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Welcome to Brightly Storytime. I’m John
Cena and today I’m reading my book Elbow Grease, which is illustrated by Howard McWilliam. First let’s meet the cast of characters. You made it to the end, just like Elbow
Grease did. I hope you’ve learned that sometimes success is less about how big, strong, and fast you are, and more about the hard work you’re willing to put in. Come
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15 thoughts on “Elbow Grease – Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime”

  1. Jake Tyler says:

    Such a Beautiful Story. Love Elbow Grease. Thank you John. #NeverGiveUp

  2. Janet Wood says:

    Oh! That's nice! The kids are going to love it, especially since it's John Cena!

  3. Jayababu Mallampalli says:

    Awesome Author and Awesome book

  4. Marcus Jyko says:

    Great Story about how to never give up.

  5. Xoli Ela says:

    What a cute story and lesson! My 8 yr old loved it!

  6. emma rumley says:

    That book sucks

  7. emma rumley says:

    If it wasnt John Cena no one would know this book.

  8. 10000 subscriber's with no video says:

    My favourite story best morale ever elbow grease the best

  9. Joker Main says:

    This is a great book

  10. Johanna Elizabeth Cuesto says:

    Whattt😮 so coolll

  11. Earma White says:

    Who else seen john cena tap out in 2002

  12. cutiepie 101 says:

    the WWE universe entered the chat

  13. Ms.Carmina Reads says:

    That’s a really good job reading, John! I also loved this book so much I read it myself for my channel 😃 Keep trucking on!!

  14. Some Small Fish says:

    This is so wholesome, I'll have to read this to my little cousin 🙂

  15. Music - GACHA LIFE says:

    Just think of the name. E L B O W – G R E A S E

    greasy elbows

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