I’m super excited to pick this one up a little bit closer to October And the other thing I picked up from him was The Illustrated Man. This is actually my favorite thing I’ve read from him so far and I have like four copies of this book But I had to get this terrible cover because I loved it and it’s like this little short cute hardcover I just very much enjoyed these It actually matches my copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes, so I’m collecting this horribly garish cover collection And since we were just talking about Rebecca, in that same trip she got me My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix I have read Horrorstor by this author and this cover is exceptional. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while I’m super excited to own it. Then my friend Julia is a gem and got me Fairytale Baking So it’s “delicious treats inspired by Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and other classic stories,” and I just love that it’s this combination I love that she got this for me. I’m so excited to make things from them This has me thinking about fairytales in such a weird way, and I’m really really into it Then the lovely Cara got me the second book in the Love Sugar Magic series by Anna Meriano and this one is A Sprinkle of Spirits. I read it early this year and I absolutely loved it And I’m so glad this is now going to be on my shelves My friend Bethany got me With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo So I now own this both physically and on audiobook. I have no good reason why I haven’t read it yet except that I’m afraid I’m not gonna love it as much as I loved her debut But I’m just obsessed with this cover. And I know everyone has done this when they hauled this book But look at it naked – Ooooh I also got this copy of The Devourers by Indra Das from my friend Andrea I have wanted to read this book for years and I think Yvette has actually read this and really enjoyed it And I’m pretty sure this is an Indian-inspired werewolf love story I do remember wanting to pick us up years ago, though so now I have copy and I’m excited And speaking of Yvette She got me this poetry collection, which is written by a Cuban author because she knows me so well This is The Winter Garden Photograph by Reina Maria Rodriguez Who I have not heard of before but I’m always up for new Cuban authors Thank you Yvette, I had no idea she existed. I’m gonna pick this up very soon And Priscilla got me The Dark Fantastic. I am so excited by this one It is a nonfiction book that I’ve heard both Njeri and Adriana say really good things about One of my favorite types of nonfiction where it’s talking about like pop culture, cultural critiques And this one is specifically race and the imagination from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games I am so excited to see what is held in here and what it seems like is specifically black folx in like magical fantasy literature I feel like I’m gonna pick this one up really soon actually because this is just so many different ways up my alley And then from like family and such I got some other books for Christmas Because that is who I am. The first is The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling This is a queer, quiet science fiction book about a cave diver. That’s all I really know about it I also got The Descent of Monsters by JY Yang. This is the third book in the Tensorate series I have read the first one, loved it. I have the second one, now I have the third and I just need the fourth… and to read all of them This is a queer silk punk fantasy world and it’s so beautiful Then I have Desdemona and the Deep by CSE Cooney. And I also talked about this one actually In that same video where I mentioned Lent and An Illusion of Thieves. This one has been on my radar for a while. I’m very very ready to dive in. I also have The Library of the Unwritten This one is a debut I want to say, and it’s about this unfinished library of Hell I’m into that. I also got Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi And if you’re counting this means that I now own three of her books that I have not read any of yet I clearly have a problem. But I feel like I’m going to love her. I did a whole video talking about that ah… [wordless noises of frustration] And finally a book that if you are on booktube, you’ve probably heard or seen several people already talked about. This is about two twins who were created to attain godhood. It’s about alchemy and the siblings and how they’re sort of two halves of a whole I’m very excited about this. I’ve liked Seanan McGuire in the past Hopefully this one also works for me. But there you have it I sped through these a little bit because I figured I haven’t read most of these I don’t really have an opinion on them But I did want to share some of the very exciting things that came my way recently and also to thank all of my lovely friends while I was on camera because you are truly the best But otherwise that’s going to be it for me today So, thank you all so much for watching and I’ll be back with another video shortly. Bye

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  2. xonikkee says:

    i love getting horrible covers. also!!! we should buddy read My Best Friend's Exorcism, both so that i finally read it and so we finally have a buddy read!! bully me pls

  3. Snow White Reader says:

    I loooovvveeed bone gap back in the day!! It’s very slow though so just keep that in mind!! 💜💜 “mythology thing” lol relatable!! Ray Bradbury is the best!! I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the fire on high!! I’ve heard really good things of the library of the unwritten!! 💜💜

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  5. Wilde Book Garden says:

    yep I never had much interest in The Bone Gap and then Marines raved about it and now I'm tempted!
    I SAW FAIRYTALE BAKING when I was looking at your wishlist and was like "oooh gonna have to check that out, thanks for the rec Jocelyn" 😂
    "noises of frustration" lol yep. I do that too where I'm just like "I have a good feeling about this author! oh wait I have 4 books of theirs and haven't read any of them yet…"

  6. PaSTORY Time says:

    Fairytale baking sounds so cute! Also – love your cardigan! Sian x

  7. a beautiful chaos of books says:

    I can't wait to hear what you think my best friends exorcism!

  8. Marco Morano says:

    the inside of with the fire on high is sooooo pretty!

  9. perpetualpages says:

    YESSS to The Dark Fantastic but also omg I love The Halloween Tree 💕🎃

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    library of the unwritten with me first though? (iloveyouuuwu) ❤xx

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