Hello Friends, In today’s time Elon Musk comes in 24th position under FORBES 400 Richest Man with his $20 Billion Net worth And there are high chances that in coming 5 to 10 years Elon musk can become world’s Richest Men How and Why will get Clear at the end of this Video/ hence watch the video till End To Compliment Elon Musk, Elon Musk Is known as an Iron Man in the Real World Because of his brain and love towards Technology In Fact Robert Downey Jr. took inspiration from Elon Musk For Iron Man character It is said that After Steve Jobs the person who is bringing Revolution in the Technology world is Elon Truly Elon is one of the successful and Inspiring person in the world and he loved by almost all Therefore today through his Biography and through other sources i will share 5 important success lessons which helped Elon to be so successful and like always if you understand these principles and apply them in your life and if follow 10 percent of it then there are chances that you will also become a Millionaire So Let’s begin.. Elon Musk had a struggling childhood, his parents were separated, therefor he used to stay with his dad Elon Father used to torture him mentally intentionally unintentionally His Classmates used to beat him, once some kids hit him so hard that he was hospitalised for a week No one considered Elon as a Special Child, but there was one quality in Elon which was very special He was Very Fond of Reading Books, not school books but books on topics in which he always had interest Elon Mother says That Elon used to read book for 5-10 hrs a day and sometime in weekends he used to complete 2 books whenever Elon mother couldn’t find Elon at home, then she directly used to go to the libraries near their house in search of Elon, Because she knew that if not at home then for sure he’ll be in the Library in those Libraries Elon Had read all the books and at last there were no more books for him to read therefore he used to tell both Library owner to bring more books and when he didn’t had anything to read, then he read entire Encyclopedia and Britannica once when Elon musk partner asked him that how he has so much knowledge, how he know about technology rockets planets energy etc. how did he know so much to this Elon Replied with a Serious face, THAT I READ A LOT, I LOVE READING BOOKS Therefore Point no. 1 LEARN LIKE CRAZY The Very First point which help you to become Like Elon Musk is Reading Books, gaining knowledge I upload book summary every weekend, I motivate you to read books because truly this is one of the most common habit of people who achieved something great and huge in their lives It’s a common habit amongst people who achieve their goals, hence even you read listen books just like me because this habit will for sure make you capable Now let’s again talk abouT Elon Story See it wasn’t like Elon used to Just Read and he never used to Create anything like many people In fact at the age of 12 with the help of reading Elon learned Coding and just like many kids even he was fond of playing games, Therefore he himself coded a game known as Blastar because of it he won $500 as a reward A Google Software Engineer made that game Real and uploaded in the Internet, hence you can search it and can play too as i said before Elon was fond of games, therefore after sometime he planned with his brother and thought of opening Aricat Game shop, Both were very young, but still they both managed everything by taking actions they settled everything like shop papers, Aricat provider, shop everything was ready the only thing which they needed was Shop’s Permit for which they needed a signature of an adult but unfortunately both were not adult at that time, therefore their plan doesn’t get successful because their parents were not agreed for their plan Elon musk was Born in South Africa, but that time he never liked the government therefore it was impossible that he would have worked in military for that government it was compulsory at that time to work for Military, therefore he left South Africa and shifted to Canada In Canada he worked for small places and later he completed his physics and business studies in USA AT that time Internet was at boom and however he wasn’t getting job so he decided to open internet based company idea was that he will take all information from the yellow pages book and put that in the internet Yellow pages book used to had all information related to any business because of this no one would need Yellow pages book in an easy Word Idea was to Bring Local Business in the internet for people which actually turns to be very successful because Then His Company Zip2 was taken by Compaq for $307 Million in cash and 34 million dollars in stock option with this deal Musk Got 22 million dollar as a profit and when this happened Musk was 28 years old now till here the second lesson which you must learn, that i will say by getting inspired from the book the 7 habits of highly effective people AND IT is PROACTIVE CREATOR Just like many People even Elon would have said just by playing game that What i can do, It’s government who is not good, nothing is good here. but he didn’t do that, he was always active, he love to create things and he used to take actions for the things he wanted no matter how much efforts he needs to put similarly even you need to become A Proactive creator Now after becoming millionaire at the age of 28, he could have taken retirement and would have enjoyed his entire life without doing anything But he didn’t go for that option because he didn’t find that achievement that great because he wanted to do something huge because of which he can bring huge change in the world hence he took his hard earned money and shifted to finance field he saw and realised that there were no new inventions in Finance sector there were huge difficulties in sharing money from one place to another it takes weeks and months to transfer cheques from one country to another hence he started creating such a company which brought revolution in the finance industry which became the Leading Payment System in the Entire world, and today we know it as a PAYPAL Elon Created PayPal by involving many great people, It is also known as PayPal Mafia because people who were involved in creating Paypal had created many Successful companies in Future For example members of PayPal Mafia group later became the Founder Of YouTube later in 2002 Ebay Bought PayPal in 1.5 Billion Dollars, with which Elon got 180 Million Dollars Now again with so much money Elon would have lived his life comfortably and with all luxurious facilities but no he again chose the other option, he took and money and invested it in creating such a companies which can Save the Humanity which can change the entire world The first company which came is Space X, then Tesla, Then Solar City and few years before Boring Company Now all these things teach us the Third lesson and that is: NEVER SETTLED WITH JUST GOOD If you want to do great things like Elon then never settle for good or for ok things always challenge yourself, always grow and always try to achieve big things by taking proper actions now many people can think that Elon was Greedy, who used to think of earning lot of money, wasn’t satisfied he was not satisfied and was greedy thats why even after earning so much he didn’t stop but thats not true, Truth is since childhood because of comics and books, he had a dream that he wanted to do something because of which he can change the world and can save the world just like in comics how Hero saves the World therefore in 2002 he created a Space X Company with an aim that he can send normal people to Mars so that humans can also make mars their home because if anything happens to our earth(which is possible) then we all can go in mars and can survive as a species, but excluding him no one trusted his dream therefore he individually invested 100 million dollars in space x out of 180 million dollars in 2006 he saw and realised that how we all are getting dependent on fossil fuel for an energy therefore he came up with solar city, he didn’t wanted us to ruin our world by using petrol diesel the way big companies and we are destroying our world today by increasing pollution day by day the main aim of solar city is that we can produce electricity through sun’s energy which can solve entire world’s electricity problem, not only this In 2003 he started working on Tesla Company, he wanted us to use Electric car’s so that can spread less pollution that too in style because people don’t like not so stylish looking small electric cars hence His Tesla Electric cars look like sports car and it is also good for an environment It’s Elon Dream that Every Car Runs on Electricity and he will allow every Tesla owner to charge his car freely that too lifetime meaning they don’t need to invest money in petrol diesel and gas therefore many world big companies doesn’t want Elon musk idea to get successful because if his idea gets successful then many companies even countries will face loss and thats the reason why people like Elon musk so much therefore lesson no.4) always set big Visions, always have problem solving visions your vision should be so big that it solves many world’s biggest problems so that your life will no more remains small Elon has dreamed and saw many problem solving visions for the world therefore in today’s time Elon is running many companies together today many people find hard to run 1 company on that same moment Elon is running several companies Every Company of Elon is worth of Million and Billion dollars and he invest all his time in those companies once In An interview he was asked that how manages everything, like what motivates him to do so much so he said, that i want that whenever i think about my future i feel great that yes something good is going to happen in the future and creating good future vision gives me motivation even in the worst time there was a time in 2007-008 when Elon was getting Divorced, his all three companies were going through a worst time market got crashed, everything was going in loss starting all three space x launched was failed Tesla company was almost in the position to get closed, because company had only 1 week cash at that time he had only two options either to close Tesla Or to Invest all money which he had Earned Through Paypal because no investors were ready to invest in Tesla now guess what Elon Did, He invested all his money In Tesla But his courage and braved decision showed him great results Space X 4th launched got successful because of which NASA Signed 1.5 billion dollar deal with him Even Tesla Got 40 million dollar order for batteries and by giving more 50 million that same company bought 10 percent shares of Tesla after that Tesla also got 465 million dollar loan from the Government, which he had returned with Interest and later Solar city became the one of the biggest Solar Provider service company in the America see even today these companies faces many problems and difficulties but because people support Elon musk Dreams Genuinely hence there are high chances that one day Elon will solve people’s problems and the world problems one day he will hopefully…. now the last part which i have shared, i want you’ll to tell me what lesson you must learn from Elon Musk You tell me the 5th lesson as per you which help you and others to become like him so tell everyone the 5th lesson in the comment section These are some useful lessons which i have shared from Elon Musk Biography book Known as ELON MUSK BY ASHLEY VANGE WITH THIS Book you can learn lot of things which needs to be in people to become a billionaire if you want to read this book then can buy it link mentioned in Description and if you want free audio book of this book then can take it from Audible is an Amazon company which gives one month free trail only after that they will charge do like if you find this video useful, do comment on which mentor i should make a video share this video with people who are interested in business or wanted to achieve something huge do subscribe i share such book summaries every Sunday and do click the bell icon, only then you will receive notification, so don’t forget to click the bell icon and finally thanks for watching….

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