Ellen Still Isn’t Convinced the Phone Book Is a Waste of Paper


I remember a time when you
actually had to talk to people to figure out if they
were annoying or not. And now you just see
pictures of the food they post on Instagram,
and you immediately know that they’re annoying. And it’s amazing how
much– you know everything is in our phones, now. We use our phones
for everything. We store people’s names,
numbers, addresses. Anywhere you need to go, you
can look it up on the internet. We have everything we need
right there in our phone. So why are we still
getting phone books? That’s what I want
to know, right now. I’ve mentioned this before. And I’m going to
mention it again, because I don’t
understand it, and I won’t start talking about
it until they are gone. We don’t need phone
books anymore. The phone book was very useful
for a long time, I agree. Right? Most of you don’t even
know what a phone book is. Every year, you get one of these
in the mail, or on the street. This is heavy. If you needed
someone’s number, this is what you would
use to look it up. You would have– there was– this is just the yellow
pages right here by the way. But it had their
addresses listed, because back then, you’d have
to go to someone’s house to show them a picture of your food. You couldn’t just
put on the phone. You could look up businesses. If you wanted to
order a pizza, you would go to the yellow
pages, and there is like all kinds of
ads for– you can see. So there were no reviews to
help you find the best pizza. That you looked at an
ad, and you would just pick one from the ad. You’d say, I’m going to
go with the place that has the mascot of the Italian
guy with the curly mustache, because that seems
like they’re authentic. Now we have phones, so we
don’t need phone books anymore. But for some reason
they keep making them. The phone book people
refuse to quit. They’re like the
opposite of people who work at the White House. They won’t stop. The phone book company
obviously heard people have been
complaining, because look, this is their solution. This is– this was delivered
to my house yesterday. At first I thought someone put
my phone book in the dryer. But no. This is their cool new design. It’s lighter, it
fits in your purse. So where should we go to eat? Let’s see. Phone book people,
if you’re listening, let me explain something to you. It’s not the size we
have the problem with. It’s the motion of the ocean. No, that’s not what I meant. They’re trying to make it seem
like it’s not a waste of paper. Look what it says
on the bottom right. Here it says eco-friendly size. That’s great, but you know
what’s even eco-friendlier? No phone book at all. Below that it says
100% recyclable. That’s because 100% of
these will be recycled. In fact, phone book company,
you can do us all a favor. You deliver your
phone bills directly to the recycling center. And then you just cut out
the middleman right there. And if you don’t know where
the recycling center is, it’s in here you can look it up. Look up the recycling center. Everything that’s in a phone
book is already in your phone, and we have phones with us
every minute of the day. Sometimes people focus way
too much on their phones, and don’t pay attention
to what’s going on, and this is an example of
what I’m talking about. [MUSIC PLAYING] And that was it.

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100 thoughts on “Ellen Still Isn’t Convinced the Phone Book Is a Waste of Paper”

  1. Brenon Fiwchuk says:

    The title is wrong???

  2. Enita Chipoyi says:

    The title is opposite

  3. YukitoKunNeptune says:

    @TheEllenShow The title is wrong… It should read: "Ellen Still Isn't Convinced the Phone Book [Isn't] a Waste of Paper"

  4. Maria Marques says:

    Good morning Ellen hope you are okay and well you are a beautiful soul

  5. andrew meki says:

  6. Crystal SaysSo says:

    My Dad INSISTS on having a phone book. To quote him.. "Lady, I don't DO technology stuff!". 😂

  7. fazeki ekonomska says:

  8. Томилин Егор says:

    Привет всем ,если что я учу Английский язык здесь

  9. Jay Blayk says:

    Tbf there are lots of people who don't have/won't use the internet so good for them, should just get a slip through your door a month or so before they'd usually send them out that asks you to call a number if you'd like a phone book and then they can just make the amount they need

  10. Nylak Otter says:

    Is this another would/wouldn't situation?

    The title. Why you do this.

  11. Rosa Skippari says:

    Do people really still get phone books in USA? Here they stopped delivering those many years ago.

  12. hala ahmed says:

    I have no idea what a phone book is

  13. Ayliah X says:

    The title should be edited to “still believes it IS a waste of paper”.

  14. Player_Illuminati says:

    Ellen i love you im trying to win tickets to go

  15. Teresa Higgins says:

    You could have a timed game of who can look up quicker, phone versus phone book.

  16. Martynas Burmonas says:

    Totally agree. No one uses those..

  17. Daniella Ragbir says:

    Love you Ellen much love all the way from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  18. Muna Ismail says:


  19. Muna Ismail says:

    Your show is so boring

  20. Sophie Stanton says:

    But the title says she isn't convinced that it's a waste of paper 😂

  21. Nancy Young says:

    I don't think in Canada anymore

  22. Trudy Klaas says:

    I got to see that girl drop her phone and then the car ran it over in person at the 2017 Exotics on Canary Row in Monterey Bay, California

  23. SHARKS187 C says:

    who care why do you need to

  24. Daniel Bryan says:

    Ah, the Yellow Pages. Those were the days.

  25. LittleMissPerfect 4eva says:

    I’ve heard of people that can’t even afford a phone with google or another search engine so they’re in need of that book lol

  26. LittleMissPerfect 4eva says:

    Used to look through the yellow pages and see who I can recognise and who has got the funniest name 😂

  27. Chloe Rebekah says:

    I'm 15 and I still use one 😂 (if I am to lazy to go get my phone from upstairs) when I was younger I used to just look through it as entertainment

  28. Zonra says:

    Uhh…. Shouldn't the title be reversed? Because it seems to me like Ellen Still Isn't Convinced the Phone Book Isn't a Waste of Paper.

  29. erika esselbach says:

    When I was little I stacked a bunch of phone books up so that I could play with the cord to the blinds. The phone books slid out from under me and the cord wrapped around my neak. So phone books are also pretty useless as ladders 😅. Remember to keep your cords to your blinds tied up and out of the reach of children.

  30. Sofya Stepanyan says:

    How can i watch the entire show, can't find(((

  31. Kamana Gautam says:

    😆😆😆 busy with phone😆😆

  32. M Kh says:

    I've never seen a phone book

  33. Olina Plašilová says:

    We dont have them for so many years…

  34. Yuva Raj says:

    I mean seriously Ellen ! ? It looks like you are insulting people who work for the phone book company . Yes I agree, phone books are little or no use but the way you made fun out of them is not funny .. sorry.

  35. Pravin Shirpure says:

    After mostlysane

  36. DreamChasers says:

  37. DreamChasers says:

  38. yas says:


  39. HAIRCUT says:

    The title doesn't match the video.

  40. Belieber Forever says:

    I thought that was a phone directory…?

  41. HarryPotter87 says:

    Phone books are SO 20th century!

  42. toufik kun says:

    The tittle is wrong 😂😂

  43. Semere Kidane says:

    Let there be light . Happy hollyday love.

  44. vavavuee says:

    that is hilarious despite the wrong title

  45. Amazing Supergirl says:

    I live in western Oklahoma which is country and has low population. There are a ton of ranchers and oil people. Also, a lot of retired people. These people don’t have smartphones, except teenagers. Everyone still has landlines cuz we can’t get cable internet. These are the people still using phone books. The company who offers the landlines service mails them out.

  46. Nicholas Kavanaugh says:

    are they a couple? or is he the gay best friend? he is SO hot!!

  47. Spicy Sagittarian says:

    Gaga's song. Telephone 😍

  48. Sweetmissy12 says:

    For poor people, not everyone can afford a smart phone. Shame on you ellen

  49. Jane Luna says:

    My parents still use phonebook. And no, their phone arent dead. And no, the wifi and data aren't dead. They just still use it

  50. Bryan says:

    LOL At people who say "Old people still use them" but here is the thing, so what? The world evolves, technology comes along and changes the way we do things. Do you think at one point someone was like "Old people dont want to use washing machines, they still hand wash" no… If you're over 60 find the nearest 10 year old to teach you how to use a smart phone, or if you know someone who is old, teach them how to use tech. Maybe just an iPad, or maybe a computer.

  51. Side Street says:

    Four months ago, a woman in my city hit a thirteen- year- old girl because she was focusing on her stupid phone while driving her car .the girl immediately die .. i know this is not exactly what the video was talking about.. but i remembered this sad story and hope that people stop using their phones and taking selfies while driving or walking in the street because they might have very dangerous accidents

  52. Patricia McGeorge says:

    But what if I'm stalking someone and want to know their number and address?

    Or if I've lost contact with someone

  53. giselle joseph says:

    Yes agree phone is useful. The phonebooks has addresses

  54. Wood says:

    Title is drunk?

  55. ZeeC says:

    Ive no cellphone or internet to spy on me ..Im dreaming this.

  56. ZeeC says:

    .. supply and demand ..

  57. JAPAN 9 says:

    Whoever does the captions for her vids sucks

  58. braus71 says:

    I threw away all the phone books in my mum's house and she went ballistic saying I shouldn't have made that decision for her. Then took my a while to explain her everything is in her phone. Then I gave up and told her I would order a brand new phone book for her and she went ballistic saying she doesn't need one. Go figure!!!!

  59. Kevin Bolsajian says:

    I like phone books

  60. jr* T says:

    As the video pointed out by the very last piece. Phone use of any kind should be banned in moving vehicles. I don't give a damn about phone books. They don't kill. Phones do.

  61. Dinesh kumar.p says:

    Yes 100% it will goto recycle, lol…😂😂😂

  62. luckdragon88 says:

    I always consider Ellen quite a down to earth person but she seems to have lost touch a bit. Not everyone can afford a smartphone or unlimited access to the internet.

  63. oncorpse says:

    The title is missing a coma between "Convinced" and "The". It should say: "Ellen Still Isn't Convinced, the Phone Book Is a Waste of Paper".

  64. turrisa felicien says:

    lmao you have to read it the title twice

  65. Arvind Sinc says:

    what is the name of the song played in the background from 3:06 ??

  66. Cool Kiasha says:


  67. Katie Brunk says:

    we still use the phone book and not every one has a cell phone

  68. CrazyCatLadyLuise says:

    Is there no way you can just tell them not to send you this? Here in Germany you have to go to the post office or another community place and pick one up if you need it. But seriously – can't you tell them to exclude you from being send this waste of paper?

  69. Jasmine Haule says:

    The title is the opposite of what she's talking about lol

  70. Quandra Hill says:

    Ellen i want to see u

  71. Butch DeLong says:

    i was about to leave the video then i heard lady gaga and came back

  72. Samuel Allen says:

    Phonebooks aren't a waste of paper. If you ever run out of TP, you can still wipe yourself when you're done with your business.

  73. Callum Lawrence says:

    Incorrectly titled

  74. Liza Saakadze says:

    I didn’t even know they still existed

  75. GBCompton says:

    I miss getting them, so I called AT&T and they're sending me a copy. I like to see which small businesses are still around.

  76. Kayla Harris says:

    I still need the phone book. I'm from the south. Some good food aren't online. Some stores are easier to find in a phone book. Sometime when I'm looking up stuff, my phone sends me to Florida for things like Wal-Mart, car repair, church, etc. I live in Alabama.

  77. Frank Glavin says:

    They are also job creators. Businesses buy advertising in them, which employs sales people. Someone gets paid to print them. Truckers get paid to haul them to their destination cities. Delivery managers get paid to facilitate delivery to the final destination. And last, but certainly not least…

    I get paid to deliver them to your front porch. There are hundreds of us out here who will be looking for jobs when they quit delivering phone books. So if you see us out doing our job with a smile, just smile back and say thanks, then do whatever you want to with your book.

  78. Sunny Wu says:

    It's not a total waste of paper. My rabbit really loves it as a rip up toy. 😀

  79. veryverygentle says:

    The title made me very confused, and started to question my English

  80. Fluffy Marshmallow says:

    I’ve never seen or at least heard of the phone book

  81. Munro McLaren says:

    We still get phone books. It’s easier.

  82. Munro McLaren says:

    I’ll admit I almost sliced my face almost walking into a sign at my school.

  83. blaa6 says:

    Shouldn't the title be "Ellen still thinks Phone books are a waste of paper."

  84. MrNikkimaxine says:

    I just don’t get it

  85. GabrielPears :P says:

    I thought a phone book was an apple device ??

  86. Angel Doemer says:

    Recycling…is where it goes

  87. The Adventures of Pip and Cheek says:

    They are only helpfully at hotels.

  88. Mary Waters says:

    For all those people that keep saying not everyone has internet, instead of giving everyone a phone book, they should make it so you have to request one. Then the companies wouldn't be wasting all that money for phone books that not everyone wants.

  89. Michael Reynolds says:

    Not everyone has a cell phone…some people (not many nowadays) only have a landline phone.   I know for a fact that this is the case because I don't own a cell phone nor do I have any desire to ever have one either… So phone books are still needed – definitely not as much as they used to be – but they DO come in handy if your power goes out and you can't hop on your computer (if they have one which I do) to find the phone number to the power company or whatever business you need to call. However I do agree its a waste for phone book distributors to send them out to every home and business…  Perhaps if they made phone books available to the public by subscription only, then those who still need or want one can still obtain a copy without causing such a horrible waste of the paper used to make them…

  90. satsumamoon says:

    What about the three hundred people who dont have internet ? Perhaps the yellow pages should be placed under rocks for the people who live there?

  91. Jennifer Coleman says:

    I haven't even realized I stopped getting phone books about 2 years ago. I haven't had a land line sense I moved to Oregon in 2011

  92. Eva De Moes says:

    In the Netherlands there bannend already

  93. Patrica Wyer says:

    Not everyone has a mobile phone.

  94. MrNikkimaxine says:

    Need to now my bast

  95. Shaun Wang says:

    My grand parents are both in their 80s now,both using IPhone.

  96. FunTime with Priyanshu says:

    0:57 We Indians are thinking when will she touch her forehead after picking up the book…😁

  97. Megan Davis says:

    Soooo the title is completely opposite of what she is saying????

  98. kia lucas says:

    This is such a boomer moment god lol

  99. Amy lee says:

    They could make a phone book app if they are so Desperate to keep it

  100. Purpleoceangnome says:

    In small towns not everyone has a website

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